Early notes from Smackdown tapings in Houston

By Jason Hess

WWE Main Event Notes

Dark match: Alexander Rusev vs Xavier Woods
-USA chants to start . Rusev wins in 3:36 with the Accolade (camel clutch)

Main Event taping
-Rhodes brothers vs Real Americans . Rhodes brothers win in 13:24 when Cody hits crossroads on Swagger. Good match with a good hot tag from Goldust to Cody.

-they played WWE Slam City and Undertaker vs Lesnar commercials .

-funkadactyls vs. Layla and Alicia Fox
Funkadactyls win in 5:02 with naomi doing a split legged moonsault on Alicia

-Warrior and Hogan merchandise available along with Punk shirts.

-they aired a scooby doo DVD commercial and a HHH-Bryan Raw recap video .

-Big Show vs. Titus O'neil
Show gives him some offense . Show wins with the KO punch in 4:24

-They aired the Eminem legacy video with Wyatt and Cena and an Oculus movie trailer

-they aired a UT Brock hype video from Raw

Paul Heyman takes the mic and talks : he gets good heat by ragging on Texans and comparing the streak to the WWE title. He states that the streak will come to an end.

Taker's music plays and he sneaks up on Heyman in the ring and tells him to deliver a message to Brock: after Taker beats Brock he will take Brock to hell after Mania.

-Kofi Kingston vs. Heath Slater
Kofi wins in 4:31 with trouble in paradise

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