WWE NXT TV Report: Sami Zayn vs. Leo Kruger, Ascension, more

By Emerson Witner

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NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension defeated Hunico & Camacho

Hunico and Camacho are here with their first ever title shot, if you can believe that. Sin Cara has unmasked for the championship match today. Maybe they are using the NWA masks rule that prevented the Midnight Rider from becoming NWA Champion. It wasn't until five minutes into the show that I realized William Regal was on commentary this week, as Tom Phillips and Alex Riley wouldn't shut up.

Victor got the heat on Hunico with a version of the Daniel Bryan running knee, but that could only keep Hunico down for a 2 count. Go figure. I had to laugh because Ascension kept Hunico very close to his own corner for most of the heat. It looked like someone in the front row is not a big fan of Ascension as he stood with his back to the ring for a minute until the people in the other rows told him to sit down.

Alex made comment that most of the teams that Ascension have wrestled have broken up. Keep in mind that most of the teams they have faced were local jobbers. Finally Hunico made the hot tag to Camacho, who ran wild on Conor. Are we about to see new World Tag Team Champions Of The World Of Orlando? Camacho went for a running butt to the corner, but Conor moved and dropped him with a Full Nelson Slam.

Camacho went for the tag, but Victor pulled him off the apron and the champions retained their titles with the Fall Of Man.

A WWEShop.com commercial aired where some dick named Joey wrote an email to Santa. If I was Santa, that kid wouldn't even get coal.

In a Loser Will Eventually Leave WWE Match, Alexander Rusev submitted Kassius Ohno

Hey, it's Kassius Ohno. He just won't leave the company will he? The funny thing is the person in the front row who turned his back on Ascension held up a sign that said “Fire this person”. I think they were referring to Rusev, but it is a funny coincidence. Anyway, the Kassius Ohno Farewell Tour continued with a squash match, as Rusev just kicked his ass all over the ring. Ohno's offense included a punch, an attempted school boy and a small package, but Rusev made him tap with the Accolade. Rusev kept him locked on and refused to break until Lana finally got on the apron and ordered him to let go.

Backstage, Natalya was walking around in her gear when she walked into Bayley. Bayley is nervous about her match tonight. Natalya apparently is Bayley's partner for the tag tam match they set up two weeks ago.

SPEAKing of Natalya, this Sunday she drunk dials Stephanie McMahon.

Last week Antonio Cesaro roughed up Byron Saxton in an effort to bring Mr. Regal out, who wasn't there last week. William said if Antonio has a problem with him to not take it out on Byron.

The BFF's defeated Natalya & Bayley

Bayley is still hugging Natalya as they walked to the ring. She let go long enough to get in the ring. Bayley wants to wrestle Charlotte, so here we are with Sasha and Summer as the opponents. The BFFs got the heat on Bayley, which led to a really screwy spot where Summer went for an X-Factor, but Bayley face planted her self without any help. Nattie got a hot tag and hit my love with a Michinoku Driver and a Discus Clothesline before trying to slap on the Sharpshooter, but Summer knocked her off. Sasha pinned Bayley (who tagged herself in) with a neck breaker called Bankrupt.

Leo Kruger is backstage saying he wants to be a Real American and will hurt Sami Zayn.

Mojo Rawley pinned Scott Dawson (w/Sylvester Lefort)

Now that there is now more French Legionnaire, Scott Dawson is Sylvester's money maker. This was the longest match of Mojo's career so far. He needs to learn how to sell as he literally just stops selling in order to do his comeback. Mojo with the Rear View and the Earthquake Splash for the win. After the match, Dawson laid out Mojo. This feud will continue.

Next week on NXT's 200th episode:
  • Ascension in an open challenge.
  • NXT Champion Bo Dallas vs Adrian Neville in a Lumberjack Match
  • HHH is there
Leo Kruger pinned Sami Zayn

Main event time. One fall with a six minute time limit. Sami pulled a Brock Lesnar and took down Leo in the first five seconds of the match. Leo got up and pulled an Arn Anderson by hitting a vicious spine buster. William forgot who he was announcing with, as he called Tom “Tony”, who quit two months ago. Leo took over for several minutes before he decided to start chopping Sami. Sami replied with several chops of his own, but Kruger picked up the surprise clean win with The Slice after pulling him off the top rope. After the match, Leo went for another Slice, but Sami ducked and sent Leo flying out of the ring, before diving out of the ring at Kruger.

Welp, that does it for the 199th episode of NXT. Not mentioned is Bo Dallas reaches 182 days as champion. Next week we will be at day 189, but will we live to see day 190?

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