WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken

March 18, 2014

WWE Main Event from Houston featured the first live appearance of the Undertaker on the program since its inception. Undertaker appeared briefly in the closing minutes of the show in an angle with Paul Heyman. With the show now airing live on the Network and WrestleMania approaching, Main Event as a program has arguably more direction and more emphasis on storyline developments than it ever did before it began airing on the Network.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes beat the Real Americans (Cesaro & Jack Swagger). Swagger and Goldust  started the match and did several exchanges before Cody tagged in and the heels briefly got heat on him before Cesaro tried to toss him over the ropes but Cody hung on to the top rope, skinned the cat and fired up. However, Cesaro still threw Cody out to the floor and Swagger pulled Rhodes off the apron when he tried to get back in the ring. After Cesaro pummeled him on the floor and rolled him back in the ring, the Real Americans did some double team moves and got heat on Cody. Eventually, Cody made the hot tag to Goldust who got a nearfall with a cool sunset flip. Goldust threw Swagger out to ringside and backdropped Cesaro over the ropes to the floor. Cody did a double springboard splash over the ropes and Goldust hit a somersault senton off the apron. Moments later, Cesaro caught Goldust with a deadlift tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before a commercial.

After the break, the heels began to get heat on Goldust and Cesaro clotheslined him over the ropes to the floor. Back in the ring, Goldust made a comeback and used a flying headscissors. Cody was knocked off the apron and unable to make the tag. Goldust slumped in the corner finally able to tag out with Cody laid out on the floor. Cesaro gave Goldust the big swing. Cody made the save and broke up a pin attempt. Moments later, Goldust snapped Swagger on the top rope and backdropped Cesaro before making the hot tag. Cody ran wild then delivered a missile dropkick on both Real Americans. Goldust ran-in to deliver a powerslam and Cody hit a moonsault off the top. The Real Americans cut off Cody and Swagger applied the ankle lock submission. Cody tried to get a rope break but Cesaro pulled the bottom rope out of reach. Goldust slugged Cesaro on the floor as Cody escaped the submission and Cody hit cross roads on Swagger for the pin. This was a good match.

An ad spot for the “Slam City” animated series featured clips from the new show. Also, the first of several plugs hyped the appearance of Undertaker later in the program.

The Funkadactyls (Cameron & Naomi) beat Layla & Alicia Fox. Naomi had a blinged-out eye patch and she wrestled briefly in the beginning before tagging out. When Layla tagged in, she bumped and fed into offense from Cameron before cutting her off and grounding her. The heels hot heat on Cameron and Alicia Fox used a northern lights suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. Layla missed a legdrop and Cameron tagged out. Naomi ran wild including what can be described as a booty shake head scissors. Cameron made the save when Layla tried to interfere. Naomi hit the rear view and did a springboard off the bottom rope into a split legged moonsault for the pin.

The “Raw Rebound” featured the latest in the Daniel Bryan vs. the Authority saga. In addition, an ad plugged the “Scooby-Doo: WrestleMania Mystery” feature film.

Big Show beat Titus O’Neil. At the beginning, Big Show grabbed Titus by the throat and shoved him backwards over the top rope to the floor. Show chopped him on the floor and chopped him in the ring. O’Neil ducked a clothesline and chop-blocked Show’s knee then put the boots to him. Titus delivered a legdrop and applied a chinlock. Show escaped a headlock with a side suplex. Moments later when Show grabbed O’Neil by the throat, O’Neil lifted him up and hit the Clash of the Titus for a nearfall. That was quite a sight. Titus hit a Stinger splash but when he went for second attempt, Show cut him off and used the knockout punch for the pin.

The video package with the Eminem theme aired and it hyped the Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena match at WrestleMania. Also, a Smackdown plug advertised Cena vs. Luke Harper.

The Undertaker appears with a message for Brock Lesner. A video package before the angle played up Undertaker becoming a victim “to the hands of time” as a “beast” emerges to conquer the streak. The hype video really put over Brock Lesner as a threat to the streak. Following that, Paul Heyman nervously got in the ring to deliver a message from his client. Heyman insulted Texas to get heat but that was his only confident moment as he fidgeted and acted nervous as he spoke. He said one downside to his job as an advocate for Lesner was delivering this message. He put over the importance of the streak and even hinted it was more prestigious than the WWE title. He basically added that the streak will definitely end at WrestleMania and be conquered by Lesner.

The gong sounded and the lights went out. Lights on and Undertaker is in the ring standing behind Heyman, who slowly turned around before panicking. The Deadman grabbed Heyman by the throat as Heyman pleaded for mercy screaming he was “only an advocate!” Undertaker said the one reason Heyman will walk be able to walk away is he has a message for Heyman to deliver to his client. Undertaker told Heyman to tell Lesner when Undertaker gets to New Orleans he will “slay the Beast” and throw his “rotting corpse” into the depths of hell. If Lesner does not understand the message, Undertaker added he would deliver it to him personally in Brooklyn on Monday at Raw. This segment was possibly the best angle to ever air on Main Event and arguably the most important storyline development to ever transpire on the show.

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