WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

February 17, 2014
Denver, CO

Rob McCarron

Noteworthy: The Shield and the Wyatts fight. The six men in the Elimination Chamber fight. Cesaro and Cena have the match of the night on a show that featured two Daniel Bryan matches. Mark Henry is inducted into the Hall of Pain. The crowd barely remembers CM Punk existed.

The Chamber Participants Face Off
Imagine the guest stars we could have had if the Broncos won the Super Bowl. This week's Raw began in a familiar way... nope, not with an Orton & Authority exchange, but rather a John Cena promo hyping up the next Pay Per View. He said this is everyone's chance to main event WrestleMania against Batista. Cesaro interrupted and said he'd become not only the new face of WWE, but also the new face of America! Cena put Cesaro in his place before Sheamus came out. Sheamus said he'd kick everyone's teeth in, then swiftly, Christian made his way to the ring. Christian said he knows Sheamus' kick on Smackdown was an accident, but it'll be no accident when Christian lays Sheamus out with the Killswitch on Sunday. Randy Orton was next out, having words with everyone in the ring. Daniel Bryan finally entered, saying that everyone in the building on Sunday will be chanting "Yes!" and he will walk out the champion.

Kane was the last man to enter the picture. He said he was in charge tonight, so he made two matches for tonight. John Cena vs Cesaro, and to start right now, Daniel Bryan vs Christian. Kane told Bryan he'd be watching from ringside. Before the match, while distracted by Kane, Daniel Bryan was attacked from behind by Christian. There was no referee yet, but Christian beat up Bryan outside the ring as we went to a break.

Christian vs Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan pinned Christian. Christian continued to play the heel as the two wrestled a pretty long match. Finally, Bryan reversed the Killswitch into a leg rollup pinning combination for the victory. After the match, Kane told Bryan that he'd have one more match tonight... against Kane.

Daniel Bryan beat Kane via disqualification. Kane wasn't really in it to win, as he just wanted to destroy Bryan. Kane worked Bryan's left arm during and after the match, finishing Bryan off on the outside. Bryan sold his arm, while laying on the floor, while the announcers moved on to a new subject.

That new subject... Mark Henry's return and attack at the hands of the Shield.

Renee Young, backstage, asked Roman about Mark Henry. Dean interjected, saying he softened Henry up for Reigns tonight. Roman said he could do better than Dean. Seth tried to play put a positive spin on the Shield's interplay.

Fandango vs Santino
Fandango pinned Santino after a Falcon Arrow. We got a short video package on Emma in NXT. As Santino went for the Cobra, Summer Rae jumped onto the apron to distract him. Emma came over, pulled her down, and gave her an airplane spin. Afterwards, she got dizzy, and Santino came out to check on her. The two began to flirt, and as Santino went in for a goofy kiss, Fandango drop kicked him from in the ring to the outside. Fandango dumped him back in and went for the pin after the falcon arrow.

Backstage, Renee Young met up with an angry Mark Henry. Henry said tonight isn't about winning or losing, it's about inducting someone into the Hall of Pain.

Roman Reigns vs Mark Henry
Roman pinned Henry after the Superman punch and spear. Clean. Crowd more into Reigns than Henry tonight. Rollins was loving the win, while Dean was more subdued. After the match, with Henry still down, Ambrose put the boots to Henry while Reigns just laughed, knowing Ambrose was insecure.

The lights then went out as Bray Wyatt sang 'Down In My Heart' on the Tron. Luke asked if the Shield were willing to die for the cause, and Bray finished by saying "because if you're not, you've already lost." Reigns told Bray to come out here and talk that noise, and Bray said he was thinking the same way. The Wyatts made their way to the ring with the Shield awaiting. The two teams face off, much like last week, and again the Wyatts backed down. This is the real main event on Sunday.

The Rhodes Brothers vs Rybaxel is the Elimination Chamber Kick Off match.

Backstage, Cody and Goldust played with toys. Then, finally, BAD NEWS BARRETT appeared and kicked the toys away. Much better use of Barrett, if you're going to use him in this role. Check out the JBL & Cole show if you haven't, as Wade and Cody are great lately on it.

Swagger & Big E Prep for Sunday
Jack Swagger beat Kofi Kingston with the Patriot Lock. Big E made his entrance as Swagger was celebrating the win.

Big E beat Drew & Jinder of 3MB after giving each a Big Ending. Zeb did live commentary during the match, heeling the crowd and saying it'd be Big E's last night on Raw as IC Champ. Dangerous spot in the match as Big E had Jinder down, then went for a Belly to Belly on Drew, slamming Drew right on Jinder's head. Drew was back to his McIntyre short trunks, no longer with the long pants. 3MB ain't long for this world, I don't think.

Alexander Rusev will achieve great accolades, according to Lana.

Black History Month tribute: Ron Simmons.

Backstage, John Cena basically repeated his promo from last week.

John Cena vs Cesaro
Cena countered the giant swing twice, first with an STF and then powering up to deliver a DDT. Crowd really like the match and was into it, especially when Cesaro went for the swings. On the third try, Cesaro finally got the swing in motion and the crowd loved it. Shortly afterwards, Cena went for an AA but Cesaro landed on his feet. Cesaro went to the ropes, but Cena caught him with a clothesline. I'll try to describe what happened next. Cesaro was down, and Cena kind of senton'd over Cesaro, catching Cesaro and awkwardly lifting him up into the AA. It was cool looking, if not wacky and unbelievable. Anyway, the match was really fun and it was Cesaro's best performance since joining WWE.

Backstage, HHH was here afterall. He and Randy had a talk. Orton said he appreciates everything Hunter has done, and everything Hunter will do. Batista came up behind Orton as Orton was dissing Big Dave. Batista and Orton both have the same green colored shirts, which looked almost the same at first. Orton left, and Del Rio came up, getting in Dave's face while wearing a neck brace. Batista pushed Del Rio, and walked off.

Backstage, Renee Young announced Darren Young vs Titus O'Niel for Elimination Chamber. LOL. Good luck, guys. Renee introduced Titus, and said he'd mow over Young on Sunday. Towards the end, Titus was screaming and screeching Howard Dean style.

The Wyatt Family vs Los Matadores & Sin Cara
Bray pinned Sin Cara after Sister Abigail. Luke and Rowan did all the work, allowing Bray to come in at the end to get the glory. Not quite a squash match, but only Sin Cara got any real offense on the losing side.

Billy Gunn vs Jey Uso
Jey Uso pinned Billy with a schoolboy after Gunn missed the Fameasser. Road Dogg and Jimmy joined commentary. The Outlaws vs The Usos was confirmed for the tag titles at Elimination Chamber. Cole slipped and called Road Dogg "Brian" once, and possibly twice.

Backstage, Sheamus told Byron Saxton that he's going to show his aggressive side tonight.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Side suplexes through the announce table apparently aren't enough for a DQ or no contest to referee John Cone. Randy gave Sheamus the suplex, causing the table to break under the weight of Sheamus, but Cone began a count to get Sheamus back in the ring.  Sheamus made it back in at 9 to Orton's dismay. The two continued to wrestle until the Shield ran in and attacked Sheamus, this time causing a DQ.

Daniel Bryan and John Cena ran in to fight off the Shield. Then, Cesaro ran in and fought both the Shield and Cena. The lights then went off, and the Wyatts were in the ring, standing off with all three members of the Shield. The two teams went at it, then everyone else also brawled and we went off the air with everyone and their mother fighting in the ring. BUY ELIMINATION CHAMBER. Unless you have Dish. Because, if so, you can't.

Next week: WWE Network debuts, and maybe we'll see Hogan? And Taker? Don't know, as there was no announcement of either of them appearing.

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