Feedback to Hell in a Cell

Overall it was a very average show, kinda down on wrestling since BGF, but that would probably change had I seen Road to Power Struggle from New Japan. Now that I have money free for a PPV here and there, NJPW will be getting my money instead of TNA for sure.
Best Match: Rhodes Bros. vs Usos vs Shield
Worst Match: CM Punk vs Ryback and Paul Heyman
Pre-show Match: Sandow vs Kofi
Not that great, nothing of real not outside of Sandow's new finish the "Your Welcome," which Jinder Mahal might not be happy about as it is just a full nelson slam.
Opener: Rhodes Bros win over Usos and Shield
- This started slow, but ended up being a fantastic opener giving false hope to the rest of the card. So I guess it did its job.  Goldust looking as good as ever, which makes me wonder what he could have become sans-demons.  It appeared that even though Cody hit the biggest high spot of the match, with the superplex to the outside of the ring, he still couldn't transcend the star power of his brother.  Even though that can be viewed as a negative I like it as a way to set up a minor inferiority complex for the inevitable split going into WM, where Cody has to prove himself. Overall very good match. Proper finish for the Rhodes to go over.
Miz Promo
- He should just go away, he adds nothing. I don't want to hate any talent, but Miz is so blatantly corporate, in everything he does, it's annoying, and destroys any babyface likability, but everyone already knows that.
Fandango and Summer Rae vs Khali and Natalia w/ Hornswaggle
-Don't recall this being booked if it was, overall whatever, didn't care.
Ambrose vs Langston
-With an extremely impromptu match a DQ/Countout finish wasn't surprising, looks like Big E will have to choose which title he wants or potentially (and hopefully) unify the undercard titles.
CM Punk vs Ryback and Paul Heyman in Hell in a Cell
-This match was awful and I feel bad for Punk. The start of the match being delayed by the world's worst scissor lift driver, and as a person who has actually driven a scissor lift, it's something you get used to after the first time.  That only leads me to believe it's the first time the guy did it.  Onto the match, it was terrible.  I feel bad for Punk because he had to work with a guy who has terrible cardio and cannot "go." That is extremely embarrassing in my opinion because there is no doubt Ryback has a good look, but if he even knew anything about catch wrestling he and Punk could have put on an interesting match, but he clearly does not and Punk did his best, but was unsuccessful leading to a painfully boring match with no heat and Heyman standing on top of the cell for Punk to beat on him post match. Disappoining to say the least.
Los Matadores vs Real Americans w/ Zeb
-Enjoyable match overall, I honestly thing the manager and mascot for each team adds volumes for their respective team.  I really hope that El Torito teaches whoever believes that a mask reduces facial charisma differently because he conveys a massive amount of energy even without speaking.  Zeb's pre-match promo was very good playingt he part, the only negative is that is seems a certain part of the audience enjoys it.  Highlight has to be the giant swing spot and while the first 15 revolutions seemed enjoyable for the crowd, the next 15 seemed to kill them unfortunately.
Del Rio vs Cena
- Not really sure what to make of it, thought this could have been a great opportunity for WWE to actually make Del Rio a bigger heel, as he's mostly been nonthreatening, in my opinion.  If Del Rio could have tapped Cena's hurt arm it could have been a great story, where WWE could have painted it as Cena couldn't stand to be away from wrestling for so long and rushed himself back too soon and had to tap risking a career threatening injury had he not.  Just feels like a massive ball dropped in an effort to pop a buy rate after two failed PPVs. One last note on the match, Cena's instant AA really loses its impact when he doesn't pause, when he doesn't hold the fireman's carry for at least 3 seconds the move doesn't really set in on a psychological level and the instantaneous nature of this one from this match loses significance.  I know WWE is big on this "out of nowhere" type of move, but fireman's carry moves don't translate well to this.
AJ Lee vs Brie Bella
- I'll be honest I didn't pay much attention to it.  From what I did see, it revolved around submissions put on by AJ who won by her Black Widow. Whatever.
Main Event: Orton vs Bryan HIAC w/ Shawn Michaels as Ref
- Not that great of a match, never seemed to get going and Michaels as ref didn't seem to add much of anything.  The wacky finish seemed extremely complicated and without reading a recap don't recall all of it or why it happened.  Bryan hits HHH w/ the flying knee, HBK hits Bryan w/ Sweet Chin Music for some reason.
Just an overall confusing finish, but I cannot bother to watch these PPVs 100% sober anymore.
Keep up the good work,
Dave Miller

from Wisconsin

Thumbs WAY down. 
Best Match: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
Worst Match: Khali/Natalya vs Fandango/Summer Ray
They stole my money.  
Another year, another angle ruined by WWE.  Daniel Bryan should have walked out of Miami with the title after getting screwed over month after month.  SummerSlam - pedigreed/pinned by Orton.  Night of Champions - Referee screw job fast count.  Battleground - Big Show interference.  Hell in a Cell - HBK superkick.
Its old, and I'm sick of it.
I actually made the HUGE mistake of ordering the Pay-Per-View tonight and am disgusted at what I saw.  How many times are they going to screw the fans over like this?  At the very least, if you're going to book a screw job YET AGAIN, put Cena/Del Rio on last so the fans can go home happy and the main event can end with a clear cut winner.  
Its unbelievable how much of a nosedive this company has been on since August.  The rise of Daniel Bryan was so entertaining to watch, but it has crumbled and lost all of its momentum.  The WWE has no idea how to book pro wrestling anymore.
Cena and Orton are Champions once again in 2013.  Nothing ever changes with this company, and at this point, I'm 100% sure nothing ever will.  Very, very disappointed with the show tonight, probably never going to order one of these again, it was a complete rip off.
I legitimately hope they run the WWE Network in 2014 and it puts them out of business.  
_Ben Naim

Thumbs up
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton
Worst Match: Fandango and Summer Rae vs. Khali and Natalya
Good PPV all around. Nothing that made me shriek in horror, anyway. The main event finish was interesting, but I think it is the right move for the long run. Bryan's payoff, if it comes at Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, will be amazing. Fans just need to see the entire story before saying things like "Bryan is being buried". I personally feel like Daniel Bryan will be more over following this.
Logan Randall

Hi Dave:

Can't give you feedback for the whole show, since I only watched the main event, but I did want to comment on that.  I thought the match itself was mediocre.  I don't know what it is with these guys, but they seem to have no chemistry together (or, rather, they've lost it since they had that excellent match on free tv a few months ago).  Orton's methodical pace and Bryan's high energy just seem to clash.  Anyway, the match finally seemed to be picking up when the trouble began.  The outside stuff, though not unexpected, really distracted from the match.  When Orton and Bryan were wrestling while the camera focused on HHH and Shawn arguing, it made the match itself seem secondary.  The finish was bad, and didn't get over at all.  Crowd wasn't upset, just dead, which is certainly not the reaction you want.  But, I gotta say, I feel that way too.  We went through all this, these last three shows, just to end up with the title still on Orton.  Why?

If the goal of this angle was to kill Daniel Bryan, they've done a fine job.  I really don't care at this point if he wins the title or not, and I'll just be glad to have the program over with.  The ONLY thing that could redeem all this for me is if Shawn Michaels is coming out of retirement to wrestle Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania.  Dave, please tell me that Shawn Michaels is coming out of retirement to wrestle Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania.  Otherwise, wake me when it's over.

-Ken Raining

WWE Hell in a Cell
Thumbs Up
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
Worst Match: Khali/Natalya vs Fandango/Summer Rae
A mixed bag of a show, with two decent HIAC matches that combined had one finish. Didn't we see Shawn once deliver a superkick inside a HIAC match? Oh yes, but that was a generation ago, so we can do it again.
It's going to be hard to rebuild the momentum for Daniel Bryan now that (a) he's been screwed repeatedly by HHH AND now his trainer and (b) fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, three times, shame on you... and (c) John Cena is back as the champ with the "other and now REAL" title.
Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Podcast @ *!/MrJeff2000

Thumbs in the gutter.
Best Match: Rhodes/Usos/Shield
Worst Match: That miserable excuse for a finish in the Bryan/Orton match
This show seemed like such a giant "fuck you" to wrestling fans in general. Daniel Bryan's popularity was so fan driven and since the WWE views wrestling fans with such contempt they had to bury him in the most lackluster way possible. I'm no Daniel Bryan mark, ok, well maybe a little, but still. That finish was designed to make anyone who ever fell in love with that character feel stupid. I've been a wrestling fan for the better part of thirty years and that finish is the most insulted I've felt as a fan in forever. Couple it with the finishes in the last THREE PPVs and it's enough to send me running.
WWE was never behind Bryan and they've announced with great volume that the experiment is officially over. I'm really interested to see the buy rates come in for Orton/Big Show.

Pat Driscoll

If WWE doesn't give a fuck about me, I'm no longer giving a fuck about them.

Sorry CM Punk, sorry Daniel Bryan, sorry Wyatt Clan. You guys are great, but the company you work for stinks on ice.
That's just me,
John Wick

Hell In a Cell
rating--- Thumbs Down
best match--- Goldust/Cody Rhodes vs Usos vs Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns
worst match--- Dean Ambrose vs Big E Langston
I streamed this event online for free. I ordered Battleground and wasted $55 so consider us event Vince.
I thought this would be a big rebound show, but I was disappointed, except for 2 matches.
The streak of bad WWE PPV endings is alive and well. How telegraphed was the HBK superkick on Bryan?? HBK set up for that superkick way too early.
Babyface Bryan gets screwed over again in a BS finish, pretty tired of that at this point.
Goldust/Cody Rhodes vs Usos vs Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns was excellent. Great superlex to the floor spot, yet I did just see that Friday by Trent Baretta on Nick Jackson, so shout out to Baretta/Brian Kendrick and the Young Bucks. The Tag Title match was easily best match on the card tonight in my opinion. Very hot crowd, some great spots and well put together match.
The Cena/Del Rio match was good. The Cena video's really put him over as a superstar.
Countout finish in Ambrose/Big E was weak as was the match that had no heat, dead crowd.
Ever since Summerslam, the CM Punk program has produced very little in the way of good matches. Paul Heyman was the highlight and sad that even CM Punk couldn't get a good match out of Ryback.
Very disappointing show overall. 2 good matches, one of which was very good. A bunch of other junk on there too. No problem with the woman's match, 3rd best of the night imo.
Also, I subscribed to the Wrestling Observer newsletter today!!
Dan Petrucci

Hell In A Cell Thoughts
Thumbs Down
Best Match - None
Worst Match - Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton (for the finish)
Three months in a row now we get a ridiculous finish to a show that was otherwise decent.  This is the second character (Punk being the first) where Triple H takes away clear momentum with the fan base and buries someone who is extremely over with the fans.  Additionally, it not only makes Orton look weak as well, it hurts the actual Hell In A Cell/Cage Match concept as a whole.  
I just do not see how any of this benefits the company or builds momentum for anyone.  It's become an ego trip for Triple H at this point to stay in the spotlight.
Michael Barton
Swan Lake, NY


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