Feedback to TLC show

Thumbs down for me.

For me, this whole pay-per-view could have been so much better with just a little bit of thought from the creative folks.
I liked the video package they opened with. Would have been more powerful feeling to the night if they had all the former living champions who have held the belt sitting at ringside. Having Harley Race, Flair, Bruno, Hogan and others sitting in the front row would have given this program a big event feel.
Instead we got.....

The Authority promo. I was watching the event with my buddy Chris The Historian whose scholarly knowledge of wrestling history could be the subject of collage level courses. He pointed out that the history they were painting wasn't quite what it really was regarding Thez and Rodgers. Further, since Jericho unified both titles, the storied linage of the world title they were touting thus began when Bischoff gave it to HHH on Raw one night.

CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins: I never was very invested in the program to begin with. This wasn't like I was watching Dusty vs. The Horsemen. It seemed like they just wanted something for Punk to do and someone floated the idea of him working with the Shield. To his credit, he made the match work. Hopefully they move him along to the proposed Orton program. If they wanted to turn Reins, this is the time to start it. I'm hoping for a nice, long Bautista like breakaway leading to Mania. I expect creative to botch that and tomorrow night he'll be a full fledged face.

A.J Lee vs. Natalya: A pretty good match. AJ is very rapidly approaching the conversation of best modern era female worker in my book. I think they really have something with her. Want an example of what I mean? The average small package is sloppy and barely believable. She synched that puppy in snug and believable.

Big E. Langston vs. Damien Sandow: I couldn't get into this match up for 2 reasons: 1) Questionable booking of Sandow devalued the character. 2) Big E is continuing the recent tradition of forgettable IC champions. (Barrett, Kofi, Axle, etc, etc...) Bret and Bulldog headlined Wembly Stadium with an IC match. We're light years away from those caliber champions. I would have liked to see this really turn nasty with Sandow getting DQ'd heinously battering Big E to give us a reason to actually want to see a rematch. Instead I yawned. Twice.
Somewhere in here, Kane punches a wrestling buddy doll. If you are going to play Kane's music and want to keep him in his suit and tie role.....why not have him in a black and red suit? Instead he wears purple and blue. Its the little things that add a lot.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Rey Mysterio & Big Show vs. Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger: Great to see Big Show here in a battle of people that creative doesn't know how to book properly-  fresh of months of humiliation, loosing his house, crying every week, suffering through Steph's insinuation that he just doesn't measure up in the sack - battling in a throwaway match on a PPV without any acknowledgement of the damned angle we had to suffer through every Monday for weeks. Thankfully the SENSATIONAL Golddust was in this match! He has never looked better! I vote the SENSATIONAL Golddust MVP of the whole PPV!

Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth: Glad this match was on the card so I could take a bathroom break.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz: Here's another throw away match that generates no buys. Must See Miz has been so killed as a character that Ted Debiase Jr would draw a better crowd reaction and Kofi never really took off more then a solid midcard attraction. To generate this feud right in the middle of the show just screamed FILLER to me. iT must havs screamed filler to the folks next to me in the restaurant as they were watching TV on their telephone rather then watching this match.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: this match is a classic example of what I think is absurd in the WWE recently: yet another Daniel Bryan loss. I'm at a complete loss that creative's best idea for this character is to have him either lose every week or get a beat down. How did that gameplan work for MVP? You mean to tell me that they couldn't have him pin Eric Rowan? Its a perfect waste of a good character at a time when their depth is as thin as it ever has been. The endings of all Byran matches have become so predictable that I loose interest.  At least I enjoyed Wyatt and his ultra creepy spider walk.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena: So we get video package after video package of the proud tradition of the title belts....and in honor of that tradition, instead of a Flair Steamboat classic, creative decides the best thing to do to honor the 'importance' of the event is just hang em on a rope and see who gets 'em. Can you imagine Thez and Rodgers in a TLC Match to 'unify' their titles? Me neither. The match in and of itself was ok. They need to tighten up a couple spots for more impact though. First, when Orton cleared the Spanish announce table and then attempted a punt - you KNEW he was going through the table. Why not have him clear the table, pick up Cena, look at the crowd and then shake his head no and instead line up for the punt. That makes me feel the punt is DEVISTATING and he wants to kill Cena versus thinking Orton is just setting up Cena's next spot. And if its a ladder match for the titles, why is Orton constantly tossing out the ladder? The psychology is skewed. The little things are no longer paid attention to.
Just my 2 cents.
Big John Kutz

Thumbs in the middle
Best Match: 4-Way Tag
Worst Match: There wasn't a horrible match from what I saw, but if I had to choose I'd say Miz vs Kofi (I fast forwarded)
Punk vs Shield: Thought they could have gone a bit longer or had a more fast paced match. Wasn't really feeling this one. Really bummed of the idea Shield could be breaking up soon :( **1/2
AJ vs Natalya: Absoloutely loved these 6 Minutes. I want this to continue. *** (Going by Divas standarts)
Big E vs Sandow: Didn't care at all. :( IC Title. Love Big E though, want to see him wrestle bigger stars. **1/4
Fatal Four Way Tag: Loved this. Especially the last couple of minutes of Cody/Rey awesome reversals, dramatic nearfalls. Felt weird having 2 babyface teams at the end but whatever. ***1/2
R-Truth vs Brodus: Fast forward.
Kofi vs Miz: Fast forward
Wyatts vs Bryan: Bray Wyatt is really getting into a groove and plays the creepy character to a T. Absoloutely wouldn't complain if he wins Rumble, goes on to win Undisputed title. And I don't think he should loose for like 12 months atleast (LOL). Also Harper is really awesome in the ring best big man I've seen in a while. ***1/4
Orton vs Cena: This was good and all, but the problem I just didn't give a shit. Was hoping the fans start chanting for Bryan or something but didn't happen :( Glad Orton won as Cena absoloutely didn't need this one. I also don't really get why Cena is allways in the title picture, he's gonna be over regardless in my opinion. Pisses me off. I also bet Cena's gonna come out tonight and no-sell this at all so whatever ***1/4
Sorry for my English, it's not everyones first language you know :)

Klaidis Tutka

Hello Dave
Thumbs up for WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. 
Worst Match:  Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango
Best Match: Even though I rather enjoyed Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family, I would have to say John Cena vs. Randy Orton was the best match of the night.  
For me to say that a John Cena match was the best, as Les Thatcher would say, I must be smoking some pretty good stuff, because I never would have thought that match would have been good.  But it was rather enjoyable and we had no interference.  
I don't know if this had any effect, but I am very happy Micheal Hayes came back!  Hopefully we get a rather fun Raw tonight as well.
Thomas McElroy, Illinois

TLC 2013
For the first time since the 90's im watching a December PPV. Im not against the Cena-Orton rivalry at all but given how it was thrown together and how ugly WWE has been the past 4 months I understand people being turned off.
4 Way tag :
 tuned in mid way and this was fun. Nothing off the charts but trying to throw all these guys on the card worked for what it was. When the inevitable Cody vs Goldust feud happens I hope they turn on the crazy Goldust as much as possible given the PG era.
Big Show seems to have picked up ALOT of weight in the past month or so. Rey and Big Show together should be something they play up together from now till one is completely retired or out of the company, they can complement each other well as a tag team. Just don't give us a feud between them any time soon.
*** **** last five minutes.
Miz vs Kofi
Ugh. A RAW match. I actually hope they keep the feud between them going for months or put Sandow with Miz and find a friend for Kofi.
Daniel Bryan vs Wyatt Clan
Started slow. Almost bad slow. Got better. Well then it ended.
I hope the Bray Wyatt spider walk makes the DONT TRY THIS AT HOME spot in the future.
Foley said Way Bryatt. I hope he did that on purpose.
Here we go undisputed title match. And it begins with a HHH voice over for what that's worth.
Orton v Cena XXXIV
The chairs to the back is the most overdone thing of the past 4 years. I understand the PG idea and accept it. But if you wrote for the TV show F Troop would you try to write an episode and make it out to Full Metal Jacket ?
Not bad at all but not great.
Sam Adams
Thumbs in the middle.
WWE TLC: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Tag Team Championship
Worst Match: Truth vs. Clay
The Kick off show match was so rushed and Ziggler is just getting beyond buried.  It's not like they don't have time on the pre-show to have a longer match.  Punk vs. Shield was a good solid opener.  Had a feeling some Shield miscommunication would come into play allowing Punk to pick up the win.  Divas title match was far better than almost any Divas match in a very long time.  This was solid.  AJ retains again.  Can't believe that Natalya loses so often.  Although she's in a better spot then her husband that's for sure.  Big E vs. Sandow was average.  Kind of what I expected.  Big E retains.  Sandow needs to be in a better spot.  Elimination tag match was very good.  Goldust just amazes me each and every time he performs.  He's just really good and fun to watch.  I like that there is some emphasis on tag team wrestling.  Hope the Rhodes brothers retain for a long time, although the inevitable split is likely at some point.  I rather see them as a team then feuding with each other.  Brodus vs. Truth is something nobody wants to see.  I don't even want to see it on free TV.  Brodus losing is pointless.  The Miz vs. Kofi was fine and at least Kingston finally got a win, but nobody cares about these guys and Miz especially is neither here nor there.  Daniel Bryan vs. Wyatts was good.  Bryan puts up a good fight, but I figured there was no way both handicap matches would end the same.  Not sure what they are doing with Bryan next.  WWE Unification TLC match was a solid match.  Thought they would have had some outside interference of some kind, but it was pretty straight forward.  Orton wins and the Authority still has their Champion.  I guess that means maybe Punk wins the Rumble?  Overall a much better show than the past several months. 
Robb Block

Thumbs in the Middle: Average show all the way! This had 4 good matches, 4 bad matches and 1 average match. Crowd was hot at the start but then progressively lost heat. They commit a terrible mistake by putting two "bonus" matches back to back that late into the show. I hate a PPV full of video packages, but I rather see those than these crappy filler matches.

Best Match: 4-Way Tag
. Very good match, but lacked something to be special.

Worst Match: R-Truth vs. Clay
. A complete waste of time! The Bad News Barret would have been better than this.


1. Fandango vs. Ziggler. Nothing of note. *

2. Punk vs. Shield. Good given the match type. The Shield's break up is pretty much official. Personally I think is a mistake. The group is one of the better acts they have right now, and can easily stay in the heel side for a while. Then, they can be turn as a group and have a run. Then, when the split comes it will be more meaningful and natural. I'm talking about like two more years. That's more time to really know if they can go on their own, specially Reigns who is obviously green. He is good at his spots but I don't think he can carry a match on his own. Worst, they want him to be a babyface and in WWE the only way a new face gets over is by being a great promo (Punk) or a great worker (Bryan); and he isn't one of those... yet. But they are so desperate, that they will rush him to the top, people will see that they are shoving him down their throats and turn on him, and then he will be just another flavor of the month. ***1/4

3. AJ vs. Natalya. One of the best Divas match of 2013. With more time this could have been even better. ***

4. Big E vs. Sandow. Dead crowd. Everyone knew Sandow had no chance. Don't know what they see in Big E, other than him being a friend of Mr. Cena. *

5. Rhodes Bro. vs. Show & Mysterio vs. Real Americans vs. Axel & Ryback. The best thing on the show. With the Usos this could have been great. ***3/4

6. R-Truth vs. Brodus Clay. DUD

7. Kingston vs. Miz. Not bad, but the crowd was dead. What was the point of this being a No DQ? *

8. Wyatts vs. Bryan. Just average. They are wasting Bryan's talent with this feud. Harper is really good, the other two are not. **3/4

9. Orton vs. Cena. Another typical Orton match; flat to the bone. They went long and slow. Even with all the promotion around it, the crowd was so so. Think the titles were hanging at an all time low; must be the Randy body protection system. The last 6 months proved what I always thought, that Randy Orton is just overrated. He is good at all, but great at nothing. In other words, a B+ player. How ironic! ***1/4

I think WWE is confusing Jericho with Benoit, because they are pretending that Jericho's Unification match and reign never occurred. Maybe it is because they are both Chris. Also, if that period never happened, then they had to take away a title reign from HHH, Hogan, Undertaker, Rock and Lesnar. In fact, Lesnar can't longer claim that he is the youngest WWE champion in history, because he never won the Unified Championship at the 2002 SummerSlam.

Leonardo II Mendez
San Sebastian, PR

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