WWE Smackdown TV report

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SmackDown opened with a recap of Show's impact on Raw. Given the names that are not on tonight's SmackDown show, I think there may be a lot of recapping going on. Vickie then came out, but on her way we got another Raw recap, of Del Rio trying to sex her up but disgusting her in the process. Oh and then the John Cena return announcement was recapped. Vickie called Show a deviant for knocking Hunter out and that he should have been fired long ago. She said Show's problems had just begun though, and told us 12 hours after Raw a “For Sale” sign went up in front of his house, and he's now unemployed.

Del Rio cut Vickie off and came to the ring to protest the Cena match. She said it was best for business, then led him on asking if what he said Monday was true, did he find her sexy? He played along and again tried to butter her up, so she said if he wants her to reconsider, he needs to kiss her. She wasn't happy with his first effort and told him to do it like a Mexican. He dipped her this time. She was a little happier and joked she wanted to do it like the French. Then she changed her tune and told him to kiss her “here” while pointing to her arse and yelling the answer was no.

Sandow then came to the ring with his briefcase. He told Vickie that Del Rio thought he could play her. He on the other hand admired her intellect. She was genuinely flattered at his tact. Sandow continued to cut a face promo on Del Rio, with pauses in all the right places, even if the crowd didn't know what to do with them. He said when he gets the opportunity, he will show he is the better man. Vickie said she was making that happen tonight, without a threat to either the briefcase or the title. She left and Del Rio blind sided Sandow, who then got the better of the fight until Del Rio ran away.

Match Number One: Curtis Axel (c)w/ Paul Heyman Vs. R-Truth, IC Title Championship Match.

Not surprisingly Heyman on the outside was the best thing in the match. It was back and forth for the body until Truth took over and hit the axe kick. He would have gotten the three but Axel got his hand on the bottom rope. He then snapped Truth over the ropes and hit one of his neck breakers for the clean pinfall. I really didn't expect the finish to be so clean.

Winner: Curtis Axel (c), Pinfall.

Match Number Two: Los Locales (Tyson Kidd & Ricardo) Vs. Los Matadores w/ El Torito.

Kidd was only referred to as Los Locales 1 and Ricardo as Los Locales 2, keeping their identities as fodder a secret. Their role was to be thrown around and they did it well. Ricardo got pinned with the double Samoan. Torito got some offence in on Kidd after the bell, including hitting a seated senton on Kidd as Los Matadores held him to hit the Samoan drop.

Winners: Los Matadores, Pinfall.

They recapped Michaels' winning pitch to be the ref at Hell in a Cell.

So far the show has been totally fine as filler. Nothing really awful, just time being filled. Let's see if editing can somehow keep that going. Live reports suggest not.

Match Number Three: Brie Bella & The Funkadactyls w/ Nikki Vs. Natalya, Eva Marie & Kaitlyn w/ Jojo.

Natalya and Brie shook hands before starting. They did some slow chain wrestling, including Brie hitting aance's roll through single leg crab. Tags then started being made. Still it wasn't awful, just slow. Like they were still walking through the spots mode from the afternoon before the show. All done at half speed, even those who should be better.

Then the match broke down as each girl came in to hit a move before being taken out. Of what made it on air, Eva Marie was the only one who looked embarrassing. She just doesn't have a clue where her body is, like watching a giraffe taking it's first steps, on ice. Naomi ended up pinning Kaitlyn by rolling through a roll up. Team Brie all danced in the ring afterwards, with Nikki giving Natalya's team the “L” on the forehead. Other than that they were all faces.

Winners: Naomi, Cameron & Brie, Pinfall.

Renee Young had Cody and Goldust for an interview backstage. Cody said they did what most thought they couldn't. Goldust thanked Dusty for putting himself in harm's way. Cody thanked everyone for their support. Cody said their match with the Wyatt's tonight was obviously their “welcome back”.

Match Number Four: Damien Sandow Vs. Alberto Del Rio (C), Non-Title Match.

Del Rio tried to take his title and run after Sandow got in some early offence. Sandow cut him off though and threw him back into the ring. It was all eerily quiet throughout. So many people just sitting on their hands, while the audio track plays a big “ohhhh!” Subtle.

Del Rio at one point tried to use the briefcase as a weapon, but since it was handcuffed to the ring post he couldn't. That was a highlight. Sandow then hit the elbow of disdain for two. He missed a knee drop after pulling down his knee pad, then survived a superkick. Del Rio attacked the arm but they continued trading counters to their big moves until Del Rio again tried to run away. Sandow started attacking him in the ropes to stop him running but the ref pulled him away, allowing Del Rio to attack the exposed knee, then put on the arm bar for the submission.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio, Submission.

They recapped Show's involvement in Raw, again. Then they showed John Cena on Good Morning America.

Match Number Five: Prime Time Players & The Great Khali Vs. 3MB.

3MB were all together again. They were also beaten again. Which isn't a negative, it's what they're there for. Khali ended up hitting the chop on Heath after Drew and Jinder had been disposed of. PTPT and Khali tried to dance afterwards.

Winners: Prime Time Players & The Great Khali, Pinfall.

Match Number Six: Cody Rhodes & Goldust Vs. The Wyatt Family.

Bray cut another really good promo before coming out. Except when he blew the lantern that actually has fire in it, it didn't go out. It was Harper and Rowan in the match.

Goldust and Rowan had an entertaining meeting early. Rowan still had on his mask and Goldust wasn't sure what to make of it. Rowan shhh'd a finger to his own lips, so Goldust took in a deep breath, tried to fake him out or kiss him, then uppercutted the mask off his face.

They went to an ad break before the Wyatt's got the heat on Goldust. Harper really has something, and I keep forgetting week to week just how big Rowan is. He was throwing Goldust around like he was small, which he is not.

Goldust got the hot tag to Cody when Rowan was down and Cody hit a nice springboard dropkick on Harper to come in. He then hit a high knee and his own uppercut from the mat as Harper set for a back drop. Harper caught a kick and turned Cody around, but Rhodes kept going and came back with the disaster kick for a nearfall broken up by Rowan. Cody then dumped Rowan and avoided a charge from Harper. He followed out with a cross body on Rowan but caught a kick from Harper. Harper threw him back inside and gave Goldust the tornado clothesline, but that took long enough for Cody to recover and get a roll up out of the corner on Harper for the pinfall.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Goldust, Pinfall.

Again, the crowd were not thrilled by what was in the ring, but the match was the best thing on the show. And they did celebrate the win for the Rhodes family. Bray got in the ring right afterwards as the announcers tried to make a big deal out of it being the Wyatt's first loss.

Ok so as a whole the show was bad. But it was Main Event bad, not Battleground bad. After what I had heard, it was easy enough to sit through at home, much easier than if you had paid tickets to be there in person.

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