WWE NXT TV Report: Bo Dallas, Sami Zayn battle for NXT title

By Emerson Witner

Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn

On October 19, 2010, I sat down and watched NXT under a more critical eye than usual. I watched it as someone whose “job” was to report what was going on for a lame duck show that didn't seem to be lasting more than a few weeks. Three years and 157 reviews later, I am still here.

I went back to re-read my review and it included the match I always mention, Kaitlyn vs Maxine in the 2010 Wrestling Observer Award Winning Worst Match of the Year, but it also included Goldust and Aksana making plans for the Greatest Wedding In WWE History, a Name That Body Contest and a Limbo Contest, both won by Naomi. Plus in the MAAAAAAIN EVENT! The Bella Twins defeated Naomi and Kelly Kelly. I guess Naomi couldn't win everything on that show, huh?

So I am hopping back into the way back machine, return to 2013 where the first thing I see is Jennifer Garner asking me if I wear too much makeup. You know, I knew something was wrong with my appearance...

NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension defeated Corey Graves & Adrian Neville

It is Championship Thursday on NXT as we kick things off with a battle for the tag titles as the new champions The Ascension battle the former champions Adrian Neville and Corey Graves.

Tony Dawson is still on the show. Jesus Christ, how far in advance have they taped these shows? He quit a month ago. Graves claims to not have slept since losing the titles two weeks ago. Isn't that not good for you? Plus I can't imagine how he would actually do that. The heels got the heat on Neville by Conor pulling down the middle rope as he bounced off of it, leading Adrian to bump outside the ring.

Back in the ring, Adrian fought and fought to get the tag, before finally making the lukewarm tag to Graves. Graves with a chop block and Lucky 13 to Conor, but it was saved by Victor. Graves crawled over and tagged out to the injured Neville. Neville just stared at Graves before getting in the ring and being promptly cut off. Neville was bumped into Graves, no one knew who was legal, so Ascension just gave Neville Total Elimination for the win. Graves had the chance to make the save, but instead just walked away.

After the match, Graves blamed Neville for losing. Don't worry, there's only 4 teams on NXT. It will be your shot again in three weeks. The fans chanted for them to Hug It Out, but instead Graves did his best Owen Hart impersonation by chop blocking Neville's leg out of his leg.

-After commercial Mr. Regal tries to justify Graves beating the shit out of Neville, while Renee Young mentioned differently.

Tyler Breeze pinned CJ Parker

Tyler Breeze's seasonal residence is still Milan, Italy. Shouldn't he have moved since the Fall has started? Renee Young insinuated that her and Tyler shop in the same stores for the same sizes of clothes and share clothes. I want to see Renee in Tyler's tights. CJ breaks out the Airplane Spin as the fans chant Fruity Pebbles and in the tradition of John Cena, they are chanting it at the face.

Mr. Regal is the first person to ask about how Breeze continues to fly to and from Milan every week and how much time he spends just traveling.Parker with a La Magistral for a 2 count, but Breeze got the win with a thumb to the eye and a Spinning Heel Kick. After the match, Breeze tries to take a selfie of him standing over Parker, but Parker photo bombed Breeze by punching him in the face. Parker stole Tyler's phone and took pictures of it while William screamed for the police to be called.

-A commercial with Alec Baldwin aired, which just made me wish for 30 Rock to be back.

-The Lillian Garcia/Titus O’Neil breast cancer commercial aired and all I could think of was Lisa's Mom in the critically unacclaimed movie The Room and how she mentioned she had breast cancer and no one ever brought it up again.

The BFFs defeated Paige & Emma

You know, Paige has been champion for a few months and I am convinced that she hasn't defended the title in 30 days. I wonder what people looking through my window think when they see me doing Emma's dance. The match starts with Paige and Emma disagreeing on who would start this match. Mr. Regal mentions that he can't get a nice lady to be the love of his life. Well not all of us can have Sasha Banks.

The story of the match is Summer does not like being in the ring apparently as she continually runs away every time they start getting offense. This match was so interesting that William and Renee discussed JBL's suit and why he can't afford a suit that fits. Tony Dawson compares his suits to Brad Maddox's. The heels get the heat on Emma. Meanwhile William Regal's love of his life, Doris, wanted a gold ankle chain. Unfortunatel,y she got elephantitis and left William because he couldn't afford 6 feet of gold chain. People wonder how I love this man.

Paige gets the hot tag and Summer sticks around to get her butt kicked. She almost got pinned with a Perfect Plex, but Sasha ran in and a Pier 6 brawl broke out. Summer pinned the champion with that old Scorpion Death Drop/Leg Drop that Big Show used to use.

Sami Zayn pinned Bo Dallas to win the NXT Championship

This match is the culmination of a lengthy feud that dates back to July. Bo was injured by Sami during SummerSlam Axxess and thus was not allowed to compete in the Bo Dallas Invitational. Despite that, El Local lost 50 pounds, became French Canadian and turned into Sami Zayn and pinned the champion two weeks ago. Bo is the third Champion since June of 2012. In the same time there have been 5 WWE Title changes, 4 World Title changes and 5 TNA Title changes.

Bo gets a series of two counts on Sami, coming within an eyelash on seemingly a dozen occasions of walking away with his title. For some reason watching this match made me think of an episode of ECW I was watching from November 1997 when Joey Styles vowed that Justin Credible vs Chris Chetti would one day main event a pay per view. While I cannot imagine this match would main event a pay per view, I could very easily see this as a top match in 3-5 years.

As I typed that Sami hit the Corner Kick and won the championship!!!! The Bo Dallas Era has ended! The king is dead! Long live the new king of NXT! Just as I typed that out came JBL who pointed out that Bo's foot was on the rope so JBL ordered the match to be restarted. Bradshaw did get a funny line in as he threatened the referee to not make him learn his name.

NXT Champion Bo Dallas pinned Sami Zayn

So the match continues and Sami had the title in his hands and stood proudly as champion...and now Bo gets a second chance. Can Bo use this to retain his title or will Sami pin him a second time? Zayn almost wins again with a high cross body block. Dallas needs to do something to get back in this. Bo blocks the corner kick, but gets dropped with the side suplex dealy that John Cena does.

Bo with a kick to the head and his corner bulldog for only a 2 count. Bo seems to be losing it. Scorpion Death Drop...Zayn still kicks out! The fans are either standing or on the edge of their seats as Zayn hits the Spear (Bo's other finisher) for only a 2 count. Bo hits his version of it, also for a 2 count.

Zayn with a sunset flip power bomb from the top rope....Bo kicks out again! Zayn goes for a series of German Suplexes, but Bo rips the turnbuckle pad off and somehow Zayn's head goes into it and Bo picks up the win with a school boy! I honestly liked that match more than the much loved Zayn-Cesaro 2 out of 3 Falls Match from a few weeks ago.

So that is it, the king is not dead. Long live our current king! Until next week....

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