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Thumbs: Leaning down, if free. Way down, if you paid.
Best match: Punk/Bryan vs. Wyatts
Worst match: Divas tag

Survivor Series would have been an enjoyable RAW. Not nearly as good as the NJPW show earlier in the day. The Chaos 10-man tag was a lot of fun, and it was clear during the main event that the crowd paid to see Nakamura. Looking forward to Day 3 in a couple hours, RAW not so much.

-- name withheld, parts unknown

Very sore after going into the city on a brutally cold night, but It was a fun show to attend live. No doubt, better than watching on television. The crowd was great. A very different vibe than the late '90s - which is the last time I attended any wrestling live - with more kids and families. A bit more tame, I suppose, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. The building was full, and people were excited to be there. WWE is very fortunate to have the loyal audience that they do, with so many fewer people watching now than 12 - 15 years ago. The elimination match was the match of the night, and a good way to kick things off. Reigns got a big pop for his victory, and Cesaro spinning both of the Usos was a hit. The Usos are definitely over. Goldust may be a better wrestler now than ever, amazingly enough, and he was very over. Big E's post-match interview was a bit awkward, but he still got a reasonably good reaction. Curtis Axel was probably the only performer who didn't get any sort of reaction either way. Mark Henry's return was somewhat tepidly received, but they still pulled for him against Ryback. Nearly every babyface, in fact, was received warmly. Eva Marie was the only obvious exception, and of course the crowd was split for Cena just as every crowd everywhere is. The team of Punk & Bryan were the most over, by far, and Cena had eventually everyone on his side while hamming it up during the closing angle, which apparently was not on the broadcast. Big Show was cheered, but there were a lot of 'Daniel Bryan' chants during the main event, and it was clear that even this friendly crowd really didn't want to see Show in this spot. The only time I heard a considerable 'boring' chant was during the main event, but that only lasted a few seconds. Again, this was a very respectful audience who wasn't there to hate on the product or over-analyze anything, and this was a much better show & experience than the Survivor Series I went to exactly twenty years ago - also in Boston. Just seeing, up close, the production of a live event these days is something to marvel at. 
C. Swallow

Hi Dave,
Thumbs down for the show. The building tonight wasn't quite sold out, but it was pretty close, maybe 90% capacity. The show itself was pretty bad, and although the crowd started out hot for the first couple of matches, as the show dragged on it seemed to become subdued. Everyone popped for the usual guys like Punk, Cena, and Bryan, also the Wyatt Family was surprisingly over, and even Albert Del Rio seemed to be getting a better babyface reaction than he would get when he was actually a babyface. Big E Langston didn't really get much of a reaction, no one cared much for him or his match. The Divas match was awful, and pretty much killed the crowd from that point on. The main event was groan inducing on several fronts, between the fact that the match itself was lousy, the nonsense finish with Triple H, and Cena coming out at the end. The Cena / Orton showdown got a surprising tepid reaction, even though it's been a few years since they've worked a program, I think the crowd is largely sick of that pairing, it's been done to death, and I think it's a weak main event if that's what they're going with. 
-Geoffrey Gillott

Thumbs down! Weak PPV, especially for one of the "big 4"; although SS hasn't been important for years. Not a letdown, because I knew this was going to be weak, but below of what I was expecting. Nothing was special. The only positive is that they didn't change any of the titles just for the sake of doing it.

Best Match: Bryan & Punk vs. Wyatts
. The 5-man tag match wasn't far behind.

Worst Match: Henry vs. Ryback
. Divas and Henry vs. Ryback weren't any better but at least they got some kind of reaction.

1. The Miz vs. Koffi Kingston. Average match, but Miz is beyond boring. *1/2
2. The Shield & Real American vs. Mysterio, Cody, Goldust & Usos. Very good one. Hope they book Reigns carefully, otherwise people will start to sense that they are pushing him down their throat. ***1/2
3. Langston vs. Axel. Not real bad, but absolutely nobody cared. Kind of sad for Axel. He is a good talent but has no charisma, and that name doesn't do him any favors. Big E promo was lame, but maybe by design. 1/2*  
4. Total Divas vs. Divas. A TOTAL waist of time, but somehow they manage to get a reaction at the end. Cole blew the commentary even in this simple match. *
5. Henry vs. Ryback. Another waist of time. Henry looks like a cool dude with his new haircut. 1/4*
6. Cena vs. ADR. They stared slow, but turned it by the end. **3/4
7. Punk & Bryan vs. Wyatts. The face team totally carried this match to be a very good one. What's the point for the Wyatts? They lose all the "important" matches. Apparently Bray Wyatt is in competition with Ultimate Warrior on who has the most weird/nonsense promo of all time. He talks and talks but never said anything! ***3/4
8. Orton vs. Show. I wasn't expecting this to be a good match, but was thinking of a mayor angle to compensate for that. It didn't happen. Just a weak main event, and then it was done. Cena at the end was a good tease for a turn; but that's something that isn't going to happen (unless they get so desperate for Mania that they don't have anything but a heel turn for him). **

Leonardo II Mendez
San Sebastian, PR

Survivor Series: Thumbs Down
Best Match: Traditional Elimination Match
Worst Match: Divas Elimination Match
The first thing they should do is not call this Survivor Series anymore cause it doesn't resemble that event and hasn't in a very long time.  It was weird at the start as the pre-show started at 4pm and they just kept re-running a short All Axxess Pass show with Josh Matthews for the half hour.  Then came the regular kick off show.  It was nice to see Bret, Foley, and Booker. In fact that might have been the most amusing thing the whole night.  Miz vs. Kofi was a good start.  They had a good match and Miz won as expected.  Not sure about Miz playing a tweener though instead of a full heel.  Maybe Kofi is turning.  It was a bad omen that the traditional elimination match started the show, because there was almost nothing to look forward to for the rest of it.  Roman Reigns is the big winner and I had a feeling he would start crushing people.  A good match, but still not as good as it could have been.  They certainly could have given it more time considering what the rest of the show was filled with.  Langston over Axel for the title was like watching Raw.  I hope Langston doesn't end up like everyone that has gotten the I-C as of late.  The Divas tag match was bad.  I mean it was just one move and elimination over and over.  It didn't flow or have a story of any kind.  They blew the end too by forgetting that Nikki was still in the match.  Cole finally brought it up much later in the show.  Ryback shows up to make a challenge.  Thankfully it wasn't Khali.  It's Mark Henry.  Henry wins.  John Cena retains over Del Rio.  Easy to figure that would be the result.  Cena needs a new opponent.  Bryan and Punk vs. Harper and Rowan was good, but still seems like a waste of time for Bryan and Punk to be in this spot.  They are way more over then the guys working on top.  The Beard and the Best are victorious.  Yes!  Lame main event with Randy Orton getting a win off a distraction.  Hope Big Show gets moved out of the title hunt.  Guess Orton vs. Cena is happening.  Hope they finish the year with a better ppv, because it's been going downhill for a while.  Won't hurt as much if the network gets going and I have to pay $15 instead of $50 every month. 
Robb Block

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