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Royal Rumble 2014 Feedback
Thumb Confused
Bryan vs Wyatt:
Crowd was very hot for Bryan’s entrance, everybody was very quiet during the opening part; but the match ended on its highest point.
Its seems like Bray is going to incorporate more and more crazy mannerisms into his matches, and once he determines which ones work and which ones don’t, it will add a lot to his performances. That being said, I still don’t know if he is best served having 15+ minute matches with somebody who isn’t a great worker.
Lesnar vs Show:
I thought it was creative to have the prematch beat down, was impressed by the F5; and I ended fearing for the ringside fans’ life whilst the Beast was swinging that chair. Why does Big Show have no friends? Would’ve got the point across with ten less chair shots. Also, I be pretty upset if Show get’s his revenge during the Taker match; since it will make Taker seem like he needs to help to beat Lesnar. 
Cena vs Orton:
Ok Pittsburgh, you don’t want to see this match, we got it pretty quickly. From somebody who was at Money in the Bank 2011 in Chicago, I understand hot crowds. But the Chicago crowd wasn’t there to entertain themselves; it was there to react to the matches presented. But, this new total shitting on the match, start by the Brits after WM 29, really needs to stop, or at least calm down a bit. It was funny to the first time to chant for Randy Savage and JBL, not the tenth time. 
How often is the title match even that important at the Rumble, last year notwithstanding. As I’m sure Dave will mention, Hardcore Holly once competed in a WWE title match. So, that being said, this match was fine. I was amused to see Randy attempt a submission, can’t remember the last time this occurred. If he was successful, than he definitely would have won submission of the night, like when Brock put on the triangle choke on Carwin. Ending was pretty awful, but it sets up WM. Will Wyatt vs Cena work at WM, probably not, but Mr. Cena has to do something.
Royal Rumble Match:
Okay, few thoughts. 
Kofi was amazing like usual, if they ever want a super super super surprise winner, then maybe he should have an entire rumble with such stunts leading to a win.
I will be sad if The Shield is no more; but with his spear, Superman Punch, and Apron knee strike of doom, Roman might prove to be a very effective babyface. And I think in three years, all three members will be main eventers. 
I’ve never felt more bad for Rey than tonight, which is saying a ton when you look back at his career. He didn’t deserve the treatment the Pittsburg fans gave.
Big Dave was a little bit rusty, but overall he looked fairly good.
I really hope Shameus doesn’t return back to Irish Bad Joke John Cena, he should just goes back to just being a bad ass heel who likes to rough people up. 
Punk appears to have lost his smile. The 434 days seem like forever ago.
Okay, all the above I wrote didn’t really matter, all that anybody will be talking about is the lack of Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match. I don’t know if the crowd tonight helps or hurts Daniel Bryan’s career. I’m pretty sure Vince doesn’t care about the cheers, he, like a bad Indy wrestler, needs to get his shit in. And if Bryan doesn’t fit into Vince’s main WM plans, one night isn’t going to change anything.
Also, I don’t know if booking decisions should be made by a crowd doing a chant. If so, Zach Ryder would have been the headliner at WM 28.
At this point, I’m just assuming WWE is messing with its most loyal fans. I don’t like to feel like a Mark, so if Daniel Bryan isn’t too legit upset, who am I to be upset for him?
Still, I predict DOOM at WM if it is just Orton vs Batista.
Take care,
John Pinkus 

2014 Royal Rumble !
Thumbs down.
Best match: Wyatt vs Bryan
Worst match : Rumble
Preshow: actually caught this for a change. The Duggan HBK and Flair combo was better than I thought. HBK should be on EVERY one of these. Flair didnt add anything at all . Duggan was  decent. If money is an issue then hesprolly thebest deal .
Rhodes Bros vs  OAO : Not bad. If they are going to give Dogg and Gunn a lot of tv time I hope they do the 1 defense every 30 days stip. Nothing horrible. But If theShield and the Rhodes are splitting then Im not ready for Usos vs OutLaws and neither is the rest of North America.
Wyatt vs Bryan
Well. Good match. Wyatt told his homies to leave. For whatever reason they left the rocking chair. More slow paced than most Bryan matches. Heavens knows what a Cena Wyatt slow paced match will look like.
Lesnar vs Big Show:
A huge waste. You could of had Lesnar F5 Show on RAW. You could of had chair stuff on there too another week.
Orton vs Cena:
They have had better. Clean finish stip ? Love Orton playing to the crowd when they were booing the match. Reminded me of the Rock Cena part 2.
Orton wins after Wyatt distractions. I guess Orton didn't want to teleport so he left through the crowd but that may have been more of a parking issue. He may need to call Jane Geddis to find a new driver.
Royal Rumble:
Ill just do pros and Cons.
Pro: NXT guy looked good. Reigns looked good at the end. Sheamus looked good and they kept him in timing wise properly. Nash looked like American BadAssTaker.
Cons: No Bryan. Yea I knew this. But apparently the 5 people I watched the show with did not and neither did the 13,000 people in Pitt. Punk doing the spot with the mini, maybe Punk did that on the fly and that was caused by the contact high he got from whomever booked this show. They never portrayed Punk as lasting a long time. Or Rollins. Why do the Bradshaw thing ? . Kane being caught on camera during the Kofi Swagger shoe spot.
I didn't think Bryan should win the Rumble but it killed the show. The people booed   Rey Mysterio for christs sake.
Sam Adams

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Rumble
Worst match: none

What did people expect? There was no bait and switch. They didn't advertise Bryan for the Royal Rumble match and did advertise the last 3 entrants. I knew number 30 was Rey, who is very much the original Daniel Bryan. He was the small guy who was never pushed properly and WWE left a lot of money on the table. Now the crowd boos him. That's show business.

They should call this show The Royal Ritual. You get a slight mix on the same formula and it's always fun. Batista drew 2 million extra people to RAW last Monday.  Those are called metrics. Who's to say if he can maintain those eyes on the product, but nobody else on the roster right now has done that.

Judging by Daniel Bryan's tweet tonight it seems like there is some sort of storyline in place. Will Daniel Bryan rise to the top? Will WWE drop yet another storyline? I guess that's why we watch.

I loved the old Diesel (Kevin Nash) putting over the new Diesel (Roman Reigns). Never let it be said Nash never gave back to the business. That's sarcasm.

He doesn't need to be at the very top, but Kofi Kingston deserves better.

Fans asking for refunds, lighten up buttercup. It was one show. On WWE TV, Bryan has been a liar, fired for being too violent, a girlfriend abuser, left at the alter, beat in 18, this too shall pass.

Jim Valley

Just finished the PPV, normally I go match by match but I just want to give general thoughts now. First All the matches were good one was very good almost great but none were worst then 3 1/2 stars. I generally don't like it when the crowd hijacks a show, but in this case it was IMO justified. I know people don't believe it I think Dave doesn't even believe it but Daniel Bryan is over to more then wrestling fans. I go to a local card house in California here alot and I wear wrestling shirts alot and I get talked to more about Daniel Bryan and Yes Yes Yes, No No No, and I am the tag team Champions shirts then any other shirt I wear with the exception of Stone Cold Shirts and Hulk Hogan Shirts.
People know who Daniel Bryan is, people who don't watch wrestling anymore know he's the best in the business but not pushed. He is what Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were when they were IC champ and people waiting for them to get the big shot. People who do watch basicelly all agree he is the man in WWE with the exception of Lesner and he should be the same level as John Cena.
I hope they figure that out but I am afraid Bryan will get a Zack Ryder type treatment if this keeps up. It boggles my mind why WWE won't give him a shot. Why he couldn't have had a 2-3 month run after Summerslam before Orton Cashed in just to test to see how Bryan did I will never understand.
Jeff Burns
in Oceanside

Hi Dave,
Thumbs slightly up.
Best match - Bryan vs.Wyatt 
Worst match - Cena vs. Orton (seems like I may have seen this match before)
Things I liked:
1. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt steal the show. Daniel Bryan makes Wyatt look like a superstar tonight. The Sister Abigail into the barricade was fantastic. 
2. Brock Lesner kills the Big Show. The F-5 was insane. Lesner vs. The Undertaker will have to go on last if it happens at Wrestlemania.
3. Roman Reigns looked great and the feud between him and Ambrose and Rollins is going to be a lot of fun.
4. C.M. Punk - Punk should win but gets screwed by Kane. I guess we get Kane vs. Punk at the next PPV.
5. The Pittsburgh crowd - So maybe this Daniel Bryan guy should be given a chance to succeed? Crowd voices it's displeasure over Cena vs. Orton match #32243 and Daniel Bryan not being in the Rumble. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure the crowd would have lost their mind if Daniel Bryan had been in the Rumble.
6. The Kofi jumping to the ring spot - Now if they could only give him something else to do. Maybe a tag team with Rey, Sin Cara or Xavier Woods.
7. Antonio Cesaro swing on Rollins - Let's hope they break him away from Swagger and give him a singles push.
Things that sucked:
1. New tag team champions - New Age Outlaws - really?
2. Kevin Nash, Torito and JBL as surprise entrants. No Y2J, RVD, Jake Roberts.
3. Cena vs. Orton - Wasn't the worst match but enough with these two wrestling.
4. Lack of things happening in the Rumble - Seemed pretty boring. Not the most exciting Rumble. Batista winning and getting booed seemed weird.
5. No Daniel Bryan in the Rumble! Listen, I heard all the arguments why he can't be a top guy - doesn't look right, too small, can't sell merchandise, not a draw, doesn't move TV ratings. All of these excuses are BS. He should be given a run as WWE champion and given a chance to be a draw, to move TV ratings and to sell merchandise! He should be put in a position to succeed as champion instead of the one day runs. They have pushed Randy Orton for over 10 years and how much merchandise is he selling? Is he really that big of a draw on PPV? I know he moves TV ratings but so could any wrestler if they were pushed that hard for 10 years. Rant over. It's up to the WWE to decide if Daniel Bryan can be a top guy or not. It would just be a shame if they don't give him a chance when he is hot and a majority of the "Universe" wants him to be the WWE champion.
Forbes Burlingham
Burlington, ON

Dave -
Thumbs down.
Best match: Bryan-Wyatt
Worst match: Rumble
It's tough to say if the "smart crowd" hurt the show or they were simply reacting to the show.
My biggest complaint is not Bryan not getting his huge push. I just found this Rumble match to be the worst in recent memory. The lack of surprises was disappointing. Kevin Nash? C'mon. WWE can and should do better.
- Mike Trask, Las Vegas @TraskNV

Best match: bryan vs wyatt
Worst match: cena vs orton

As much as i wanted to like this year was a letdown.  Felt the card run was a tad off as they should have made Show Lesnar first and then Wyatt vs Bryan the 2nd match cuz really...Lesnar mugged Show from the start and chairshot Show so much after the match you thought they were playing russian roulette musical chairs.
Wyatt vs Bryan was an awesome match and that flexibility on Wyatt..shocking..but Bryan takes too many dangerous bumps..surprised he didnt get another concussion..
Cena And Orton didnt get seriously good til the last 10 minutes but the creatives found a new way to save Orton title.
Please no Cena vs Wyatt at wm30.
Rumble wasnt a bad match but really...El Torito and JBL as entries..and Nash was in it for what purpose since he hasnt been on tv since HHH fired him on tv sometime ago. They should have gone to guys like Barrett or Christian...hell i settle for Santino but no. Nice to see Sheamus and Batista but Reigns record tossin 12 people was memorable.  Still the crowd hated Batista winning.

Regardless..i give the show a B-

Stephen Yang

Thumbs up
Best match: Wyatt-Bryan
Worst match: None really
I was at the show live and had a lot of fun. I know some of the argument on Daniel Bryan is that the "yes" chants are just something the live crowd likes to do, but for this crowd at least, they had a real attachment to Bryan. The crowd stayed hot and invested in the opening match, and wanted to keep seeing him throughout the night, not just chant "yes." People cheered along to the Outlaws when they did their opening schtick, but then got behind the Rhodes Brothers during the match. People were upset leaving the building, and in the hotel after the show. Randy Orton was rejected more than Cena. People just had zero interest in seeing him in the role he's in. Batista looked like he was about to cry after the Rumble. Not many in that building wanted him to win. Great performance by The Roman. I'm not sure, though, if the reaction at the end was the crowd wanting him to win, or just wanting Batista to lose. Ric looked genuinely shocked when the crowd booed his pick of Batista. Bray Wyatt came across like a star.
Josh from Ohio\

Hey Dave,
Thumbs up show for sure. 
Best match:  Bryan v. Bray
Worst:  Rhodes brothers v. new age outlaws.
As far as matches go, I thought everything was good.
But I will say the crowd hijacking the Orton match and the end of the
Rumble really made those matches much less fun to watch on TV.
Ron Reich

Thumbs in the middle.

Best match -- Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Worst match -- Royal Rumble

Well done, Pittsburgh! You were more entertaining than everything else after the opener.

Jody Jewers
Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada \

Thumbs Up 
Best Match: Bryan-Wyatt
Worst Match: None (well Lesnar-Show if we're being technical)
I know there are people that are going to be critical of tonight's crowd, but they really shouldn't be. By purchasing a ticket, they have every right to voice their displeasure if they want to. None of the chants were in any way vulgar or insensitive (there was a "Holy Shit" chant in the opener, but I think we can all give that one a pass now). The fact that Pittsburgh isn't one of the big "smart" cities and it wasn't "a post-Mania, let's all blame those dastardly British" crowd, should make WWE think twice on their current direction. 
The Orton-Cena match wasn't bad at all. Hell, it was probably very good to great..if you watch it on mute. And from my viewpoint it seemed that the crowd disliked Orton more (the very loud "Boring" chants during his chinlocks were pretty noticeable and justified, they kill the momentum of every Orton match). 
Not sure how the Wyatt-Cena program is going to work out, but based on Wyatt's work in the opener, their Mania match should be really good. The opener was a fantastic match. Bryan has had some great matches over his WWE run, but this one is definitely going to stand out, because of the crowd. Great atmosphere, great action, simply a great match.
I'm still convinced that you can't have a bad Royal Rumble match. I like how they're making a tradition of giving an NXT guy a spot in the match and Rusev looked impressive during his stay in the ring. The El Torito bit was harmless fun, Kevin Nash coming out to the ol' porno music was fun as well. Watching him in the ring as if it was filled up with molasses,,,not so much. The Kofi spots were delightful as usual, the Cesaro swings can never get old (great camera work on that bit) and Reigns was a beast. Like the Orton-Cena match, it would be interesting to watch this match again on mute. I definitely anticipated this would happen and the WWE should have too. They of course have the out that they never advertised Bryan for the match. However, not putting him in the match was a big disservice to a lot of parties. For instance, it totally ruined any traction Batista had. He got a big pop on RAW the other night and there was considerable online excitement for his return. But it's now gone and facing a guy like Orton isn't going to help his cause at all. 
I just can't fathom why WWE is so hesitant on pulling the trigger on Bryan. It's going to be a very long time before a superstar gets this much love and excitement from the crowd. It pretty much writes itself, give him the Rumble win and let him have that Mania moment. Can you imagine them deciding to stick Austin in the opener of the 98 Rumble PPV and not feature him in the Rumble match? I know it might be a bit of a stretch to compare him to Austin, but I can't think of anyone else since Austin that got the crowd this frenzied before becoming an established guy. Pissing off your audience before you launch the WWE Network makes this scenario all the more puzzling. Unless they have Bryan-HBK or Bryan-Taker at Mania, expect more of these negative crowd reactions.
Henry Gomes
Toronto, ON

Well... that was something, indeed.  I don't think I've ever seen a show quite like that before.  I can't give you a full review, because I missed the first hour (will have to go back and watch the Bryan/Wyatt match, though), but the title match and Rumble were memorable for all the wrong reasons.  I was amazed at how hostile the crowd was to the title match.  I didn't want to see it either, but MAN did that crowd not want to see these two men in this match.  Have to give Cena and Orton credit; they didn't exactly get the crowd into it, but by the end they at least got them to pay attention.

I thought the Rumble itself was pretty boring.  The lack of legit star power really hurt; between Punk at #1 and Batista at #28, there was one guy (Sheamus) that one could legitimately imagine winning.  It's hard to buy into guys as potential winners when no one is getting a push, you know?  For awhile there, I thought the crowd had burned itself out hating John Cena and Randy Orton, but I think it points to a deeper problem.  No one is really over.  The guys that are over, most of them are in spite of the booking, rather then because of it.  Dolph Ziggler got the biggest pop he has in six months, but I can't imagine anyone expected more out of him then they got.

The story, obviously, will be the crowd hijacking the match.  I think this is a night WWE will want to forget, but I hope they don't.  I think what we are seeing is a company that is completely disconnected from its' audience, and if the Powers That Be don't figure that out and course correct, WrestleMania could be a disaster.  I can well imagine that crowd being even more hostile then tonight's was when faced with a Batista/Randy Orton main event.  The solution to me seems simple: have Daniel Bryan win the title in the Elimination Chamber, then go on to face a heel Batista (positioned as the Authority's new "Face of the WWE") for the title.  How many times, in WWE documentaries, do we here someone say something along the lines of "the fans ultimately tell you what they want"?  Well... time to listen.

Ken Raining

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