WWE Smackdown TV report

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Batista came out to open SmackDown. His pants were looser than Monday and he was wearing plenty of layers. He said since the day he left fans had been begging him to come back. Yet now he’s here they boo him and cheer someone like Daniel Bryan. He considers it a slap in the face. He said whether you cheer for him or not, he’s walking out of WrestleMania the champion. He said Stephanie hits harder than any of his four potential Mania opponents.

Hunter came out and told Batista to leave his wife out of it. Batista asked why, when she was the reason Hunter was in a suit and the COO. Hunter talked about it being the Reality Era so it doesn’t matter how he got his power, just that he has it. Hunter asked why Batista was trying so hard to make it personal. Batista said Hunter did when HHH said he’s living off past glories. But his past glories are beating Hunter every time they wrestled. Hunter talked about Batista being soft since his return and was wondering where the animal was. He said he’d help Batista find it by making a match tonight against someone who reminds him of the hungry Batista, Sheamus.

They showed a video recap of the Shield feud with Kane and now NAO.

Match Number One: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins w/ Reigns Vs. Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre w/ Slater.

A short match for the Shield to get some face time. There was some miscommunication between Ambrose and Drew near the end, but they got through the brief moment. Rollins threw Jinder outside and followed him with a dive while inside Ambrose hit the rebound lariat and headlock driver for the pin. They called the headlock driver Dirty Deeds.

Winners: The Shield, Pinfall.

Kane and the NAO’s came out to the stage in their suits. Kane said what the Shield did to 3MB was what they’ll do to the Shield at Mania. And they’ll do it like men, with no ambushing like the Shield did to their next opponents.

Match Number Two: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins w/ Reigns Vs. RyBack & Axel.

Why didn’t the Shield cycle Reigns in? Kane and NAO stayed on the stage to watch. RyBaxel got the heat on Ambrose from the start of the match. Rollins then made complete use of the hot tag again, before pinning Axel with the Peace of Mind. Piece of Mind?

Winners: The Shield, Pinfall.

The Shield stood shoulder to shoulder in the ring staring down Kane and NAO’s on the ramp, then Rollins ran and dove out onto RyBack. They got him back in the ring and Reigns hit the superman punch. They then hit the triple powerbomb to end the segment.

Match Number Three: Damien Sandow Vs. Sin Cara.

I can’t believe they’re still doing the dimmed and coloured lights for Sin Cara. Sandow didn’t even get an entrance. Wow, Sin Cara just pinned him in the time it took to type that with a rollup out of the corner. Poor Sandow.

Winner: Sin Cara, Pinfall.

Renee had Big Show backstage. He’s fighting Bray tonight. He said what the Wyatts did to Cena Monday was twisted. They make you question yourself because some of what Bray says makes sense in a weird way. But that’s their plan, so tonight he might have a giant problem on his hands. But then again, so do they.

Match Number Four: Goldust  Vs. Fandango w/ Summer Rae.

No Cody. Cole and JBL spent much of the match talking Summer’s outfit, I Dream of Jeanie and Total Divas. They were working much smoother than their last meeting, where Goldust was livid after his win. Goldust had the advantage outside but Summer got between them and held her finger up at Goldust to make him stop. Fandango then tried a sneak attack but Goldust caught him and threw him in the ring. Summer again got in his way, stopping him getting inside. Goldust took an extra second to get around her and Fandango used the time to kick him as he stepped through and pinned him. It felt like a very weak finish.

Winner: Fandango, Pinfall.

Match Number Five: Batista Vs. Sheamus.

Hunter was shown watching backstage. They keep making a big deal about seeing the old Animal, and how he hadn’t done anything like Hunter did to Bryan. Sheamus wanted to press the action but Batista was stalling in the ropes and leaving the ring. He suckered Sheamus in with some cat and mouse to cut him off. He stopped a comeback from Sheamus and made his pecks dance after a spine buster and before shaking the ropes. But Sheamus clotheslined him down and made his full comeback. Sounded like a fair bit of crowd sweetening. Sheamus set up the Brogue but Batista got out of the ring. He then hit Sheamus with a chair for the DQ when Sheamus followed him outside.

Winner: Sheamus, DQ.

Batista continued the beating, throwing Sheamus around ringside. Hunter was shown stone faced in the back. Batista got Sheamus back in the ring and hit the Batista Bomb. He then grabbed a mic and asked Hunter if he was happy. Batista said he was leaving WrestleMania 30 the new WWEWHC, deal with it. Hunter never reacted while he watched the screen.

They played a long video recapping the Wyatts and Cena Monday. They then cut to the Wyatts in the back. Rowan didn’t have the mask on, Bray was holding and talking to it. He told Cena everyone had worn a mask one time or another. But if you hide behind it for too long, it becomes you. Bray said he’d broken Cena. He said he’d slay a giant tonight as a present to Cena.

Match Number Six: The Bella Twins Vs. AJ & Tamina.

Vickie was on commentary. They asked her how the match with 14 people would work. She said it would be exciting and that’s all you need to know. Tamina got herself in with a blind tag to turn the tide then AJ had her tag straight out. Nikki got a hot tag to Brie who got the better of Tamina. AJ yelled at Tamina so Tamina tagged AJ then threw her in the ring. AJ ate an X Factor for the pinfall from Brie. JBL and Vickie were flirting on commentary the whole time.

Winners: The Bella Twins, Pinfall.

They showed a date from earlier between Santino and Emma. They were in a restaurant and he was talking up how things were going right and it was a perfect setting. She said it was great and he was like the ultimate friend with benefits. She meant that he was her friends and the wine and flowers were all benefits. He asked to look in her eyes and she thought they were having a staring contest. He said he had something to say but she cut him off and said she felt the same, they’d always be the best of friends and gave him a pinch. He wanted to say how he felt but he gets queasy in these situations so he spat his wine on her then threw up off camera.

Match Number Seven: Jack Swagger w/ Cesaro & Zeb Vs. Jimmy Uso w/ Jey.

No entrances or downtime. The majority of the match was Jimmy flying around. Then when he went to hit the hip charge in the corner, Swagger dove and took out the legs of Jimmy. Swagger then put on the ankle lock for the clean submission.

Winner: Jack Swagger, Submission.

Match Number Eight: Mark Henry Vs. The Miz.

This was the Battle Royal preview. Miz was in full heel mode. Henry pointed to the WMXXX sign to start and Miz gave a cheap shot. Miz worked on Henry’s leg, then avoided a splash from the middle rope from Henry that he sold the knee from. Henry pulled himself up by the ropes to support his bad leg, so Miz dumped him over the top and celebrated with the WMXXX sign. Henry pulled him outside and threw him into the steel steps and barricade. He then just got Miz back inside and pinned him with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Winner: The Miz, Pinfall.

They played the Razor HOF inductee video.

Match Number Nine: The Big Show Vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Rowan & Harper.

This was starting much later than most SmackDown main events. Bray would rush Show, Show would power him away and Bray would love it. Show eventually missed an elbow drop which let Bray take over. Bray did the crab walk but it gave Show enough time to make a comeback. Bray cut him off and took out his leg. Show was down resting on the ropes when Rowan distracted the ref which let Harper sneak in a shot to the head. Bray then hit Show with Sister Abigail and got the pin.

Winner: Bray Wyatt, Pinfall.

Nothing post match, just Bray yelling to follow the buzzards. There was nothing really wrong on this show, in fact most of it was good, but nine matches is too many.



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