WWE NXT TV Report: CJ Parker vs Tyler Breeze


By Emerson Witner

Byron Saxton leaves the ring and joins the announce table with William Regal and Renee Young. Nice random group.

Alexander Rusev & Sylvester Lefort defeated Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy

We start with Enzo and Big Cass walking to the ring cutting their promo, calling Sylvester Lefort sawft. This is the in-ring debut of the French Stallion himself, as Scott Dawson is MIA ever since his twin brother from another mother Tony left.

Rusev actually started the match by beating up Big Cass. He completely destroyed Cassidy and laid him out with the Big E. Langston Full Body Attack. He then gave the same move to Enzo Amore. Sylvester came into the ring to encourage his man...and Rusev laid out Frenchie too! Rusev made Cassidy submit to a Camel Clutch. After the match, The Blonde Woman came out and led Rusev to the back.

A video package of The Real Americans aired. The first match was quite rushed so we could get a Raw Rebound.

Aiden English pinned Jason Jordan

With the exception of the RVD match a few weeks ago, this was every Aiden English match ever since he debuted his new gimmick. He walked out singing, won a squash match and walked away singing. Jason Jordan hasn't been on the show in a year and was a jobber then. At least Aiden is polite when he asks for his spotlight.

Video of last weeks Corey Graves-Adrian Neville match aired with a WWE.com exclusive where Adrian told Corey that if he wants to go after his knee then this is only the beginning. Tony Dawson is still doing voice overs. He left the company how long ago?

WWE was in Abu Dhabi recently. You know they were starved for wrestling when there were loud chants of Miz Is Awesome. Justin Gabriel, who I haven't seen in months, was in the package.

Paige pinned Summer Rae

These two have been feuding for over eight months now and it all started when Paige backed into Summer while she was the ring announcer. Summer should send Paige a Christmas card since she took that into very quickly becoming a WWE Diva and has already won a match on pay per view, while Paige is stuck in Orlando. Paige was playing WWE 2K14, as she stomped a mud hole in Summer and walked it dry. Sasha tried to grab the ankle of Paige and that was enough for the referee to throw her out. I can't believe they would do that.

Summer with a comeback which includes a dropkick to the tummy. Of course what was more interesting was Mr. Regal talking about how Twitter was able to help him reconnect with an old love from way back when. Him and Renee talked about her for a minute until Byron was all Buzz Killington and reminded them that we were on the air.

Meanwhile in the ring, Paige picked up the win with the Paige Turner.

After the match, My Love ran in and attacked Sasha, so Emma ran in for the save. Paige didn't appreciate it, as she enjoys being beaten up I guess. Paige grabbed Emma and spun her around, so Emma shoved her down. They tried to pass this off as Emma not seeing her and thinking it was Summer.

They really didn't tape much this week as we got the packages I mentioned earlier and now packages for the Bella Twins, Curtis Axel and Big E. Langston. We did then get a taped promo with Luke Harper, but that was to build to a match with Kassius Ohno next week. Of course, the last time they wrestled Harper won in 90 seconds.

Also next week is Alexander Rusev vs Sylvester Lefort.

CJ Parker pinned Tyler Breeze

Main event time. This rivalry turned even more personal last week when Tyler Breeze attacked CJ Parker during the commercial break and cut several of his hairs off. Parker was so mad that he ran to the ring to start the match....and started dancing.

CJ Parker is actually another in the long list of NXT baby faces that the fans don't like, while Breeze is another in the long list of NXT heels that the fans actually do. Breeze got zero offense in before the commercial break. Parker just kicked his ass on all sides of the ring. We come back from the commercial for more beating, until Parker was dumb and celebrated on the middle rope, allowing our model to power bomb him off the ropes.

Breeze got some offense in before climbing to the top ala Ric Flair and, in doing his best Flair impersonation, Parker flipped him off. Parker sat in the corner and pointed to his face, allowing Breeze to stand up, before charging in with a double leg take down. Parker won with The Third Eye....which is a palm thrust to the forehead.

After the match, Parker pulled out a pair of scissors and went to cut the hair of Tyler, as the fans chanted No! Breeze was able to get away. This seems to be building to a Hair vs Hair Match.

And that does it from here. Until next time, remember to always say your vitamins and take your prayers.

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