The legendary Pete Gas weighs in on Punk and Daniel Bryan

Mean Street Posse member Pete Gas appeared on The Shoot on February 16th and did a 1 hour interview. So much was covered during the hour which can be heard at this link: Skip ahead to the 15 minute mark for the interview. 
Here are the highlights:
On Daniel Bryan:
"I've known Daniel Bryan since he was 19 years old as a kid that just came out of Shawn Michael's wrestling school. He was a quiet kid. He's an amazing talent, the guy can do anything in the ring. He's unbelievable. The company knows what they're doing. I think ever story line has a little bit of truth in it. Vince always love the cartoon looking characters, the super hero types like John Cena. Daniel Bryan is so over with the crowd. They know what they're doing. They're going to give him his opportunity. Eventually you gotta give the crowd what they want. They want this. When you have Michigan State doing this chant and Daniel Bryan isn't within 5 states of the place, there's a reason for it. The guys over. He'll get his chance. Should they be doing it sooner? Yeah probably. I think he'll be in a triple threat at Mania."
On CM Punk Walking out:
"I completely agree with this guy (Punk). As much as i love the McMahon family, and listen i understand why they do it. WrestleMania is their Super Bowl, they try to get as many buys as they can and i get all that. You want to have the big names. His comments about him breaking his ass, Daniel Bryan breaking his ass. These guys are there every single night getting it done. I understand where he's coming from. He always wanted to be the main eventer at WrestleMania. But so does every other fucking guy in that locker room. I understand his point where he says i'm the one here and then they bring in The Rock for a couple of months and then he goes back to make another movie. I get all that. It's a controversial topic and i can understand both sides of it."
On the Attitude Era working today:
"The wrestling industry is funny. Just like you could turn a baby face into a heel in a 5 minute segment, i think you can do the same thing (speaking about switching back into the Attitude Era). They're not looking to go edgier. They're not looking to have the violence that it was, the chair shots, the flaming tables and all that other stuff that you saw back in that day and age. They don't need to do that anymore. Its a double edge sword, because i don't think they would get the sponsorship they currently have but they would have a lot more viewers."
Other notable topics from the interview include: Pete's thoughts on flawed storytelling in today's product, signing with WWE, growing up with Shane McMahon, insight on Shane then and now, does he keep in touch with the rest of the McMahon family?, whether he and the other MSP members had any issues with the locker room when they debuted, paying dues, thoughts on Rock, Austin, how the pay scale worked back when he was there, the WWE network & more.

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