WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

March 17, 2014
San Cesaro, Texas

Rob McCarron
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Noteworthy: CM Punk got the Benoit treatment, as he was left out of the Undertaker historical video package. Bray Wyatt wants to expose John Cena. The Shield officially turned anti-Authority. Batista and Randy Orton are upset that Daniel Bryan is better than them. Hunter completely killed Daniel Bryan after announcing that Hunter would join the World title match if he beat Bryan at WrestleMania.

Commentary: Michael Cole w/ Jerry Lawler & JBL

The Main Event of Mania 30 is set
Triple H started the show in the ring, and had some bad news for the fans. He's going to crush their dreams and end the Yes Movement at WrestleMania 30. I'd like the words "Yes Movement" to end sooner. Batista came out in a hissy about having his 'Mania match changed to a Triple Threat. Hunter told him not to worry because Bryan won't win the singles match, thus not getting the title shot. Randy Orton was out next, and he and Batista argued about the reason the crowd is so into Bryan these days. Batista said Orton is a paper champion, while Orton retorted that Batista's return has been a disappointment after all the hype. Both were correct. Hunter, displeased with this whining, declared that the main event of WrestleMania 30 will be a triple threat match no matter what. When Hunter beats Bryan, it will be Batista vs Orton vs Triple H for the WWE WHC. Hunter left, and Randy hit a surprise RKO onto Batista to lay him out.

The Usos vs The Real Americans
The Real Americans won when Cesaro pinned an Uso with the neutralizer. Swagger and Cesaro worked well as a team tonight, with no real signs of dissension. Crowd loved the final moment as Cesaro hit his finish. Fine match. Cesaro and Swagger work really well with smaller guys, which is most of their tag team opponents these days.

They hyped up the new online video game called 'WWE Slam City.' It's for kids. And IWC Community leaders.

Backstage, Kane told The Shield to shape up. He said he counted on them, and if he couldn't count on them anymore, they serve no purpose and are replaceable. Seth and Roman told Kane that they were united.

Hornswoggle was out to celebrate St Patricks Day. Bad News Barrett interrupted and said all the fans would get hungover and regret their lives.

Sheamus defeated Titus ONeil with the Brogue Kick. Christian, on commentary, tried to get himself over but the announce team wouldn't shut up. Christian attacked Sheamus after the match. Both Sheamus and Christian are in the Andre Battle Royal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Politician, Actor, "Terminator") and Joe Manganiello (Actor, "True Blood" & "How I Met Your Mother") are guest hosts for Raw next week.

John Cena & Bray Wyatt on the Road to Mania XXX
John Cena was out to address Bray Wyatt, again. Cena admitted that he's been around for a long time, 12 years, and said that he understands that he and the crowd sometimes don't get along perfectly. But the crowd knows that he always gives his best. However, he is afraid of Bray Wyatt. He's afraid because all his opponents always wanted to prove who was the best in the ring. Bray, however, doesn't care about being the best. Bray wants to destroy. But worse, John is afraid the crowd is believing what Bray says. He is afraid the crowd thins John is living a lie. Cena promises that he is who he is in and out of the ring and will fight for his legacy at WrestleMania. Bray Wyatt, on the Tron, said that he could be just like John Cena and go home to his plastic girlfriend and mansion. That drew a gasp from the crowd. Shots fired! But Bray is different. Different from everyone John has ever faced. Bray just wants to show the audience who John Cena really is. Follow the buzzards.

Undertaker is appearing on WWE Main Event, live tomorrow night on WWE Network.

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan won a No Disqualification bout by pinning Randy Orton after interference from Batista. Batista rushed in at the end and speared Randy Orton to even the score for Randy's earlier RKO. Hard fought match, with weapon shots including a kendo stick. Orton was at his snarky best mid-way, when outside the ring, he hit Bryan with an initial shot from the kendo stick. Some dork in the crowd loudly said "Ring the bell!" Orton turned to the person in the crowd and said "Ring the bell!? It's No DQ! There's no bell to ring!" Orton then told the fan that "You did this!" and immediately back body dropped Daniel Bryan onto the announce table. Orton owning fans is awesome. Batista delivered a Batista Bomb to Orton after Bryan gained the pinfall victory to further punish Randall.

Paul Heyman Introduces a Video on Brock Lesnar
Paul Heyman, advocate for bRAWk Lesnar, introduced a video package on Brock Lesnar. The video showed Brock beating up Shawn Michaels, Mark Henry, and Triple H. The point is that Undertaker was taken to the limit by these guys at Mania, but Brock has destroyed them all. No CM Punk. Funny. Cole wondered if Paul had a point, and that the streak may be in jeopardy this year.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon yelled at Triple H for just wanting to talk to Daniel Bryan later tonight. Steph said Bryan disrespected the Authority and the entire McMahon family. Hunter said he'd handle it, and Steph told him that he better.

Goldust beat Fandango with the Final Cut. Comedy early as Goldust mocked Fandango's dancing.

The Shield Destroys Kane
Kane came out, and said that last week's Occupy Raw was helped by a Memphis resident. He blamed Jerry Lawler for helping Daniel Bryan plan the Occupy Raw. Lawler claimed ignorance, while Kane called out The Shield to help take out Lawler. The Shield escorted Lawler into the ring, while Kane said that he'd known Lawler for years and is not fond of what he has to do. Seth Rollins told Jerry that they are out to do what is best for business. Facing Lawler, the Shield slowly did the turn simultaneously to then face off with Kane. The crowd grew into a frenzy as all three members of the Shield attacked Kane. The trio delivered their triple team powerbomb to Kane and posed over his laid out body. The Shield appear to be headed towards a match, as a team, against Kane and possibly the remaining Wyatts or any other two Superstars.

Cameron & Naomi beat AJ Lee & Tamina after Naomi pinned AJ. Naomi had a patch over her left eye. AJ and Tamina seemingly broke up after the match when AJ blamed Tamina for her losing streak, and Tamina responded by pushing AJ down.

Mr. T joins the list of 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

Big Show is the newest entrant into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, as are all the men in the following tag match.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Big Show & Big E & Dolph Ziggler & Mark Henry beat Curtis Axel & The Ryback & Damien Sandow & Alberto Del Rio when Show pinned Sandow after a chokeslam. They played up Show as the Battle Royal favorite.

Backstage, Batista said he will never quit and will win the World Heavyweight Championship no matter who wins Bryan vs HHH.

Bray Wyatt pinned Kofi Kingston after Sister Abigail.

Triple H & Daniel Bryan Have Words
Triple H called out Daniel Bryan and began telling him his reasoning for doing what he has done over the last few months. He said Daniel Bryan crossed a line last week, and he can't go back. So now, Hunter feels that the match between the two at WrestleMania was fate. They're going to fight, and Hunter will not apologize one bit for what happens in that match. Hunter, amazingly, put over Bryan in his promo. He called them the two best at what they do. Hunter doesn't really want to destroy Bryan, but he has no choice now. He has to end the Yes Movement. He has no choice but to shut Bryan down. Hunter said he had no hard feeling, and stuck out his hand for a shake. Bryan shook his head no. Trips smirked, and talked about how he has dumped a ton on Bryan since Summerslam. Bryan, however, is still standing. Hunter respects Bryan, as do the fans, who still chant for Bryan despite all the crap he has gone through. He then made an obvious shot at CM Punk. He said that anyone else would have taken their ball and gone home. The crowd picked up on the shot, and began the first real "CM Punk" chant of the night. Hunter repeated that he respects Bryan.

That word brought out Stephanie, who brought out police officers to arrest Bryan. She is filing charges for what Bryan did last week. As the police went to the ring, Hunter and Stephanie got in a heated argument at ringside. The officers, about eight of them, forcibly handcuffed Bryan and brought him to his chest on the mat in the ring. After being cuffed, the expressions of Hunter and Stephanie changed. Hunter went back in the ring and had the officers back off of Bryan. He said they weren't real cops, and they left. Stephanie smirked. Hunter, now laughing, beat up the helpless Daniel Bryan as Stephanie cheered her husband on.

Hunter beat up Bryan around the ring, throwing him into the steel steps and announce table all while Bryan had both arms cuffed behind his back. Bryan briefly tried to fight back with headbutts, but he couldn't sustain any momentum. Trips punched Bryan's head in on the dasher boards at ringside right in front of an older woman who legit looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but right there, which was quite funny to me.

The beat down went on for a really long time. Hunter hit more punches, chair shots, and so forth on the helpless Bryan for over ten minutes. Hunter finished the beat down with a pedigree onto Daniel Bryan. The Authority stood tall in the ring and made out. Then, Hunter grabbed a mic and reminded the crowd that it was his ring, their ring, and Stephanie looked on in lust. The aftermath would be sorted out on Raw Backstage Pass.

Next week: More on the road to WrestleMania, and what injuries did Daniel Bryan suffer.

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