On Wrestling: Why the WWE should introduce a trios division

Submitted by Zach Dominello

"Two is company, but three's a crowd" might be the case in your college share house, but in the squared circle, three is the perfect number for the WWE World Trios Championship and the new WWE Trios Division (Well I guess six would really be the perfect number since we're talking about 3 on 3 matches, but you get my point, right?).

I'm a big fan of tag team wrestling. I grew up in the days of the Rockers and Legion of Doom. But as much as I enjoy tag team wrestling, over the past year or so I've become an even bigger fan of trios matches. The third wheel has become the best wheel, so to speak. The bicycle has become the tricycle. The-- OK OK, I'll get to the point.

Since the debut of 3-man teams like The Shield, the Wyatt Clan and 3MB, one of the best parts of WWE programming has been the crazy 6-man tag matches that we've been blessed with. The Shield vs. Kane, Daniel Bryan and (pre-internet tormentor) Ryback at TLC 2012 was one of the best PPV matches of the year. Just balls to the wall action from start to finish. Since then we've basically had weekly 6-man tag matches on Raw and SmackDown, and they've been excellent. We've seen teams like the Rhodes Brothers plus some guy, the Usos plus some guy, or 3 some-guys thrown together in a team have great matches against the Shield or the Wyatts. By now, trios matches have all but become a staple of Raw and SmackDown. And for good reason, they're so much fun to watch. They're fast paced, full of action and unpredictable.

So why make trios matches into an official division with its own title?

Think about these points:

  • WWE currently has 5 different weekly wrestling shows: Raw, SmackDown, Superstars, Main Event and NXT.
  • WWE Raw is currently three hours long; That's a lot of time to fill week in and week out.

The WWE roster is enormous; There are so many guys on the current roster. The WWE seems to have stopped releasing guys. Yes, JTG is still a WWE superstar.

There are more hours of WWE programming on TV these days than any sane man can handle. And with the launch of the WWE Network, there will soon be more. Yet there are so many talented wrestlers whom you either never see: Zack Ryder, JTG (OK talented may be a strong word) or you see them each week doing nothing worthwhile (Ziggler, Sandow, Kofi Kingston, The Miz).

A new division, one that requires a minimum of three wrestlers to form a team, is a great way to utilize the unused/awfully used talent on the WWE roster. On top of that, there are already some great established trios teams to feud with like the Shield and the Wyatts. And not so great teams like 3MB (well, great at getting destroyed anyway) and Los Matadores (counting the bull). Yes, the Shield are unlikely to be together for much longer, but if ever there was a time to create this division, now is as good as any.

The popularity of trios matches isn't just a recent trend. Trios championships have a long and respected history in wrestling. Currently in Mexico there's the Mexican National Trios Championship; a title that's been around since the mid '80s. The team of Blue Panther, Fuerza Guerrera and El Signo once held the title for longer than 1700 days, the longest trios title reign to date.

In Japan, Dragon Gate have their version of the trios title called the Open the Triangle Gate Championship. In the US, while not a title, Chikara has their annual (except 2013) King of Trios event where teams of three compete against each other in a three-night tournament. The shows are hugely popular and have some of the best trios action in the world.

Trios titles aren't just popular overseas or in the indies. NWA had the World Six-Man Tag Team Championship throughout the '80s. It wasn't just a throw away title to give mid carders a push, it was a title held by main eventers like Dusty Rhodes & Road Warriors, Ivan & Nikita Koloff and Krusher Khruschev. WCW actually (unsuccessfully) revived the title in the early '90s, and kept it all the way until the early '90s. 1991-1991 I think. Maybe that last one's not a good example.

WWE already has tag team titles. Won't trios titles hurt hurt an already struggling division?

It is possible that the introduction of trios titles may in some way devalue the tag titles. The tag team division is looking better now than it did a couple of years ago, introducing a trios title could hurt a division that's just started getting good again. Or it could open up a world of booking possibilities: Tag teams vs. trios teams in the overly popular in WWE handicap match; Champs vs. champs handicap matches; A struggling tag team could find a new team member and suddenly become trios champions. Basically, instead of the two titles devaluing each other, they could be used to enhance each other.

Simply put, trios matches are popular, they're fun, they're exciting and they're consistently the most entertaining part of Raw and SmackDown. But what do they lead to? At the moment, nothing. Nothing tangible, anyway. They're just a really fun way to advance more than one storyline at the same time. As a division, with its own championship, wrestlers could be fighting for something real, something tangible.

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