Hell in a Cell feedback

Thumbs in the middle.
Best match: Cena-Del Rio
Worst match: Orton-Bryan
Show had some good matches, like tag team triple threat, Del Rio match.
another terrible finish for Orton-Bryan.  Langston didn't look so hot against
 --Mike Omansky

Thank Christ I pirated this PPV because the finish once again pissed me off so bad that I ordered the replay just to call my cable provider to demand my money back and got it...

WWE has not only shit the bed... They've jumped the shark...

Cena and Orton on top again?

Josh Munday

                                         WWE-"Hell in a Cell"
                                         Thumbs Down
                                          Best match: 3 way tag title match
                                          Worst match: That Khali crap
       Weird, disjointed show. The biggest botchfest I've seen from WWE, probably ever. Here's a look.
1)Tag titles, 3 way match-Rhodes Bros vs The Shield vs The Usos ***
         This is the way to open a PPV. Too often it seems promoters forget that they need to get the crowd pumped early, and this match did the trick. I still think WWE missed the boat by doing such a great job of building Cody up, then crippling his momentum by bringing him back in a tag team. At least he's not Dolph Ziggler, who's doing a gig as an 'expert panelist', while horror shows like The Miz and Khali are getting face time in this PPV. Cody and Goldust retain.
Next, the incredibly irrelevant but clearly well liked by someone in upper management man known as The Miz came out to cut a promo on the Wyatts. Bray's brothers show up and beat the snot out of Les Miz. Luke Harper throws a great stiff elbow and hits the big boot. Then, familiar music sounds and out comes He Who Makes Me Yawn, Kane. Kane hits one of the Wyatts with a terrible boot, killing the crowd for the first of many times (they want to go nuts for Kane, but were hushed after seeing Kane mangle the same move the bad guy had nailed minutes earlier).
2)Khali/Natalya vs Fandango/Summer Rae -*
        First a Miz promo, now a Khali match? What is this, a house show? It's a bit early for a 'comedown match'. Like any match  involving the Punjabi pinhead, the rating must begin with a negative sign.
I was already bummed out because of the passing of the great Lou Reed....
3)US title-Dean Ambrose vs Big E Langston **
          Is it just me, or does anybody else think Langston is so hyper and out of control, he makes Rob Van Dam look like Nick Bockwinkle in the "opponent safety" department? Poor Ambrose had the same look on his face worn years ago by Ted Dibiase when he had to carry Ultimate Warrior through 4 months of house shows. Disaster strikes when Big Spaz collides face first with his poor, innocent opponent, resulting in the unthinkable: A blood sighting at a 'Hell in a Cell' themed PPV! Langston wins by countout in a result that thrills the audience.
The cell is down, Punk and Ryback are in the ring, and suddenly a mechanical lift appears, dramatically carrying Paul Heyman...nowhere. Vince's blood pressure skyrockets as the lift won't move, resembling somewhat the golf cart scene from the first 'Austin Powers' movie. Eventually, Heyman and the lift arrive, placing Paul on top of the cell.
4)HIAC match-CM Punk vs Ryback/Paul Heyman *
        Going in, I'll admit, I was not looking forward to this one. How could it be watchable, I wondered? Punk can't turn Ryback into Ric Flair, or even Goldberg for that mattter. Plus, the 'Cell' itself is a dead gimmick, which should have been put in mothballs the day WWE became juice-free. As bad as I expected it to be, the match is actually worse than I'd feared. A brutal yawn-fest ending with the predictable GTS to Heyman on top of the cage.
5)Los Matadores vs The Real Americans with/Dirty Dutch * 1/2
        Yes, it's a step up from the mixed tag earlier, but why is this on a PPV? This is a Raw time filler. WWE's lack of bench talent is painfully clear.
6)World title-Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena **
       Ever since WWE decided to go to a more tight, physical style some months ago, Del Rio has stepped up his game in matches vs Christian and others. But he's gonna have to wrestle Cena's style, which is decidedly NOT stiff. When Cena is introduced, one can't help but think the company is making a huge mistake bringing their cash cow back too early. The second I saw his face, I realized I felt like I had just seen him a few weeks ago. Maybe that's because of the 5 'Cena comeback' segments on every WWE program. I know they panicked because of a slight ratings and sales dip, but had they given it a few more months, Cena's return would have felt like an event. Anyway the 2 put on a decent if predictable bout. How much do I despise Cena's STF? He seems to be exerting no torque whatsoever. To the shock of no one, Cena wins the title via pinfall after his standing fireman's carry finisher.
7)Divas title-AJ Lee vs Brie Bella * 1/2
        By this point, I was genuinely excited to see the Divas match. AJ's great, and hot; and while Brie is certainly no Mercedes Martinez, at least the women are trying. No more Kelly Kelly-Candice Michelle pillow fights. AJ wins by using a submission hold that I would love to be caught in.
Don't know if you heard, but WWE has a new video game out. They've been very subtle, even demure, about mentioning it in public. In the 19th ad of the night for this thing, the creative minds show their best stuff by pairing the Prime Time Players backstage with their natural foil...Bob Backlund. The entire segement makes me squirm.
8)HIAC match, vacant WWE title-Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton w/ guest ref Shawn Michaels ** 1/2
          This poor crowd. I'm sure many reviews will mention 'the dead crowd', but I felt like the potential was there. Just that every time the fans would get amped up, some nasty botch or unwelcome match would take them right down again. The main event combatants put on their usual solid action. When it's time to find a way to utilize the much-dreaded Cell, they decide to...have Bryan throw a bunch of chairs in the ring. Soon, with Orton in command, the Viper begins to, apparently, stack the chairs up in a sloppy way. Then we see why: It's for the big planned spot of the night: Orton superplexes Bryan onto the chairs. Sadly, Randy miscalculated when placing the pile of metal, and the only part of Bryan that hits steel is a shoelace. Instantly, it was embarassingly obvious that was a big, big whiff. In my opinion, despite the tediousness, they should have told the men to re-do the spot. Orton goes for a pin instead, good for just 2, and Triple H comes storming to the ring, furious with HBK for not counting 3. Unfortunately, his anger makes no sense due to the botch. Had Bryan landed on the chairs, the crowd would have bought a 3 count, then popped when Bryan kicked out. That would have brought the heat down on Trips. Ugh, that was not handled well. After a ref bump, Bryan kicks Hunter around, then starts celebrating. And here comes the moment that's gonna make all the screwups and weak matches worth sitting thru, the reason folks paid for this thing....HBK suddenly throws a devastating superkick to....the air 6 inches to Bryan's left. Oh my lord. Something's in the air for sure when you have 2 of the best ever blowing the big climactic moment, one which was surely planned to be shown in replay dozens of times over the next decade. Par for the course tonight. First, they didnt even show one replay of the superplex screwup, then they show one distant one for the HBK's big flip. I can hear Vince now: " This show makes me wanna PUUUUKKKEEE!! I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna PUUUUKKKEEEE!!!
Derek Hamel

Hi Dave.  I emailed you in early August saying that WWE had to carefully book Daniel Bryan over the next few months.  He was on the verge of becoming a star and potentially a draw, but it had to be handled carefully and with much intentionality to work.  Here we are just 3 months later.
To evaluate any angle, you must look at how over the talent is.  So is Randy Orton over more now than he was in August at Summerslam?  No, he has been booked as Steph and HHH's bitch.  Moreover, he has needed help repeatedly to either defeat or escape losses from someone who we are told is not a star.  Is Daniel Bryan over more now than he was in August at Summerslam?  Obviously not.  He will benefit from a feud with HBK, but would it have meant more if he as a red hot face champion had HBK sicked on him by HHH to try to get the belt off of him beginning after Summerslam than now?  Obviously, yes.
So everyone is less over after a fourth match main event feud.  Well done, WWE.  It's okay and frankly often necessary for one guy to be less over after a feud in order to elevate someone.  BUT, BOTH GUYS?  Everyone associated with the creative end of this should be embarrassed and potentially removed from their positions because clearly they don't understand enough about getting people over.
I can't wait for Daniel Bryan to be on the Royal Rumble panel with Zach Ryder and Layla in four months.
Name withheld by request

Thumbs Down
Best match: 3 way tag title match
Worst Match: Punk vs Ryback
If WWE wanted to make fans angry marks than they succeeded with me tonight.  I was and still am now 2 hours later legit angry like a total nerd mark about the finish.  Ruined my night.  Why since before Wrestlemania 17 can we not have a decent period of time where WWE is fun to watch, rather than moments that matter (IE ECW ONS 2k5 and 2k6, Punk Promo to MITB 2k11).  I truly believe like they could care less about long term profits and more about stroking themselves mentally.
I don't have a great memory of childhood, but the legit earliest memory I have of life was watching WWF on TV as a young child.  I have been a fan my entire life, and after over 12 years of waiting for long term entertainment from WWE I am almost at the breaking point.  If they wanna do dumb finishes and angles like the end of the main event, they should at least simplify them, rather than make them confusing and annoying.  WWE, stop trying so hard to do dumb things, its better to simplify the stupidity you attempt to do.
The whole show felt dull.  A lot of the ring work felt sloppy and lazy.  John Cena (who I hate more than death) I will give credit to for trying, but looked like he was working around an injury that still exists rather than being healed enough to legit be ready to compete.  CM Punks match felt a little better than last years match with Ryback but still blah and felt like it ended short, and the post match beatdown was just a waste of time.The Divas sucked as usual, but tonight seemed to work better than half the roster on the card.
I could rant for decades about how bad things feel like they are going in WWE right now, but I'll stop.  I live in NJ and went to Wrestlemania 29 this year, and even though I was disappointed with that show as well, I was planning to go to fly to New Orleans for WM 30.  After tonight I am seriously considering not going at all, just getting to the breaking point of faith.
Sammy The Sheik Elkassir

WWE Hell in a Cell: Thumbs Up    
Best Match: Triple Threat Tag Team Title
Worst Match: Fandango & Summer vs. Khali & Natalya
Sandow Wins!  Yes the MITB holder finally gets a win even if it is on the pre show against Kofi Kingston.  Decent match.  The opener was great.  These tag teams have been stealing the shows as of late.  I wish they would build up a few more tag teams because the tag division is actually hot right now at least with Shield and Goldust/Cody.  Glad the Rhodes Family won even though I can already see the first seed planted for their break up when Goldust was looking for the tag and Cody was on the floor.  I thought Ambrose vs. Big E was decent except for the count out.  Ambrose is awesome.  I wish he was a headliner, but he seems odd man out with Reigns and Rollins getting more of a push.  Punk vs. Heyman & Ryback was okay, but I am glad that Punk won clean because he needs a better worker for an opponent than Ryback.  Would like to see him back in the top mix.  Real Americans vs. Matadores seems like more filler, but not bad.  Cesaro also deserves better than being in a comedy feud.  He needs to break away from Zeb.  Cena vs. Del Rio was good.  I was surprised that they did a clean title change here.  I thought maybe Rey Mysterio would start an angle with Del Rio since he was at ringside.  No Sandow cash in either.  Divas title match was better than usual and another seed is planted for the Bella Twins split up.  Maybe Bella vs. Bella and Rhodes vs. Rhodes at Mania.  Main event was good, but not great.  How can Bryan get screwed again?  I mean four pay per views in a row he gets screwed.  Seems like he will never end up with the title.  Hope Bryan vs. Triple H happens at Mania with Bryan going over strong.  I know probably not, but I can dream.  Maybe Team Bryan vs. Team Authority at Survivor Series?  I would like the elimination format back since we get singles matches the other eleven shows of the year. 
Robb Block

Thumbs in the Middle. It started great but then collapsed. Only one match delivered, the rest felt average and flat. The main event was a letdown. They did have a new champion, but the way it was done didn't resolve anything. If a HIAC can't resolve feuds these days what can? Bryan still has to set the score with Orton, HHH and now HBK. At this pace, by the time WrestleMania comes, even the ghost of Jack Tunney will have the best of Bryan without any retribution.
Best Match: Cody & Goldust vs. The Usos vs. The Shield. Can't remember the last time an opening match was the best match on any show. Think this is the first **** match in the story of this PPV concept, which speaks volumes considering the type of matches involved.
Worst Match: Langston vs. Ambrose
1. Sandow vs. Kingston **
2. Cody & Goldust vs. The Usos vs. The Shield ****
-Miz/Wyats/Kane segment was dead. Funny how people cheered when the Miz (a bayface) got Chokeslammed.
3. Fandango & Rae vs. Khaly & Natalya *
4. Langston vs. Ambrose 3/4*
5. Punk vs. Ryback & Heyman **1/2
6. Los Matadores vs. Real Americans *
7. Cena vs. ADR ***
8. AJ vs. Brie *
9. Bryan vs. Orton ***3/4

Leonardo Mendez

Hell In A Cell Thoughts
Thumbs Down
Best Match - None
Worst Match - Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton (for the finish)
Three months in a row now we get a ridiculous finish to a show that was otherwise decent.  This is the second character (Punk being the first) where Triple H takes away clear momentum with the fan base and buries someone who is extremely over with the fans.  Additionally, it not only makes Orton look weak as well, it hurts the actual Hell In A Cell/Cage Match concept as a whole.  
I just do not see how any of this benefits the company or builds momentum for anyone.  It's become an ego trip for Triple H at this point to stay in the spotlight.
Michael Barton
Swan Lake, NY

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