WWE Vintage Collection TV report - Bruno vs. Steele, Hogan vs. Sheik, Savage vs. Andre

'WWE Vintage Collection’ TV Report #279 – October 6th, 2013

Shown on Sky Sports in the U.K.

By Stephen Lyon.

This week's theme:

The Show: History of the WWE title. Matches on today's show included Bruno Sammartino vs George 'The Animal' Steele in a cage match, from July 1970; The Iron Sheik vs Hulk Hogan for the WWF title, from January 1984; Macho Man Randy Savage vs Andre the Giant, from August 1988; Shawn Michaels vs Goldust (WWF Raw, September 1996); and The Rock vs Triple H vs Big Show vs Mankind vs Kane vs British Bulldog for the vacant WWF title (WWF Unforgiven ppv, September 1999). 

The Show:

Show was hosted by Gene Okerlund & Renee Young.

1) WWWF Champion, Bruno Sammartino defeated George 'The Animal' Steele. This match took place at the WWWF house show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 25th, 1970. Rare colour footage of this match aired, with comments from both Bruno Sammartino & Gene Okerlund at the start of the footage, followed by some brief Gorilla Monsoon solo commentary. I believe all of this was taken from a 1986 Coliseum Home Video on Sammartino. The brief footage showed Steele gaining the upper hand, tearing open a turnbuckle and pounding on Sammartino. Bruno eventually made a big comeback, turning the tables on Steele. Steele tried to climb out of the cage, but Bruno pulled him back in, and threw him into the side of the cage. Bruno then walked out of the cage door to score the victory. Really cool footage from over 43 years ago.



2) Hulk Hogan defeated The Iron Sheik to win the WWF title. This famous match took place at Madison Square Garden in New York, on January 23rd, 1984. Announcers for this match were Gorilla Monsoon & Pat Patterson. Hogan was in control of the Sheik, but missed with a charge into the corner, hitting the turnbuckles. Sheik gave Hogan a backbreaker, and used both a Boston Crab and a Camel Clutch, which Hogan managed to power out of. Sheik suplexed Hogan, but Hogan made a big Superman comeback, ramming Sheik's head into the turnbuckle, then dropping the running legdrop on him to score the pinfall victory and win his first WWF title. Hulkamania in the WWF was born.


Clips from the key aspects of Hogan's first WWF title reign aired, included his Wrestlemania 3 match with Andre. The twin Hebner referees scandal on Saturday Night's Main Event was briefly shown, with Andre winning the title, then immediately surrendering the title to Ted DiBiase. A brief still from a DiBiase, Andre & Virgil promo aired, with DiBiase wearing the WWF title belt around his waist, followed by Jack Tunney stripping DiBiase of the belt and announcing the tournament for the vacant WWF title at Wrestlemania 4, won by Macho Man Randy Savage. This led into the next match.



3) WWF Champion, Macho Man Randy Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth in his corner) went to a double count out with Andre the Giant. This match took place in Los Angeles, California on August 13th, 1988. Announcers for this match were Gorilla Monsoon & Superstar Billy Graham. Andre dominated Savage, choking him in the corner and undoing a turnbuckle pad. The move backfired when Andre struck his own head against the exposed steel, which Savage then repeated by ramming Andre's head into the steel multiple times, eventually causing the giant to fall flat on his back. Savage immediately nailed him with a flying elbow off the top rope, only for Andre to do a big Superman kick out at two, causing Savage to fly across the ring. Andre ended up outside the ring, where Savage rammed him into the ring steps. As the referee began his count, Savage tried to bring Andre back in, only for Andre to grab hold of Elizabeth's leg on the ring apron. Savage rolled to the outside and decked Andre for putting his hands on Elizabeth, only for both Savage and Andre to be counted out. Elizabeth was hurt from Andre grabbing her leg, and Savage carried Miss Elizabeth to the back.



4) WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario in his corner) defeated Goldust (w/Marlena in his corner). This match aired on the September 6th, 1996 edition of 'WWF Raw Championship Friday' (a make-good Raw show, in the days when Raw used to be moved out of its' regular Monday timeslot for two weeks due to U.S. Open tennis), taped in Wheeling, West Virginia on August 19th, 1996. Announcers for this match were Kevin Kelly & Jim Ross. Goldust dropped Michaels across the ropes and the guardrail throatfirst, before Marlena blew cigar smoke in his face. Mankind was shown backstage watching this match. Michaels made a comeback and pinned Goldust for the win after an Asai moonsault. Mankind came running threw the crowd and entered the ring to attack Michaels, only for HBK to escape.

Fast forward three years, and clips aired of Vince McMahon defeating Triple H to win the WWF title on the September 16th, 1999 edition of WWF Smackdown, then vacating the title on the following week's Raw. 

5) Triple H defeated The Rock, Big Show, Kane, Mankind, and British Bulldog to win the vacant WWF title. This match took place at the 'WWF Unforgiven 1999' pay-per-view event, held in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 26th, 1999. Announcers for this match were Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler & Stone Cold Steve Austin. This was wild brawl between all 6 guys, with Mankind and Triple H brawling in the aisle, and Rock delivering a running clothesline on Triple H. Mankind also rammed Triple H into the ringside steps several times, before also piledriving him on to them. It was really funny to see, but Triple H was something of a whipping boy in this match, taking a lot of punishment off everybody in the match at one point or another. After a short break, Mankind applied the mandible claw on Rock, only for Rock to give him a Rock Bottom. Big Show cleared the ring, then chokeslammed Mankind and had him pinned. At the time of this match, all the WWF referees had gone on strike, protesting against their mistreatment at the hands of the wrestlers. All except Jimmy Korderas, who was portrayed as the 'babyface' sole non-striking referee (which is also explains why Korderas made the cover of the WWE Attitude DVD boxset), reffing this match. As Korderas attempted to count the pinfall, the striking referees came out, pulled Korderas to the outside, decked him and all began putting the boots to him. Austin (the outside-the-ring enforcer for this match) left the announcers table and made the save, decking all the striking refs, and taking over as the referee. Finish of the match saw Rock hit the Peoples elbow on Triple H, only for Big Show to pull Austin out before he could count the fall. Bulldog nailed Rock with a chairshot to the head. Austin decked Bulldog with a chairshot to the head, then counted Triple H's pinfall win over Rock, with this being Triple H's second WWF title win. After the match, Triple H squared up to Austin, brandishing the title belt, so Austin gave him a stunner.     

Closing thoughts: Fun show. Loved the Sammartino vs Steele footage.

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Match Results:


1) WWWF Champion, Bruno Sammartino defeated George 'The Animal' Steele (WWWF house show - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 25/07/70). 


2) Hulk Hogan defeated The Iron Sheik to win the WWF title (MSG, New York - 23/01/84). 


3) WWF Champion, Macho Man Randy Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth in his corner) went to a double count out with Andre the Giant (Los Angeles, California - 13/08/88). 


4) WWF Champion, Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario in his corner) defeated Goldust (w/Marlena in his corner) ('WWF Raw Championship Friday' - Wheeling, West Virginia: taped on 19/08/96, aired on 06/09/96). 


5) Triple H defeated The Rock, Big Show, Kane, Mankind, and British Bulldog to win the vacant WWF title ('WWF Unforgiven 1999' pay-per-view event - Charlotte, North Carolina: 26/09/99). 



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Stephen Lyon,
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