WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

October 14, 2013
St. Louis, MO

Robert McCarron

Orton chats with HBK & Wrestles The Miz
Shawn Michaels came out to the ring to start the show. He took several minutes to basically repeat what he said in his plea last week to become the special ref. He's friends with HHH, he's not friends with Orton, and he trained Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton came out to try and intimidate HBK, saying he'd destroy him if HBK thinks about screwing him at the PPV. HBK talked back, telling Orton that intimidating him won't work. Orton then tried to RKO the Hall of Fame'r, but that backfired, as HBK sent Orton packing. Miz then ran out to rush Orton, and after a commercial break, we had our first match of the night.

Randy Orton beat The Miz via pinfall after an RKO. This was a back and forth match that Miz had the advantage in at the end, only to be distracted by the Wyatt Family. The distraction allowed Orton to pull Miz over into an RKO for the finish. Change of pace from Raw of late as Orton wasn't put over as the stronger man, as Miz was actually taking it to the title contender in the end.

After the match, while Miz was laying down in the ring, Bray Wyatt took control of a microphone and told Miz that he is the epitome of everything Bray loathes in the world. Bray asked Miz how long he's going to seek fame, and he finished by telling Miz that he would put Miz down.

FANDANGO vs Santino
Quick match, with FANDANGO getting the rollup victory over Santino. Santino was going for the Cobra for the win, but Summer Rae got involved allowing Fandango to squeak out the victory.

A "Rhodes vs Shield" tag title match graphic aired, and boy, the crowd reaction was pretty loud. Hottest angle in wrestling!

Backstage, Paul Heyman told Brad Maddox that CM Punk is a cheater, and asked Brad to do something about it. Punk vs Ryback is rematched at Hell in a Cell. Brad made Ryback vs Truth, and CM Punk vs Curtis Axel tonight, in a Beat The Clock series. The winner in the fastest time gets to pick the stipulation for the Ryback vs CM Punk match at Hell in a Cell.

The announcers put over NXT's Xavier Woods starting a petition to get Big Show's job back. Well, JBL was not a fan of this. He mocked NXT, mocked Xavier, and repeatedly kept wondering who Xavier Woods even was.

A John Cena is a Superhero video aired. He's a super hero. He should be given medals and accolades. John Cena is a super hero and the best man of all the times.

Los Matadores vs Heath & Drew of 3MB
As if there was any other possible result, Los Matadores won when Heath Slater was pinned after their double team torture rack bomb finisher. Torito embarrassed Jinder Mahal after the match. JBL said he was dressing as Torito for Halloween.

Bow Down To The Game
HHH and Stephanie McMahon were out to address Big Show's actions last week. The crowd serenaded the power couple with loud "You got knocked out!" chants. Stephanie claimed they are selling Big Show's house, and pressing charges against him for knocking out HHH last Monday night. Stephanie said that with her power and support, HHH is the WWE. HHH then spoke, mocking the rumors that he was out of commission due to Big Show's punch last week. He then became angry, saying that last week was his breaking point. He had climbed to power in WWE, but last week after being knocked out with the crowd chanting "YES!" he realized that it is time to be the bad guy if that is what the crowd wants. He threatened everyone who ever thought of chanting "YES!" that they'd pay. Cue Daniel Bryan, who came out chanting "YES!". No party tonight, though, as Bryan was quickly rushed from behind by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio kicked Bryan in the head, laying him out. Stephanie mocked the laid out Bryan, asking him if he was saying something. Hunter hilarious started chanting "YES!" himself. Bryan vs Del Rio was made for tonight.

The Ryback vs R-Truth in Beat The Clock
Ryback pinned Truth with the Shellshock in 5:44. Truth spent much of the first part of the match stalling, trying to rack up the length of time this match would take so to help his buddy, CM Punk. Truth was getting quite a bit of offense in, and they did their best trying to get the crowd to think Truth might win. It didn't really work. So we're getting at least 5:30 of a Punk vs Axel match tonight, one would think. Try to quell your excitement.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon was walking alone when she caught up to the Bellas. She congratulated Brie Bella on her engagement, but then brought up how her fiancée was the one chanting over Hunter's prone body last week. She made Brie vs Tamina for later, with Nikki banned from ringside.

Before the next match, Zeb Colter cut an in set promo about Los Illegals (Matadores) and how the real Americans were going to expose them for who they really are.

Tons of Funk vs The Real Americans
Which one will Cesaro swing this week? My guess is Tensai. Well, no giant swing during the match. Antonio Cesaro pinned Brodus Clay with the neutralizer. The Perfect Plex must be officially up for grabs, because Brodus used it during this match for a failed pinfall attempt. After the match, Cesaro was trying to do the giant swing to Brodus when Tensai ran in. Tensai was cut off by Swagger, so here we go! Cesaro did a giant swing for a few revolutions to Tensai instead, as Brodus had rolled out. Very quick swing, with almost no speed.

Brie Bella vs Tamina
Tamina pinned Brie after a big kick to Brie's face. AJ Lee was allowed at ringside, while Nikki stayed backstage. Brie took it right to Tamina from the opening bell, and the two brawled inside and outside the ring briefly. After the initial hot start, we got a slower match. Not bad. Brie went for an X-Factor from the top rope for the win, but it was countered by Tamina into a big boot. Tamina pinned the Total Diva, and after the match, added more insult with a Samoan drop and big splash. AJ looked on approvingly before getting in the ring to hook Brie with a black widow. Nikki eventually made her way to the ring after all the damage had been done to try and help her sister.

Just a lot of Hunter and Steph indirectly getting their punishment in place to Big Show, Bryan, and Brie Bella so far. Not a lot happening otherwise.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan rushed into an office where Stephanie and Brad Maddox were talking. Bryan was angry at Steph taking out punishment on Brie. Steph brushed it off, telling him to go attend to his fiancée.

During the entrances for the next match, JBL hilariously put over Axel as a tough man to beat. You see, he has been Intercontinental Champion for months, and no one has been able to beat him. Let alone, beat him in under 5m44s. Yep, tough road here for Punk...

Curt Axel vs CM Punk in Beat The Clock
Punk won Beat The Clock. With around two minutes left, the pace really picked up as Punk started going for finishes. With a minute left, Axel was in control. Heyman was yelling at Axel to not make a mistake. Oh, the Perfect Plex again! Axel tried the plex with 40 seconds left. It failed, and Punk regained some momentum. With 20 seconds left, Punk landed the GTS. He slowly crawled for a cover, and with 11 seconds left, Punk pinned Curtis Axel to win Beat The Clock. Punk gets to name the stipulation for his match with Ryback at Hell in a Cell.

Punk, with Paul Heyman always getting involved in his matches, and having a match at a PPV called Hell in a Cell, obviously went with a... Handicap match. Punk made himself vs Ryback and Heyman. Oh, wait, swerve, it will be a Hell in a Cell match, too! So, apparently getting to make a stipulation for one match allows you to add participants to that match. Punk vs Ryback & Heyman inside the Cell in two weeks is official.

Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio
Wow, the Rhodes are getting the main event. This match had a lot of time, but never really seemed to gel that well. As Bryan was getting momentum late, Randy Orton's voice suddenly was heard over the arena speakers. Orton, on the Tron, interrupted the match to check in on Brie Bella. We saw Orton enter the trainer's room, where the two Bella sisters were, to almost no crowd reaction. As Orton closed the door, the Bellas screamed. Bryan tried to exit the ring to run back, but Alberto cut him off with a kick to the head. When it looked as if Bryan would face a loss, Bryan hit a swift kick to allow himself an escape. Bryan ran to the back, suffering a count out loss. When Bryan entered the trainer's room, Orton wasn't there. Bryan asked where he went, and that's when Orton reappeared and hit Bryan from behind. Orton left Bryan laying as he stared at the Bella sisters.

Backstage, The Shield were in Stephanie's office. The Shield were being cocky, when Steph put them in their place, telling them that they've been beaten before. HHH told the trio to finish the Rhodes family tonight, and made their tag title defense a No Disqualification match. Stephanie and Hunter then made out.

Another John Cena is a hero video. He's the most super human man of all time and comes back from injuries no man would ever come back from. Because he is a super hero. The most important man in the history of all men.

The Shield vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust
We have new tag champions~! Average match, with a lot of heat, until the very good final few minutes. The No DQ stips didn't play into the match until the finish, when Cody went for CrossRhodes on Reigns and Dean Ambrose ran in to stop it. The trio set up Cody for the triple powerbomb, but Goldust came in with a chair to break it up. Goldust dropped the chair to throw Ambrose out of the ring, but this allowed Reigns to grab hold of it and cut 'Dust off. Reigns scolded Goldust for dropping the chair, and went to hit Goldy with it but he was countered with a flying crossbody. Cody brawled with Rollins outside the ring while Reigns and Goldust were down inside. Dean Ambrose remained involved for the rest of the match, trying to give his team the advantage.

With almost every man down from the fierce brawling, Big Show returned through the crowd. He ran in, taking out every member of the Shield. After delivering a knock out blow to Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes pinned Reigns to win the tag titles. Big Show left through the crowd, and HHH came rushing to the ring from backstage furious. This was a hot ending, harking back to the Attitude era when seemingly every Raw would end with a hot angle like this.

The Good: The main event and title change were great. JBL being the captain of logic on the entire show was quite the listen. He was a heel announcer at times, a babyface announcer at times, and pretty fair in his criticism of both good guys and bad all night. He's a great fit on the team. With the stipulations for the Punk match, you again have to figure that Heyman will finally get his. Maybe Heyman gets his, but the lack of focus from Punk leads to a Ryback victory. That'll be fine. At least WWE seems to be pushing that there will be resolution to multiple fronts coming on this PPV event.

The Not Good: HBK was brought out to repeat what he said last week, and that's about it. A ratings ploy for sure, HBK did nothing on this show that will be remembered. 

Everything else, while mostly filler, was fine. The build of Hunter punishing all the good guys is going somewhere, so that's a plus. Big Show vs HHH seems to be the match we'll get at some point, maybe even by Survivor Series. The question in the meantime is whether or not HHH will strip the tag titles, like he has stripped Bryan of the WWE title. Or will the tag titles be on the line, this time defended by the Rhodes', at Hell in a Cell? Enjoying this very much. By the way, Ambrose vs Ziggler on Main Event this week (maybe), kids. Enjoy it. Bye~!

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