WWE Royal Rumble live coverage from Pittsburgh

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The odds still haven't failed as the Outlaws won the title for the first time since 1999.  Billy Gunn saved Road Dogg after a crossroads by Cody.  Rhodes hit the disaster kick on Road Dogg, but didn't see the tag to Gunn and Gunn used a famouser on Cody for the pin.  Solid for the time they were given.

In the picks, Ric Flair picked Batista to win. Usually that means the guy they pick isn't going to win because they don't like to make it obvious.  Plus Daniel Bryan is opening the show.  If he loses the match, that would make him a real favorite.


Great match.  Bryan did a tope onto Luke Harper early and Erick Rowan went aftrer him.   The ref booted Harper & Rowan out.  Wyatt told them they could leave.  They went back-and-forth.  A cool spot was Wyatt going for Sister Abigail but Bryan schoolboyed out of it.  Bryan went for the Yes lock but Wyatt bit his hand to break it. The finish saw Bryan go for a tope but Wyatt caught him on the floor and gave him a Sister Abigail into the barricade.  Wyatt threw him in the ring and gave him a Sister Abigail clean in the ring to get the pin.  Wyatt bloodied his mouth.  Shawn Michaels put over Daniel Bryan huge after the match which is funny given they just came off the angle.

Renee Young with Paul Heyman.  He said Brock Lesnar was going to challenge the winner of John Cena vs. Randy Orton.  Heyman was really putting over The Big Show as a superhuman opponent.  But Brock will take him down and go on to become the champion.  The WWE universe will be conquered and subjugated by Brock Lesnar.


This was pretty much what it should have been.  Lesnar attacked him with chair shots and ground and pound, then several more chair shots all before the match started.  The match started and Lesnar went for another chair shot but Show threw the KO punch.  Lesnar, who was pretty much enormous, sold it like he was almost knocked out but he survived and rolled out of the ring.  The match only went two minutes, ending when Show went for another KO punch but Lesnar ducked, nmailed him with the F-5 and pinned him. 

Lesnar destroyed Show with 12 chair shots after the match, some of which were really hard.  Then he got another chair.  he did two more chair shots.  Lesnar threw down the ref.  Then he got another chair and hit him with five more chair shots.  It did come off like overkill. 

I don't know about Show leaving under his own power after all of that.

The Shield did an interview.  They vowed the three of them would be the last three and then it would be every man for themselves for the title shot.  Reigns said he had the winning number.  They wouldn't say who had what number.

Randy Orton interview.  Renee Young talked about Brock Lesnar and Batista as well as the winner of the Rumble wanting a shot, and then said Bray Wyatt also threw his hat into the ring.  Said Lesnar and Batista are good, not great like him, and Wyatt is a reject from Duck Dynasty.  He called Wyatt a deranged Hillbilly who sits in a rocking chair.  Seemed to set up a lot of directions.   

For whatever this is worth, checking updated odds, Batista is the favorite but the odds are not long, meaning not a ton of betting by insiders.  But Bryan is no longer favored.


Orton retained the title.  The crowd killed the match.  They hated Cena.  They didn't really like Orton.  So the match was filled with chants, mostly for Daniel Bryan, but also for the Divas, Randy Savage, Kurt Angle, maybe for pizza and at one point were chanting "This is awful."  One person backstage noted to us they thought Orton may be throwing a fit when this was over.  I can see where people liked this match at the house shows.  Orton kicked out of the AA and got out of the STF.  Cena kicked out of the RKO.  Orton used both an STF and AA on Cena.  Cena used an RKO on Orton.  Cena had an STF on and the ref was bumped while Orton tapped.  The finish saw Cena have Orton in the STF when the lights went out and The Wyatts were in the ring when the lights came on.  Orton was laid out and Cena went after the Wyatts.  Orton used the RKO and got the pin. 

After the match, Harper gave a running kick to Cena.  Rowan was beating on Cena and Harper pulled hmi back and whipped him into Cena and Harper hit a clothesline.  Wyatt used Sister Abigail on Cena.   Fans were chanting "Yes" after  Wyatt laid out Cena. 

New Age Outlaws did an interview.  Didn't say anything of note.


The Miz said he was going to win the Royal Rumble.  Don't bet on him.

Well, that was something.  Batista threw out Roman Reigns to win.  Reigns broke Kane's record with 12 eliminations.  It was predictable in a lot of ways.  A ton of cool stuff but the big story was the crowd turned on the match when Mysterio came in No. 30, because it wasn't Daniel Bryan.  They booked a ton for the last 10 minutes, particularly Rey (because he wasn't Bryan) and Batista because they all figured out he was going to win.  When it cane down to the last two, the crowd was completely behind Reigns and booed Batista heavy.  We'll have more key notes in a second.  The surprises were Kevin Nash, John Layfield (in and out), Sheamus and Alexander Rusev.  Rusev was put over somewhat good.

Other key Rumble notes:

*Punk and rollins started, were there until the near the endend.

*Rusev didn't have Lana

*Kofi Kingston had the highlight move. Rusev put him on the barricade.  He walked the barricade and did a long jump to the apron, making it easily.  Impressive as hell.  Kingston got a big reaction, people expect something special from him.

*Kevin Nash got a big pop but nothing like Boston.  He was in 3:00 and Reigns got rid of him

*Goldust accidentally eliminated Cody.  Oh well.

*Sheamus got a big pop as a surprise and was in the final three before Reigns got rid of him.

*Kane was a surprise.  Punk got rid of him.  Late in the match, Kane interfered and eliminated Punk.

*Torito was a surprise.  Reigns threw him out.  Matadores weren't even in.

*John Layfield was in for a few seconds and Reigns threw him out

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