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Hey Big Dave,
Just thought it would be interesting to share my feedback for the first time. Today I invited over a group of friends who hadn't watched a WWE PPV in years. Probably the last PPV we watched as a group together was 2006 Summerslam. 
Thumbs Down. 
Best Match (begrudgingly): Royal Rumble
Worst Match: Cena vs. Orton
My friends first asked me who were the new stars in WWE. I told them about CM Punk and how Daniel Bryan was really over with live audiences but not getting the main event push. They asked me who the champ was, and I told them Randy Orton whose facing John Cena. They promptly all laughed and said nothing has changed in the last 7 years, and I shrugged.
My friends fell in love with Daniel Bryan during the opening Bray Wyatt match. During the Rumble, they could not understand why WWE didn't call an audible and put Bryan in the match. They were really upset when Mysterio was the 30th entrant. By the end of it, they were frustrated by WWE's booking, and I don't think they're interested in coming over for another PPV any time soon. I don't know how much of this was influenced by the Pittsburgh crowd influencing their opinion, but I figured it's interesting nonetheless. 
Paying the full price for this PPV made me reconsider if subscribing to the network will even be a good idea or if it will just frustrate me even more.
Omar Shaukat

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Worst Match: None

Really strong showing for Bray Wyatt against Daniel Bryan. Really, it's difficult not to have a good match with Bryan, but this match did wonders for Bray's character. Bray got the win and also got to show that he can go.

Great match between Randy Orton and John Cena with Orton getting the win after a distraction by the Wyatt Family. Lots of near falls, both guys hitting and kicking out of each other's finishers. Really fun stuff. The crowd tried their best to hijack the match. Orton's reactions to the crowd were great.

The Wyatt Family took out Cena after the match. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

The Rumble match was a lot of fun. Kofi's annual The Floor Is Lava game was great as usual. Not too many surprise entrants though. With such a deep roster, and with a growing number of Legends on call, a 40-Man Rumble might be the way to go.

The crowd was certainly not happy about no Daniel Bryan in the Rumble. Poor Mysterio. They cheered up at the possibility of Roman Reigns winning, but went back to booing when Reigns was eliminated by Rumble Winner, Batista.

It was good show with good matches, but I can't help feeling a little disappointed by the Bryanless/non Reigns winning finish. But, it's a WWE PPV, what else is new?

Zach Dominello @fancy_less

Thumbs up
Best match: Bryan v Wyatt
Worst match: none
A good show, not amazing but felt got money's worth. I always love the crowd enthusiasm for Bryan but man that was too much at the end just crapping all over eveything. And if anyone says they should have had him in the match; unless he was winning crowd reaction may have been even worse. I couldnt really pick a bad match. Hated the prematch ending but they all worked well. Some may not like the Lesnar Show "non match" but I thought it was an interesting story. Cena Orton had that screwjon finish but felt they were trying hard. Rumble was good but had a weird flow at times but lots of well done mini stories. Kofis two spots were entertaining as always, Torito was a nice surprise. Man I was rooting for Bryan to get his wish of seeing Cesaro Torito. Felt they missed a good storyline moment though by not having Punk and Nash face off but I guess thats long forgotten.
Sign of things to come dept: No Royal Rumble special set? Cost cutting already for the move away from ppv?  I cant recall the last ppv that just use the regular tron set.
As far as my vote for best match, Bryan and Wyatt delivered a hell of a match. The abagail into the railing was something else. Still not sure if Cena Wyatt can work but rooting for Wyatt to hold up his end of such a spotlight.
Is Chamber Orton-Lesnar or Orton vs 5 folks? Kane vs Punk seems obvious and Del Rio vs Batista. Curious to see the rest of the card for the last chance for a true ppv purchase.
Michael O'Brien
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Thumbs up
Best match: Bryan v Wyatt
Worst Match: Orton v Cena
Batista was of course expected to win all along, I think most of us are far more disappointed that Bryan wasn't in or Jake Roberts wasn't in.  Surreal to hear how much the crowd turned on the match and on Rey Misterio.  Other than the ending, great Rumble, wasn't as goofy as it has been in the last few years but still as fun as any Rumble.
Wyatt has definitely proved himself in a fantastic match with Bryan.  
The Brock v Big Show beatdown/match was very good.  Brock's selling of the KO Punch was great but he still looked like a monster.  Orton v Cena was Orton v Cena.

Paul Paster

Royal Rumble...
rating--- Thumbs Down
best match--- Bryan vs Wyatt
worst match--- Rumble match and Orton/Cena
Great job Pittsburgh crowd! They were hot for good stuff and let their displeasure be heard for the rest. With no other real pro wrestling competition in North America, WWE often gets complacent. The crowd voicing their displeasure is the only power we have really, so good for them. 
It's  shame a midget and announcer get spots in the Rumble but Daniel Bryan doesn't.
The "boring", "we want divas", "Daniel Bryan", "this is awful" chants during Cena/Orton was good stuff from the crowd. The boos were loud and clear during the Rumble match when Rey Mysterio was entry #30. That was when crowd realized the guy they wanted to win wasn't even entered.  
Dan Petucci

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Worst Rumble I can remember. Crowd said it all. No surprises, Batista isn't over 1 bit, best thing was El Torito. Just horrible. The entire show STUNK! Orton over Cena pure b.s. we've seen 100 times & awful finish. Glad I didn't pay & may not even get the channel after this mess.
John Raad

Thumbs up
Best match Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt
Worst match New Age Outlaws vs Rhodes Brothers(it was fine)
Congratulations Pittsburgh crowd for reminding everybody why everybody hates smart crowds.
Wade Haugen

Thumbs up.
Best match:  Wyatt-Bryan
Worst match: Royal Rumble
Wyatt-Bryan was excellent, and the right man won: Wyatt is a main event
heel, at least for now.  Orton-Cena dragged for a while, but improved toward the finish.
Batista underwhelming as Rumble winner.  Lesner-Show was well done; Lesner is again an
unstoppable killer.

  --Mike Omansky

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