WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken | @lariatrope

Airdate: November 13, 2013

WWE Main Event from Manchester, England featured a good divas title match with a disappointing weak finish but a strong post-match angle. The in-ring aspect of the main event featured some of the best of the modern WWE women’s style and the presentation of the women in a main event role with the title at stake was a first for the Main Event show. Likewise, the presentation was unique compared to how women are usually presented on WWE programming. With the success of Total Divas, women may have a much greater role on WWE television in the future.

If the divas division is portrayed in the same manner with great matches like this episode that is probably a positive in attracting a female audience in greater numbers that can identify with the characters. Along with the divas match, the show also featured a good match with a questionable outcome as Tyson Kidd lost clean to Justin Gabriel. Also, 3MB were again billed as The Union Jacks and were even put over the Prime Time Players. After a rare women’s match in the main event position, the other matches highlighted a two-match losing streak for someone who they seem to be pushing and a sudden makeover for what was by most accounts a jobber tag team. This was an odd and somewhat baffling yet entertaining program.

Natalya beat AJ Lee via disqualification after Tamina Snuka interfered in a Divas title match. The finish was the worst thing about an otherwise great divas match. The angle afterwards seems to be lead somewhere with Nattie and TJ playing off their relationship on Total Divas. Tyson Kidd appeared on-screen watching the match backstage. Ring announcer Tony Chimel did the introductions like a main event title match as he introduced the participants as they stood in the ring instead of during the entrance. That was uncharacteristic for a divas match and gave it a unique element from the beginning. Nattie showed great intensity at the start and sold very well later on. AJ is a great heel. They work very well together.

They locked up and Natalya got a headlock takeover but AJ reversed with a head scissors. Nattie escaped and used a roll up for a nearfall. AJ grabbed a headlock until Natalya reversed with a hammerlock. Nattie rolled through and flipped out of wristlock and used a suplex for another nearfall. After bouncing off the ropes, AJ got a crucifix into a sunset flip but Natalya no-sold it, picked AJ up off the mat, shouted in her face and gave her an Irish whip. Nattie charged into the corner but AJ nipped up and over her then appeared to take control. However, AJ missed a charge in the corner and Natalya gave her a spinning scoop slam. Natalya went for the sharpshooter. AJ escaped and bailed out of the ring. Natalya gave chase until Tamina stepped in to block her path. Natalya sidestepped a baseball slide from AJ and rammed her into the barricade. Back in the ring, AJ sidestepped a charge from Nattie after an Irish whip. Natalya hit a back elbow and went up to the second rope. AJ pulled her off the turnbuckles and Nattie took a flat back bump then rolled outside before a commercial.

After the break, the pace had slowed as AJ got heat on Natalya. AJ hit a leg lariat and choked Nattie on the ropes. After AJ threw Natalya through the ropes to the floor, Tamina kicked her. AJ rammed Nattie into the apron before rolling her back in the ring. AJ grounded Natalya with a sleeper until Nattie fought to her feet only to get slammed to the mat with a hair takedown. AJ skipped around the ring and Natalya got a roll up for a nearfall. AJ did a tilt-a-whirl into a DDT before stalking Natalya and attempting to apply the Black Widow submission. Natalya rolled through and escaped then made a comeback hitting a clothesline, a snap suplex and dropkick. They collided together on what appeared to be a botched spinning lariat. Natalya went for a cover and they recovered quickly. AJ kicked free from the second attempt at the sharpshooter and got a few nearfalls with a schoolgirl and an inside cradle. On the third attempt in the match, Natalya applied the sharpshooter. AJ tried to make the ropes but Natalya pulled her to the middle of the ring before Tamina ran in and hit a superkick for the disqualification. Therefore, Natalya wins via DQ but AJ retains her title.

Following the match, AJ applied the Black Widow on Natalya and the referee stepped in to drag her off. Nattie sold being distraught as AJ smirked and Tamina sneered. Tyson Kidd was shown on screen watching from backstage just before the post-match attack but he never made the save. Afterwards, a distraught Natalya approached her husband Tyson. He tried to console her as she cried and seemed upset at what she thought was her last chance.

Instead of the weekly sit-down with HHH, Michael Cole sat down with Mr. Kane for an interview. Kane said there is a monster inside everyone and for years he let his run free but he was always in control. He accepts and relishes that side of him but it was just a tool and not the only one he possesses. During the “appropriate situation”, he said the “monster will be utilized”. Kane said his methods are now more subtle and more sophisticated. He said he was evolving.

Justin Gabriel beat Tyson Kidd. The announcers (Josh Matthews and Alex Riley) put over Gabriel as a daredevil by mentioning his vast array of extreme sporting endeavors. The announcers have put over this before but it usually is followed up by him losing the match. He actually won here so all the accolades and a victory made him seem like a star. On the other hand, Tyson returned with a role on a successful reality show the company is solidly behind yet lost the fall in both of his matches since returning. That is all somewhat baffling.

The match itself was good and they did some chain wrestling at the outset. Tyson did a cool spot where he countered a hammerlock by going out to the apron then reversed into a hammerlock that tied Gabriel’s arm over the second rope. After a Greco Roman knucklelock, Tyson did a bridge then a slingshot flip off the ropes into a lucha-style armdrag. Gabriel worked more like a babyface but Tyson was not cast as a heel either. Tyson used his legs to flip Gabriel over the ropes to the floor. Gabriel reversed a whip into the steps and Tyson did a cartwheel over the step to avoid them. After a springboard clothesline off the steps, Gabriel rolled Tyson back in. Gabriel hit a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. They each got to make a comeback after being grounded. They worked a quick pace and did some great exchanges. Tyson gave Gabriel a side Russian leg sweep off the second rope and they both landed hard. Tyson crotched Gabriel on the top turnbuckle to block the 450 splash and did a hurricanrana off the top. Gabriel rolled through on the landing and got the pin.

A replay from Raw showed highlights of Antonio Cesaro dominating John Cena and Alberto Del Rio attacking Cena. Big E Langston made the save and Cena did not look much like Superman. Indeed, this was an odd show.

The Union Jacks (Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre) beat Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil). Jinder Mahal was in the corner of the Jacks and R-Truth was in the Players’ corner. McIntyre got the early advantage on Young until a roaring elbow by Young. Titus did some power moves and the Players did their double team suplex. Heath sidestepped a charge into the corner and Young crashed into the ringpost. Then, the heels got heat on Young. If you have never seen a Prime Time Players match on Main Event, it is basically a Rock ‘n’ Roll Express match in fast forward with Young in the Ricky Morton role struggling to make the hot tag to O’Neil in the Robert Gibson role. Eventually, Titus made the hot tag and ran wild. Mahal tried to interfere but Truth made the save. However, the distraction allowed the Jacks to gain the advantage. Slater hit a corkscrew splash from the apron into the ring on O’Neil for the pin.

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