Paul O'Brien talks the Daniel Bryan angle

By Paul O'Brien

Sometimes the WWE just can’t leave well-enough alone, can they? They were happily falling and stumbling into the biggest angle of the PG era with Daniel Bryan and then they had to go and get involved.

They took the nearest thing they had to a slightly anarchistic movement and Bieber-ed it. What did they do with the real anger and emotion from the crowd? Turn it to their advantage? Try something new and dangerous? Nope, they brushed its hair, washed its face and gave it a nice tee-shirt.

Last night’s RAW was what would have happened if Simon Cowell was to re-image Sex Pistols.

With each ‘YES’ from the ring came a ‘HUH?’ from the crowd. Only WWE could look at a ‘movement’ and think that it needs a VIP section. They took from the people their voice and gave it to a load of plants. And they made Daniel Bryan look lame for standing in the middle of it.

How does this make sense?

I’m sure there’s going to be calls today that you can never make the fans happy. After all, Bryan got HHH and possibly the WM main event didn’t he?

Maybe. But this is a situation where we can have it all. We can have a red-hot Bryan, with everyone behind him march through HHH and onto the title. We can have the collective mayhem in the crowd. We can have a great build towards it all. Just stop trying to get in the way. This really is one of those situations that can flourish with some old-school storytelling.

Just don’t kill the audience before they finally get their chance to loose their minds with delight.

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