WWE house show report 1-19 Columbus, OH

By Gary Graham

1.Prime Time Players beat Ryback and Curtis Axel. Ohio State football coach Urban Mayer was in the front row and before the match Titus O'Neill greeted him( Mayer coached Titus' in his Florida college football days). Ryback was pretty over as a face. Ok match ending with Titus pinning Axel with Clash of the Titus.
2. Alicia Fox beat Aksana. Before the match they did a fans vote whether this should be a wrestling match or dance off. Wrestling match won. Fox seems to have improved a lot but Aksana was horrible. Does she have secrets or how does she keep her job? Fox won with a Northern Lights suplex.
3. Xavier Woods beat Brodus Clay in about 3 minutes. Next.
4.Cody Rhodes/Goldust beat The Real Americans when Cody pinned Swagger with Cross Rhodes. Terrific match with lots of near falls and great action by all 4. Cesaro did a 12 rep swing on Goldie. Swagger kept calling Goldust 'Oldust." Zeb was there in a wheelchair selling the Big Show KO punch and insulting Mayers' team by mentioning their recent losses to get heat. It worked.
5. Brad Maddox came out to bring out Kane who was to face Big Show(who was moved to the Punk team shows to replace Bryan) and told Kane he was now facing Luke Harper and Erik Rowan. NBOBODY cared about 3 heels wrestling reach other and the match was horrible. Do Harper and Rowan know any wrestling moves at all? And Kane was awful here too. He seemed blown up 2 minutes in. Harper and Rowan won with the discus lariat by Harper.
6. Alberto Del Rio beat Sin Cara by cross armbreaker submission. Good  match. Good pace and mostly all action. ADR tried to unmask Cara when they were onj the turnbuckles and I think he overdid it as the mask came completely off and Del Rio quickly put it back on Cara's head. Whoops.
7. John  Cena beat Randy Orton by low blow dq in a WWE World Title match.  Great match. They've worked w/ each other so often the chemistry between them is awesome. Say what you may about Orton,but his aura and presence is so great live. And he can make a match just by his facials expressions alone. He makes you think he really is nuts.  The fans were about 90% pro Cena with lots of kids in attendance. Orton got lots of heel heat.Each guy kicked out of each others finishers and after the match Orton made su=re to tell Justin Roberts to announce he's still the WWE World Champ and then Orton went for a punt that Cena moved from and sent the crowd home happy by giving Orton an AA.

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