More notes from 11-14 WWE Leeds, England show

WWE in Leeds, Punk/Cena Injured? Fan throws object at Cena, gets kicked out


Prime Time Players def. Hunico & Kamacho

Standard tag team match the with PTP’s playing the faces, the heels stalling and then the faces getting a hot tag, titus wins with the sit out spinebuster, lots of cheers and chants of millions of dollars, which reminds me someone in the autograph signing did the millions of dollars dance with the ptp’s but said millions of pounds lol


Ryback def. Gabriel

I was very excited to see Justin Gabriel because I really want to see a 450 splash again but the second Rybacks music hit I thought, great, squash match no 450 for me. When it turned out to be a decent match between the 2, Gabriel got quite a few hits in such us a springboard moonsault, a flurry of kicks and several crossbodies, the crowd were cheering for ryback with Goldberg and Feed me more chants. Ryback wins with the shell shock


The Bella Twins def AJ & Tamina

Lots of wolf whistling when the divas came out, seriously though who can blame them! Very loud pop for AJ and Tamina started the match, some pops for bellas, also a small we want tables chant broke out, very similar to the one on raw. A we want AJ chant broke out which AJ at first didn’t acknowledge but when she tagged in she tagged straight back out and got booed the same thing happened a couple of minutes later, very smart move by AJ. Brie bella won with the X Factor (Her finisher, similar to X-pacs finisher which was called the X factor in the videogames) after AJ ran at her off the ropes

The Great Khali def Jinder Mahal


Standard boring khali match with khali as the face, Khali won with the job, Khali actually got a big pop, what the hell.



A video package was shown about the video game and there was loud boo’s for cena and a huge woo chant for ric flair


Daniel Bryan & CM Punk def. The Wyatts

Firstly Paul heyman came out with Curtix Axel and Ryback, pandering to the crowd about his injury, he started off with “Ladies & Gentlemen” and instantly got booed, he responded by saying “You booed me for saying ladies and gentleman?! Okay then, The things that live in Leeds…” which got an even bigger boo. Very smart by heyman, some of us were confused about why Ryback came out with heyman based on what was said about ryback by heyman on raw. CM Punk chants broke out and heyman was talking about how he was scheduled to face punk but there will be no scheduled match, Punks musics hit to a very loud pop, he came out for about 10 seconds, went back in, then came out with a kendo stick which got a huge pop. He went on the mic and basically said to ryback why are you taking sides with the man who said bad things about you on raw, ryback went “STUPID” to heyman and left, punk said you have 10 seconds axel and heyman until I come in the ring and kick your ass, Punk ran in with the kendo stick and axel ran out to the back leaving heyman by himself, he got battered with the kendo stick to a load of yes chants, then the wyatts music hit to a loud pop. They came in, attacked punk then bryan came out and the tag team match was on, bray wyatt was in his rocking chair but also lay on the stage and on the steps at various points in the match when he got involved, 2 big hot tags for punk and byran but the wyatts must have stalled it for about 15 minutes, eventually chaos broke loose and bray came in the ring, was about to GTS bray but got stopped by luke, luke got hit with the bryan knees, and punk hit the gts on eric for the win for a huge pop, although punk stayed on the ground on his knees after the pin with his head on the floor, the ref attended to him and bryan also got down and checked on punk, seemed like a small injury but he seemed okay walking back, but he did leave the stage about 2 minutes before bryan while bryan was high fiving everyone


15 minute break


The Uso’s def. 3MB (Drew + Heath)

Once again a standard tag team match, with heath playing around to the crowd doing his 3mb taunt and one of the usos did it back to him haha, Usos won after a super kick and a double samoan slam, loud chants for the “U-SO” thing.


Curtis Axel def. R Truth (Intercontinental Championship Match)

R truth came out to some heavy cheers, although when he chanted “What’s up” a few people on my row as well as myself were chanting you suck, back and forth action with axel stalling at the start, axel wins with exposed turnbuckle and his finisher, not sure of the name


John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Championship) CENA INJURY?!

Del rio came out to heavy cheers by the people I went with haha, Cena came out to heavy boo’s standard lets go cena, cena sucks. 35/65 I would say for the chants, slow start. (Ps what I am about to say was gathered after the show after speaking to the people dressed as wyatts) Cena was getting heckled by 3 people dressed as the wyatts, cena went out of the ring, went to their side of the ring as they were chanting cena killed wrestling, cena told them what moves do you want me to do then, they replied anything but your shoulder tackle haha, cena went back in and wrestled. Early on cena irish whipped del rio to the corner and seemed to injury his ankle, seemed like the Achilles heel. I have seen 1000’s of matches and cena kept rolling out of the ring, del rio was stalling for time by pandering to the fans and actually acknowledging the fans that cheered him, del rio attacked the leg (rarely went for the ankle) targeted the shin though, cena tried a very quick AA about 5 mins in the match (post AA, I am assuming he wanted the match to end early and be treated) but del rio countered, cena tried 5 moves of doom but fell after running to do the shoulder block. Cena rolled in the corner and the ref called the X and the doctor came in, del rio grabbed the world title and went on the turnbuckle with it. This looked like a very legit injury to me, the match continued for about 10 minutes with cena even going to the top rope and doing some signature moves but was keeping weight off the ankle, one attempt at the AA seemed to be aborted as his ankle gave way. Cena won with the AA after many counters (TYPICAL, del rio should have had the world title as the ref called the x, even though it was a house show lol) Anyways one of the wyatt guys threw his hat at cena which came near him and he got kicked by security for it, cena picked it up then got a mic and cut a promo, “do people see this hat, what I see is the wyatt family, then he started naming people dressed up in the crowd, the goldust guy, IRS, superman etc and about how enthusiastic and passionate we all were etc” very good promo, seemed to have everyone pro cena by the end of it, he walked out fine after though, one guy who was there I tweeted and he believes cena is fine, well I’m 90% sure it was a legit injury or else cena has outschooled ziggler in selling by a mile which is near impossible.


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