Help for those trying to access WWE Network on XBox 360

Ok so first just so you can pass the word along in order to get most of the stuff on the network you need to go into the settings area and go to the family part. Some things that you need to know.

1)You have to have the content control On if it's off it defaults to the lowest settings which will block most of the network.
2)once you have the content controls on you need to go ratings and content. There are 6 settings. You need to have the following

Game Ratings-must be set to atleast Teen and M or All games is better. Don't ask me why the network looks at that but it does

Game Exceptions-check and make sure that Apps or the WWE App isn't in this. It wasn't when I set it up but it was for a buddy of mine so just check.

Movie Ratings-must be set to atleast PG-13. Again don't ask me why the network looks at this but it does.

TV Ratings-THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT it needs to be set to no less then TV-14. Now even at TV-14 things will be blocked, even at TV-MA a very few things might be blocked so I suggest setting it to allow all tv shows.

Explicit Content-needs be be set to allowed

Unrated Content-Needs to be set to allowed

This will unlock MOST OF THE CONTENT, however what I can't get yet on Xbox 360 is WCW PPVS that were not ran at one time by WWE(IE I can get every great american bash but no starcade) and I have yet to be able to find ECW PPVs on the 360. If anyone knows how to do that please have someone pass the word along.

Hope this helps everyone out
Jeff Burns

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