WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken

March 11, 2014

WWE Main Event from Little Rock, Arkansas was the second installment of what will be many live Main Event airings on the WWE Network. Much like last week, the show featured good to great wrestling and more meaningful match-ups than past episodes with two title defenses. Unlike past episodes, the format varied from what had become the typical Main Event. In the past, the featured main event went on first. However, this episode began with a short opening match followed by the two title matches. Nevertheless, it was still arguably a maintenance show as nothing happened to advance any storylines despite some good wrestling.  

Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando with Torito) beat Ryback & Curtis Axel when Diego pinned Axel. Ryback and Diego started the match with a quick pace and several exchanges then Fernando tagged in and Los Matadores gave Ryback the Eliminator’s Total Elimination. Axel tagged in and the heels began to get heat on Fernando, who made a brief comeback with a flying headscissors only to get cut off by Axel. During a hope spot, Ryback cut off a tag by knocking Diego off the apron. Torito got the crowd behind Matadores as Axel hit a running knee lift for a nearfall broken up by Diego. Ryback did a delayed vertical suplex then missed a splash, which allowed Fernando to make the hot tag. Diego ran wild and did a springboard cross body before doing a flying headscissors then a somersault senton. Fernando did a dive over the ropes to the floor on Ryback. Axel kicked Torito off the apron into a splash on Ryback before Diego used a schoolboy for the pin.

Big Show vs. Kane was announced for Smackdown.

In a promo before the next match, AJ Lee said she was bored because Natalya has yet another title shot but AJ claimed she’ll beat her and show she has no competition. She also said she’ll prove why she is the longest reigning divas champion.

Divas champion AJ Lee (with Tamina Snuka) beat Natalya via submission to retain the title. This was a very good match and they had the crowd invested by the end. The story in the early part of the match was Natalya outwrestling AJ and Nattie kept going back to a headlock takeover. After a shoulder tackle from Natalya, she got a nearfall with a rollup before she gave AJ another headlock takeover. AJ looked to gain the advantage but Nattie maintained her offense and began to work over AJ’s leg. Natalya applied an abdominal stretch. Natalya used a dropkick (that looked as if it missed badly which was the only low point of an otherwise hot match) to knock AJ off the apron to the floor before a commercial break.

During the break, AJ knocked Natalya off the top turnbuckle and began to get heat on her after the break. Nattie went for a scoop slam but AJ reversed into a guillotine. AJ continued to get heat and paraded around the ring. AJ bowed to the audience and Nattie used a schoolgirl for a nearfall. AJ cut off Natalya’s comeback and applied a guillotine. Nattie escaped and went for a slam but AJ slid behind her into a sleeperhold. AJ missed a charge into the corner and Natalya fired up with a comeback. After Nattie delivered a Michinoku Driver, AJ applied the Black Widow submission seemingly out of the nowhere. Natalya powered out of the submission and went for the sharpshooter only for AJ to grab her hair and pull her down into an inside cradle for a nearfall. Moments later, Natalya applied the sharpshooter and AJ struggled to make the ropes. The crowd was hot for the match at this point as a title change looked imminent. However, Tamina eventually helped AJ get a rope break to break the hold. Tamina distracted Natalya and AJ hit a shining wizard or sorts. AJ applied the Black Widow and Nattie tapped out.

Afterwards, Santino had a date with Emma and it went terribly wrong. This was bad, especially after such a good divas match, and lowbrow comedy. On a much more upbeat note, a recap from Raw showed Daniel Bryan confronting the Authority and making his match official at WrestleMania with Triple H. If he wins, he gets added to the WWE title match.

US champion Dean Ambrose (with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) beat Mark Henry via pinfall to retain the title. Early on, Ambrose limped around some and Henry stalked him. Ambrose took a bump over the turnbuckles to the floor. Henry rolled Ambrose into the ring and had a staredown with Rollins and Reigns. The distraction allowed Ambrose to dropkick Henry off the apron to the floor. Ambrose gave Henry a double knee drop after jumping off the ring steps before a commercial break.

Following the break, Ambrose worked over Henry’s leg. Ambrose twice jumped off the second rope onto Henry and also applied a half crap. When Ambrose again went to the second rope, Henry cut him off and slammed him. Henry made a comeback but sold the knee being injured. When Henry went for a pin cover, Rollins put Ambrose’s leg on the bottom rope to break the count. Henry went out to ringside and nailed Rollins with a punch. Ambrose ran into a big boot and Henry went for a Vader splash. Ambrose jerked him down from the ropes when Reigns distracted Henry and Ambrose hit a bulldog DDT for the pin.

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