WWE Raw post-match show report

Raw Backstage Pass
San Antonio, TX
March 17, 2014
WWE Network

Rob McCarron
Not @CrankyVince

Panel: The Miz, John Albert, Alex Riley with Josh Mathews hosting. The panel took place somewhere backstage, and not in the arena. This allowed a post-show to take place for the fans, as I believe Undertaker was involved.

The Aftermath of Triple H's Actions
The panel debated the actions of Triple H.Daniel Bryan was loaded up onto a stretch because of the beating, as the WWE doctors diagnosed several injuries pretty quickly. The panel questioned Hunter's pride, as they feel he did this all because he wants the WWE championship again. Riley gave Hunter a 99% chance of beating Bryan at Mania.

Brie Bella was frantic at Bryan's side as he was stretchered through the back.

John Albert reminded us that Hunter is the WWE COO, and he is sending a message to the other Superstars. That message: Don't cross the Authority.

Miz wondered if the COO should be doing this, as he is a competitor now.

Josh promised health updates for Bryan on and Smackdown.

Psh, if this were Cena, he'd be wrestling on Smackdown. Super Bryan doesn't have the same ring to it, though.

Because Raw went off the air 15 minutes late, this Backstage Pass was pretty short. It ended at 11:30 to lead into the "nWo: The Revolution" on the WWE Network.

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