NXT Arrival Feedback

Some damn good wrestling on NXT revival. Thumbs up for the matches I saw. My network stream cut out after the Paige vs Emma match, but from your report it sounds like I’m not the only victim. Even during the show there was some buffering issues where the HD picture turned blurry. Watched the event through my PS3, which has been able to work without incident (until nxt) with the live stream and library since the 26th. Have since seen the main event. If this happens during wrestlemania…I don’t even want to think about it. As a fan I’d just like to be able to watch it in the clarity that I can on raw every week, but this network is making me nervous. 

Best Match: Cesaro vs Sami Zyan. Actually got angry during this match when I started to think of all the talent on the main roster who wouldn’t be able to have as good a match (also thought this during the Paige vs Emma match). I think Cesaro needs to become a better story-teller before he gets a huge push. He looked a little awkward at times during this match.

Worst Match: C.J. Parker VS. Mojo Rawley. Just liked this one least.

Thanks, take care.

Steven Warneling

Hi Dave,
Thumbs up
Best match: Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn
Worst match: Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze, if you want to even call that a match
The three advertised matches all delivered, with Zayn and Cesaro surpassing the Shield and the Wyatts as the early match of the year contender for WWE. WWE must see what they have in Zayn.
I watch NXT every week but I learned three things tonight:
1. Paige needs to use that vicious Scorpion Cross for her finish now
2. Sami Zayn is the best babyface in the company
3. Cesaro should be world champion and he should be champion forever
Keep up the great work.

RM Thompson

Just a couple notes from me from watching the NXT show.  The feed worked nearly perfectly for me.  I never had it go out once.  The only problem I had was the audio got ahead of the video several times, which has been an issue for me since day one with the live feed.  And one that I don't have when I watch On Demand stuff.  But that aside, watching live for me wasn't a bad experience at all. 
From my perspective, the problems I was having watching things on Monday and Tuesday seemed to be improved a great deal by Wednesday and Thursday.  It's a work in progress, and I think people need to be patient while they work to fix the various issues that have come up.  It's going to take some time.  Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say. 
I would say if things aren't fixed by Wrestlemania, then people will have every right to complain.  And WWE has until then to get their act together.  If they don't then this whole thing could blow up in their face.
As far as the show, I enjoyed it a lot.  Enjoyed it more than I do Raw on most weeks.  Cesaro/Zayn was certainly the match of the night.  Cesaro is on fire right now.  Can't remember too many guys that have ever had as good of a two week stretch as he's had in terms of match quality.  A **** match easily, in my view.
Paige/Emma was the best women's match I've seen in a while.  Both girls have very bright futures.  They both have a good look, which is obviously one of the main things WWE is concerned with, and they can both work.  Why Paige is still in developmental, and someone like Aksana is on the main roster is beyond me.
The main event ladder match was pretty good, but it's amazing and kind of a shame to see how much they've toned down Adrian Neville.  I know the style he worked before isn't going to work in WWE, cause it's not what they do.  But when they take away almost everything that makes a guy spectacular, and what makes people take notice, then he becomes just an ordinary performer, and he becomes just like everyone else.  WWE already has enough guys that are "just like everyone else", which is part of the problem. 
It's part of why a guy like Mistico, who was considered one of the best wrestlers in the world at one time, ended up being a total bust in WWE.  They tried to make him just like everybody else, and toned him down so much that he no longer stood out.  I would hope they don't end up doing the same thing to Neville.
Dan Wahlers

My stream also went down on the Tyler Breeze entrance. Now, searching for "Arrival" on the network searchpage, I can find a VOD version, but any attempt to navigate to any point after that segment STILL kicks me back to the tyler breeze entrance. Has anyone said how to get the main event on the replay?
Michael Bernstein

Thumbs Up. Probably the best show I’ve seen in America this year. It’s amazing just how, when you make every segment feel important and serve a purpose to the show with a pre-show panel, serious interviews, great hype promos and wrestler video packages, how much better your product comes across and how much better your product looks to be for the long term.
This felt like a bigger show than anything TNA has put on in quite a few years.
Can’t say I felt like there was any real filler, since Mojo, the Ascension, and Rusev are acts they clearly want to build up in NXT, so as a “debut” show, they came across fine enough.
The three major matches all held up their ends. I’d go at least 3.75, if not 4, stars on them minimum (at least in the vacuum of typical WWE Diva’s matches, Paige/Emma was like WWE’s Diva’s match of the year.)
That said, I, like you, did have my feed cut out a few times once Woods and Breeze’s entrances finished. Thus, I still have to be more than concerned about WrestleMania.
Anthony Skatz

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Sami Zayn vs Cesaro
Worst Match: Mojo Rawley vs CJ Parker
Zayn and Cesaro was excellent as expected. Best WWE match this year. Rawley and Parker was nothing much. First time catching The Ascension. The team as a whole are very impressive. Paige and Emma delivered the best WWE women's match I've seen in a long time. I missed the entire Xavier Woods vs Tyler Breeze match. Feed went down. HBK was very funny. Buy his DVD people! Glad to see Neville win the NXT Title. Pretty good ladder match, even though my feed dropped after the red falcon and came back on after Neville grabbed the belt. Other than the glitch problems, good show.
Jeremy Chapman
Pulaski, TN

Thumbs Up for the show, Thumbs Down for the technology
Best Match: Cesaro vs Zayn
Worst Match: CJ Parker vs Mojo Rawley

I cannot wait for April 6 when hundreds of thousands of people will be watching the Network live at the same time when they had screw ups now, with maybe thousands watching. Roku kept rewinding 5 seconds so I would see a move and then see it again. It wasn't non stop, obviously, but often enough that it was annoying as hell.

I have no idea when the Cesaro-Zayn match became one fall instead of Best 2 of 3, but the match was still awesome. I am sad to see my boy lose the belt after 260 days, but what can you do?

Take care,

Emerson Witner

Thumbs up
Best match: Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn
Worst match: Mojo Rawley vs. CJ Parker
NXT Arrival was a great show. It felt different and fresh compared to typical WWE programming. I had some issues with the stream freezing and missed the Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze match. Still, this was a great show. Cesaro and Zayn had one hell of a wrestling match. It was the best match held in the US I have seen this year. The women's title match with Paige and Emma was also great in my opinion. It did not have the highspots to compare with the awesome opener but I liked the psychology. Paige is better in my opinion than most of the women on the main roster. Her intensity is as good as anyone, male of female, on the main roster. The matches in the middle of the card started to fill like filler but the entrance of Too Cool surprised me and got me interested again. The main event ladder match for the title was good for a contemporary ladder match with more of an emphasis on simple psychology instead of crazy highspots. Nevertheless, it had some cool highspots too but no matter how good it was the match with Cesaro and Zayn was the best of the night. I wouldn't have watched Impact anyway so I can't compare it to that but this was a great live special that felt more fresh and different than any show produced by WWE so far this year.
Chris Aiken @lariatrope  
Nacogdoches, TX

Thumbs up
Best match Cesaro vs Sami Zayn
Worst match The Ascension vs Too Cool
Loved the show tonight, my stream was flawless entire show. Cesaro vs Zayn was one of the best matches ive saw this year and Neville vs Bo was really good too. Everything else ranged from fine to good, enjoyable use of my Thur night.
Wade Haugen

Thumbs Up
Best: Cesaro v Zayn
Worst: Rowley v Parker

Can wrestling be like this now? No bathroom frat humor, everything made sense, and nobody did anything terribly stupid. And how about announcers actually telling a story while getting over moves and wrestlers. Why is something so simple and effective so hard to do in WWE?

Can we stop with the 90's wrestling clichés and start to run this template into the ground?

My favorite show in forever. If this is HHH's vision, I'm hopeful.

Jim Valley

I'm sure you'll hear this from a lot of people, but the WWE Network live stream died completely during NXT tonight, right as Tyler Breeze was making his entrance, the stream just died totally and kicked me back out to the menu page. When you would select to replay the feed, it just took you back to a random point in the Cesaro vs Zane match, and now the feed isn't loading at all. WWE better start praying for Wrestlemania.
-Geoffrey Gillott

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