Non-Raw notes from Manchester

By Stephen Lyon

Regal was great as guest ring announcer for Barrett's dark match win over Sandow. Both Regal & Barrett got huge reactions, some of the biggest of the night, and it's utterly bizarre neither will be shown on Raw. There was a huge Bad News Barrett sign held up by multiple fans on the hard camera side.

During the Naomi & Cameron win over Alicia Fox & Aksana for Superstars, about 30 seconds into the match, there was a loud, sarcastic 'This is Awesome' chant which cracked everyone up.

The Great Khali & Usos win over Miz & Prime Time Players for Superstars was quite the match. Crowd loved the Usos & PTP, especially the Millions of Dollars dance & Titus barking. Crowd in different to Miz but shocking hostile to Khali who was heavily booed and got loud 'You can't Wrestle' chants.