WWE house show report 3-14 Waco Orton vs. Cena cage match.

By Adam Harvey

WWE house show 3/14/14 -- Waco, TX
Fan vote: Diva dance off or tag team match. Alicia Fox and Layla vs Eva Marie and Natalya
Mark Henry beat Damien Sandow. Sandow jumped off middle turn-buckle into a World Strongest Slam for the pin. 
Darren Young beat Titus O'Neil. Darren reversed a slam into a quick roll up. Titus on mic demanding match restarted. Darren won again with quick pin. 
Eva Marie and Natalya beat Alicia Fox and Layla. Tag match won the fan vote. Natty put Alicia in sharpshooter for submission win. 
Bad News Barrett beat Kofi Kingston. Barrett has some bad news: Barrett doesn't get paid extra to wrestle in front of overweight fans. Barrett won with lariat.  Barrett remains the Linear Champion. 
The SHIELD beat The Wyatts. Reigns superman punch followed by spear for the win. 
Usos beat The Real Americans and The Rhoades Brothers.  Uso pinned Swagger.
Sheamus beat Alberto del Rio. Sheamus powers out of arm bar and the Brogue Kick for the win.  
Randy Orton beat John Cena in a Steel Cage. Bray Wyatt slams the cage door on Cena's head and Randy escapes over the cage to win. 
Wyatt's attack Cena after the cage is lifted. Cena fights them off to close out show.

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