Smackdown spoilers from Houston

By Jason Hess

WWE Smackdown Taping
Houston Texas
Toyota Center
March 18th, 2014
1. Kane out in a suit. Fans chanting as he talked about the Yes movement and throws to the recap video of the HHH-Bryan angle from Raw. Fans chant "no" to his claim that the movement is over.  During the video playing the Houston crowd mostly quiet but the boos returned after the video. Kane tells the fans that what happened to  Bryan was the fans' fault.  No one is bigger than the authority. The authority is better than Bryan and all the fans.
Kane reads a letter from HHH to the backdrop of "you sold out" chants . HHH states on the letter that he hopes that people can understand that there has to be respect for the authority and 'welcome to smackdown.' With that the promo ends and immediately Fandango's music hits
1. Fandango vs. Fernando
Good pop for Los Matadores
- Summer Rae interferes prompting El Torito to chase her enabling Fernando to roll up Fandango for the win in 4:56.
2. Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler
-Ziggler's pop still impressive despite his lack of push. Ziggler takes a dangerous looking bump on the steps. He's ok and wins with the fameasser in 5:50.
-Monday Night War trailer for the network .
3. Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt video promo about Cena.
-WWE Slam City commercial airs.
Fatal Four Way: Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins vs. 3MB (Mahal and McIntire) vs Ryback-Axel vs. Real Americans
-Shield double dive out to the floor onto ryback and axel. Goldberg chant to ryback . Ambrose plays face in peril for a while. Rollins goes crazy with comeback including a flip dice on ryback. After a failed interference by slater that saw Heath eat a reigns spear.  The match ends with Kane running in and attacking Reigns and no winner.  10:50.
Post match sees Kane and the New Age Outlaws attack the shield first taking out Reigns and then destroying  the other 2. Segment ends with Kane choke slamming Reigns. Shield gets a pop for getting back up after the attack complete with a 'Shield' chant .
4. Miz TV with Big Show and others
Miz announces he is in the Andre memorial battle royal and introduces his guest Big Show.  Miz and Show banter and Miz introduces other battle royal participants like Titus o Neil, Big E, Sheamus , Kofi , Mark Henry Alberto and the Rhodes brothers. Sheamus with the mic tries to get them to fight while Miz tries to get them all to take out Big Show.
A fight breaks out and it is down to Show and Sheamus and the crowd gets up for that. Miz tries to eliminate Show as Sheamus is trying to get him over the top rope  while himself standing on the apron. Show eliminates Sheamus and then throws Miz over as well to 'win' the impromptu battle royal .
5. Big E vs. Alberto Del Rio
-This was immediately after the battle royal . Del Rio wins clean with a super kick in 3:08
-backstage with Santino telling the make up lady about his desire for Emma . She sneaks up on him while he does her dance and slapstick ensues that ends with him running off and her smarting from a fall caused by his surprise by her appearing.
6. Bella Twins vs. Natayla and Summer Rae
-AJ and Tamina come out for AJ to do special commentary . They replay the Mr T announcement before the match starts  and early on a CM Punk chant emerges. Natayla and Summer have a fight in the ring allowing Brie to pin Natayla in 3:00.
-replay of Heyman and Taker from Main Event.
7. Backstage with Kane and tag teams in the fatal four way . He gives Real Americans and ryback -axel tag title shots and puts 3MB In the battle royal . The outlaws come in and celebrate with Kane.
Alexander Rusev is introduced by Lana and she uses the "Houston we have a problem" line . Rusev speaks for a bit and they both walk away.
John Cena vs. Luke Harper
-Cena out to the pop of the night so far.  Wyatt's are also over.  The Eminem video plays again as the Wyatt's come to the ring.
Let's go Cena Cena sucks chants out early.  After some back and forth Cena does the 'you can't see me' to Rowan as he was walking around ringside.  Cena gets him in the STF but Harper bites his way out of it.
Good exchange with Cena giving the AA for the win in 5:28.
People are leaving in large numbers before the dark match.
Cena with a promo talking about a WWE superstar who makes his way to the ring like the Wyatt's and how you don't want to make him angry this close to Mania. And out comes Undertaker.
Cena and taker charge the ring and hit finishers on Harper and Rowan while Bray escapes .
Taker in the ring to close the show. No official dark match and no Daniel Bryan appearance at all (selling the angle on Monday I presume ). That's it for Houston.
Houston gets a Raw taping July 28.

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