WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

November 4, 2013
Greenville, SC

Robert McCarron

Tonight's show is all about Big Show and Triple H. Are you ready?

CM Punk vs Luke Harper
Punk beat Harper with a leg rollup, which Punk executed after avoiding Luke's whirlwind clothesline. JBL compared Harper to Bruiser Brody during the match. This one went about ten minutes and was fine, with Cole questioning why the Wyatt's were all the sudden setting their sights on CM Punk.

After the match, Bray Wyatt, Rowan, and Luke all ganged up on Punk. Daniel Bryan, with a chair in hand, ran down the ramp to the delight of the crowd in an effort to expel the Wyatt's from the ring. Bryan and Punk cleared the ring, with Bray laughing all throughout. He seems thrilled that he has started quite the battle.

First Big Show update: A video clip of Big Show punching out HHH several weeks ago in the ring to end a Raw. Hunter gave an interview on banning Big Show for life. Hah.

WWE App Poll: Randy Orton will wrestle either Big E, Dolph Ziggler, or The Miz tonight. Fan vote. Is it possible for all three to only receive 7% of the vote?

After a break, backstage, CM Punk gave Renee Young an interview. Punk knew he'd be outgunned, but after months of dealing with Paul Heyman's goons, he is used to battling the odds. Punk said that he, luckily, is not the only one that has an issue with the Wyatts.

Michael Cole interviewed Paul Heyman via telephone. Heyman was in Europe, apparently, seeking treatment for his injuries sustained at Hell In A Cell. He has been diagnosed with a herniated C5 and C7, a nasal fracture, and is experiencing spinal and facial swelling. Sounds rough. Luckily he's well enough to talk on the phone. Heyman ended the phone interviewing, crying, abruptly.

The Ryback vs The Great Khali
Ryback won with the meat hook clothesline. This was unsurprisingly not good, and painful to watch as usual with Khali's limited mobility. This match was set up when Ryback was bullying Hornswoggle and Santino backstage. After the match, Ryback continued to try and bully Santino. He did so successfully, throwing him against the dasher boards and leaving to his music.

Another update: Big Show ran in through the crowd, attacking the Shield during their title defense against the Rhodes family, while unemployed.

Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio tapped Kofi to the cross armbreaker. Kofi was wearing some goofy looking blue and yellow tights. The word "Skills" was all over them, and his shirt, so that must be his new thing. He has skills, but obviously doesn't know how to properly use them. One of the worst misses on a tope also happened during this match, which overall was pretty weak.

Big Show lawsuit: The reasoning for Big Show's lawsuit was explained in video recap form.

The announcers played with the WWE App, showing how folks could vote for the opponent in the next match. Lawler voted for Ziggler, trying to get the vote to swing that way. That didn't work. After the break, the results were shown. Orton vs Ziggler, Big E, or Miz. Before the results were shown, Orton cut off Lawler and cut a promo on the people. He said that no matter who they vote for, they have no power. Orton said that all the women want him, and the men want to be him. So he is the male version of Sable now.

Randy Orton vs Big E Langston
Big E won the vote with 75%, but lost the match to an RKO from Orton. Fine match, with Big E getting a lot of offense on the champion. Commentary really put Big E over as a guy who is making a name for himself, and a future champion in WWE. JBL even said he was the future, pausing his big time heel character to put the new guy over. The finish saw Big E hoist Orton up for the Big Ending, but Randy escaped and snapped an RKO off for an immediate pinfall victory.

JBL's proof on why Big Show deserves to be banned: Show KO'ing Brad Maddox on Smackdown, and Big Show driving a big rig into the arena on Raw.

The Fandangos vs The Kidds
The returning Tyson Kidd & Natalya defeated Fandango & Summer Rae when Fandango tapped to the sharpshooter as applied by Tyson. Tyson and Fandango started off hot, with a lot of quick offense from Tyson. Kidd and Natalya's marriage on Total Divas was the focal point, and it looks like Natalya's days with Khali are now over.

Backstage, Renee Young asked how Damien Sandow feels being only the second person to cash in MITB and lose. Zeb Colter interrupted, and motivated Sandow for the 6-man tag match next. That 6-man will be The Real Americans & Sandow vs Cena, Goldust & Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes x 2 & Cena vs Real Americans & Sandow
Team Cena won the match in nearly 20 minutes when Goldust hit the Final Cut on Antonio Cesaro and pinned him. A usually fun 6-Man tag, continuing the comeback of John Cena. One quick thing about Sandow. This guy looks like such a generic nobody now with the plain black tights, and lack of cartwheels and singing. They tamed him so bad. But, nonetheless, he seems to be in a one sided feud with Cena now. Not one sided in the fact that Cena is whipping him in every confrontation, but the fact that Cena is more concerned (as he should be) with Del Rio. Del Rio and Cena is the program, and it makes Sandow look even more pathetic when he is acting as if he is battling Cena when Cena couldn't care less about Sandow. Sandow is no threat, and nobody to be wasting time on. Oh well. Del Rio stared off upset at the celebrating Champ after the match, and he'll get a chance to regain the World title at Survivor Series.

Another Big Show update. Well, the same update, really, about Show's lawsuit.

Backstage, a suited Big Show was entering the building. Greeting him were a bunch of nerds, including Zack Ryder. Vickie Guerrero alerted HHH that Show had entered. HHH, upset, ran into Steph, and she told Hunter that she let Big Show in. Stephanie told Hunter that the Board has directed the Authority to allow Big Show into the building. Stephanie said it isn't about them, but rather WWE, and they cannot take any risks about personal business with Big Show. Hunter demanded that Vickie go get Big Show.

He's Here To Show The World... He Still Exists.
Dolph Ziggler pinned Curtis Axel with the ZigZag in a match that seemingly went on forever but actually only lasted about five minutes. Axel kicked out of the Fameasser, countered the first ZigZag attempt, but finally struck out and took the loss. It was said to be Axel's first match without Heyman at ringside since becoming a Paul Heyman Guy.

Backstage, Renee Young asked Daniel Bryan about his anger with the Wyatts. Bryan said he took an opportunity for payback, and referenced that Punk also has an issue with the Wyatts. Another step in the direction of a tag team clash, possibly building to a Survivor Series battle.

McIntyre & Slater vs Jimmy & Jey Uso
Usos won with the splash on Heath Slater. Holy shit was Heath's tan bad tonight. He apparently forgot to tan his back, so he was half dark and half light in such a weird fashion. I'm still amazed that Drew is not only employed, but moreso that he is still stuck in this low card gimmick.

Backstage, Renee Young showed some highlights of the Matadors. Then, Torito came in running around Renee. Fernando and Diego claimed that Torito was just a little horny. Fell a tad flat, I'd say.

Tamina & Aksana & AJ vs The Bellas & Eva Marie
The Total Divas won your main event of the evening. Eva got rid of that white, full-body type gear she wore the last time she wrestled on Raw. Best part of the match was AJ hitting a move and crawling for the tag to Tamina while simultaneously shouting directly into the camera in her face that "We're going home." They did not, however, immediately go home. A minute and a half later, Eva Marie pinned Tamina with a rollup after Tamina missed a top rope splash. The Total Divas celebrated Eva Marie's first win in WWE to the chagrin of Tamina and AJ.

Backstage, Hunter and Stephanie were headed to the ring to confront Big Show.

Luke Harper vs Daniel Bryan is set for Smackdown.

Big Show's Life Ban Ends After 5 Days
Pete Rose is envious of Big Show, as Show managed to regain his WWE life after a five day life ban. HHH and Stephanie made their way to the ring first. Hunter immediately called Big Show to the ring, and he smiled his way down to the ring. According to Michael Cole, and a source of his, Hunter has been told by the Board to settle the Big Show lawsuit tonight. Stephanie asked Big Show what he wants in return for settling the lawsuit. His first request was for a broom, so that Stephanie could fly back to Connecticut. Hunter cut right to business and asked how much money Show wants. Show doesn't want money, he wants his job back (which gets you money!). He wants to prove he is the best at something. Hunter mocked him, and was about to say no when Steph stopped him. Steph gave Show his job back, which Show celebrated by chanting "Yes!" Hunter was displeased. Steph, thinking the issue was settled, tried to leave. However, Show wasn't done. Show then asked for a bonus. Not money, but rather he wanted to be the face of the WWE. Stephanie now mocked him, but she was stopped by Hunter this time.

At this mark, the Shield's music hit and they eased their way to the ring as we... went to commercial?

Back from break, all we missed was an extra long Shield entrance apparently. Big Show demanded a title match against Orton at Survivor Series. Hunter refused at first. As he should. What has Show done to deserve a title match. The booking of the WWE Championship has been quite the spectacle the past few months. Big Show started to walk, saying that tomorrow his lawyer's would contact the Board. Show got all the way up the ramp when Hunter stopped him. He calmly, and quietly, acquiesced to Show's demands and made the title match for Survivor Series. Show made Hunter speak up, prodding him along, as the title match is set for Show vs Orton at the Series.

Hunter then made a match for tonight. A match between Show and Orton, but this was at 11:06 PM. This, of course, wasn't going to happen. As Show was preparing to fight, the Shield ran in and Show was beaten up by all the bad guys as Hunter and Steph watched happily at ringside. Big Show managed to fight off the onslaught, and was about to have Orton all to himself when Kane's music hit. Kane, dressed in a suit, slowly made his way to the ring. He wasn't in a hurry to fight, and as Show was distracted by the tamed Kane, the Shield regained momentum and cut down the giant. After a flying knee from Rollins to Show, Randy hit an RKO to finish off the #1 contender to the title. Business Man Kane then tossed several chairs into the ring to a chorus of "You sold out" chants. Randy and the Shield took turns putting chairshots to Big Show. The beating really took place here, as Show was battered with steel steps and finally put out with the trio powerbomb through the announce table via the Shield. Stephanie and Hunter welcomed Show back over his prone body.

Business Man Kane is awesome.

The Good: The build for Wyatts vs Bryan & Punk took another step tonight. It's a solid non-title program for the guys to spend some time on without belittling them into matches with guys like Sandow, Truth, or other nobodies. The man program is fine. I mean, it's tough to care anymore, but Big Show seems motivated to put on a good effort so I'll wait and see. Business Man Kane.

The Not Good: Wyatt members losing already so much. The Shield didn't lose for a while, and they turned out to be a big deal. So why try that again, I guess.

The Whatever: Aaron Rodgers was knocked out of the Bears game early tonight, and Matt Flynn is available. So is Brett Favre. But Big Show ain't. He got his job back after a five day life banning. Good for him!

Next Week: We still don't know exactly what Punk & Bryan will be doing at Survivor Series, but next week we should find out. Could THE UNDERTAKER be involved? Probably not. Don't be silly. Bye~!


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