WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

December 16, 2013
Dallas, TX

Rob McCarron

There's a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and his name is Randall K. Orton. Tonight's episode of Raw began with a video package giving us a glimpse into the events of last night.

Randy Orton Coronation
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, in the ring while most of the WWE Superstars were on the stage standing idle, introduced the new unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Randy Orton. Orton did indeed come to the ring with both championship belts, and boy, did he sure take his time doing so. Orton stopped to pose at the top of the ramp, right in front of Daniel Bryan and John Cena, before walking down. Randy first spoke about being the most powerful person in the ring because he is the champion, although Hunter and Steph were still in the ring. Eventually, John Cena ruined his moment by cutting a promo about Orton needing to put up or shut up. Orton thought Cena was begging for a rematch, but in fact, Cena suggested Daniel Bryan challenge Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd was behind it, Cena was behind it, and certainly Bryan was behind it. Orton said he didn't have to listen to these people or anyone, but Stephanie interrupted and said, "Except...us." Stephanie and HHH consulted as the crowd chanted "YES!" HHH and Stephanie said that while Daniel Bryan doesn't deserve a championship match, he will get one because the WWE Universe has demanded it. Plus, it will give Orton a chance to silence his critics... again. So there we have our main event, Bryan vs Orton for the WWEWHC.

MysteriShow vs Rhodes Bros
Big Show & Rey Mysterio defeated the tag team champion Rhodes Brothers. Mysterio pinned Goldust after the dropping of the dime or whatever it is called. That was set up by Big Show knocking out Goldust with the WMD, and dumping Cody Rhodes which disallowed him to make any type of save. Cody and Rey followed the Code of Honor and shook hands before the match began, so that was cute. Even cuter, Rey & Show helped the Rhodes brothers up to their feet after the match.

WWE App Poll: Who should CM Punk team up with against the Shield tonight? Choices were the Usos, Los Matadores, the Primetime Players, or AJ Lee & Michelle Beadle.

Next week will be a themed Raw: The Battle for Christmas. The teaser showed Damien Sandow as Bad Santa, and Mark Henry as Good Santa. So presumably they will have some time of match.

#BadNewsBarrett returned, and he returned with a gavel. The bad news: No one will win the lottery.

Backstage, Randy Orton yelled at the Authority for putting him in this title match tonight. Stephanie tried to cheer Orton up telling him that Bryan is hurting after getting beaten by the Wyatts last night, and tonight is his chance to finally put Bryan down.

Dolph Ziggler vs FANDANGO
Dolph won with a schoolboy, which countered a Fandango knee lift. Nothing match. Cole sold it as a big win for Dolph. Remember when a big win for Dolph was... winning the world title? Now a big win is beating f'n Fandango. Oh well, at least he won a match finally. Both of these guys should be far bigger than they are right now.

Mark Henry & Big E vs Real Americans
Oddly excited for this match. Thems a lot of big men in that there ring. It is what one would expect. A big man match, with the focus being the strength of each team. They really put over the depth of the tag team division during commentary. Big E pinned Cesaro with the Big Ending. Cesaro tried his giant swing on Mark Henry, but Henry had tagged out and Big E bullrushed Cesaro leading to the finish.

The Battle for Christmas: AJ Lee is going to be a Bad Elf to Damien Sandow's Bad Santa next week. Sandow told a little girl that Christmas is canceled.

"Brodus got mad because I can do Brodus better than Brodus can do Brodus." - Xavier Woods

Brodus Clay & Tensai vs Curtis Axel & The Ryback
Ryback pinned Sweet T after the shellshock. Brodus Clay refused to tag in when T was in trouble. After suffering the loss, Brodus Clay did his running splash onto Tensai to complete the breakup. Cameron and Naomi were appalled. Truth & Xavier, on commentary for the match, cleared Brodus from the ring to help the fallen Tensai. Clay told all three that they were a bunch of haters, and that he was a main event player. LOL.

After Clay retreated to the entrance stage, Truth and Xavier hit on the Funkadactyls, and the four all danced in the ring. It looks as if Xavier has completed the theft of Clay's gimmick.

CM Punk Calls Out Triple H
CM Punk came out to celebrate his win over the Shield by calling out Triple H, who Punk claims has been trying to sweep him under the rug. Instead of getting HHH, he got Shawn Michaels. Before HBK could speak, Punk cut him off and mocked Triple H for being controlled by his wife. HBK started to speak, and heeled on the crowd a bit. HBK told Punk to get over his obsession with the Authority. Punk responded by saying he is giving HBK a pass for the kick last week, but if it happens again, Punk will kick back. HBK said the kick pained him, but what he is about to do will pain him even more. What he did was... introduce the Shield.

Odd use of an HBK appearance.

CM Punk & The Usos vs The Shield
Roman Reigns had a bit of a black eye stemming from the match last night. He has also added, or at least it is the first I've noticed him use it, a Superman Punch to his moveset. Pretty basic tag match in the beginning, but once CM Punk got the hot tag late it was a pretty crazy match. Punk went for the GTS on a bleeding Dean Ambrose, but as soon as he hit it he got speared by Roman Reigns. Reigns pinned Punk there to earn the revenge win for the Shield.

WWE 2K14 Poll: Which WWE Superstar would be getting coal in their stocking.
AJ Lee: 27%
Brock Lesnar: 25%
Stephanie McMahon: 30%
The Ryback: The 18%

Bray Wyatt, on the Tron, is on a war to bring down the machine. He says Daniel Bryan is a coward. He was telling all of this to "Abigail," whom he and the Family were all looking down towards. Abigail turned out to be Bray's rocking chair.

Remember when Scott Armstrong came back that one night, only to never be seen again... again?  Fun times.

Let's Light It Up!
AJ Lee pinned Nikki Bella with a running knee as Nikki was down, hurt from a superkick from Tamina. Nothing mattered in this match until the finish, which was actually pretty awesome. Nikki was a house of fire, but she was cut down by a suoerkick while holding AJ in a torture rack. The superkick from Tamina allowed AJ to regroup and land the finishing knee.

The Battle for Christmas: Mark Henry, as Good Santa, says this will be the merriest Christmas of them all.

Backstage, Renee Young congratulated Randy Orton on his win last night. Orton was upset, saying he was congratulated by having to face an undeserving troll tonight. He was furious at everyone. Orton was awesome here. He's really great.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan is set for Smackdown.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton
Randy Orton was DQ'd for giving Daniel Bryan a nutshot after 25 minutes of what was a pretty hot match. The crowd was really into this as it went on, and Daniel Bryan fed off it. Bryan was about to deliver his kick to Orton's head when Randy ducked and went below the belt for the easy way out. Another fuck finish in a Bryan-Orton match. Who should have expected different?

Afterwards, John Cena ran in to clear Orton out. He did so, but when John went to check on Bryan, Orton slithered back in and hit an RKO. Orton posed over both downed opponents, raising up both belts as the show went off the air. JBL called this all an "incredible finish." Well, he's right. Orton rules, and the geek Daniel Bryan may have finally been disposed of. Or, we may get a Bryan vs Orton payoff at Royal Rumble, clearing Bryan out of the way for the road to WrestleMania.

Next week - The Battle for Christmas~!

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