WWE financial notes

The WWE investors conference will begin shortly, but they have released some of the key numbers already today.

For the fourth quarter, the company took in $118.4 million in total revenue and lost $7.9 million total.  Last year at the same time, revenue was $115.1 million but they showed a $2.6 million profit.

The keys were costs to launch the network, weak DVD sales and lower profit margins in television production.

The TLC show did 181,000 buys worldwide, which was up from the same period last year, but has to be a disappointment with all the Cena vs. Orton hype for title unification.  Battleground has been downgraded to 114,000 buys worldwide, making it the second lowest number (to the ECW December to Dismember) in the last 17 years.

PPV revenue was up due to doing four shows in the quarter instead of three.  

For the year, revenues were $508 million and profit was $2.8 million.  Last year's figures were $484 milloin in rvenue and $31.4 million in profits.

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