WWE NXT TV Report: Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas rematch, plus BRET HART!

Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

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Mojo Rawley pinned CJ Parker

The battle of my two least favorite NXT wrestlers was set up a month ago when Mojo beat CJ in about 3 minutes. A-Ry “keeps it real” by calling shenanigans when Mojo says that he hasn't had a bad day. Well at least someone other than me noticed that. Parker was able to avoid the corner splash several times, but Mojo hit it on the third attempt and then hit the Rear View and the Earthquake Splash for the win. After the match, CJ threw a tantrum.

We see video from last week when Corey Graves slammed Sami's head into the post. We got no update other than to say it happened.

Tyler Breeze beat Xavier Woods

This was the match I never got a month ago at NXT Arrival. After the feed went down, Alexander Rusev charged the ring and kicked the ass of both men. Xavier got the best of Tyler in the early going, but Tyler hit a Stunner to take over, before ramming Xavier afro-first into the middle turnbuckle. Xavier made his comeback and went for the Honor Roll, but Tyler rolled out of the way and eventually hit the Beauty Shot for the win.

Devin Taylor interviews Bo Dallas, who said Adrian only has his championship because he is better at climbing. Bo vows to become NXT Champion again, which is something we can bo-lieve.

Corey Graves submits Yoshi Tatsu

Three weeks ago Corey Graves beat Yoshi in 30 seconds by count out. Can Yoshi put up a better fight this week? Yoshi got a bit more offense this week, including hitting a Ricky Steamboat-like chop from the top rope, but another week with the same result. Corey wins, this time with Lucky 13. After the match, Corey cut a promo and told Sami “Don't be a fool, stay in school!” Well, he didn't say that, but he did tell Zayn to stay down.

Natalya (w/Bret Hart (really)) defeated Charlotte (w/Sasha Banks and Summer Rae's head on a stick) by DQ

Bret Hart is in the corner of his niece. I like that Nattie didn't try to call her father, Jim Neidhart. Some early mat wrestling with Nattie bragging about her skillz, so Charlotte kneed her in the stomach. Nattie gets a near fall by sitting down on the chest of Charlotte. Charlotte does go for the Figure Four later in the match, but Nattie with a crappy small package for a two count. Charlotte goes for it again, but Nattie blocks it and manages to turn it into a Sharpshooter! Before Charlotte could tap, Sasha ran in and attacked Nattie for the DQ. After the match, Nattie made her own comeback and put Sasha in the Sharpshooter.

Backstage, Adrian Neville randomly talks to the camera. Next week will see Corey Graves vs Sami Zayn.

NXT champion Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Time for the rematch! Can Adrian Neville pin Bo Dallas or will the longest reigning NXT champion of the last 25 years regain his title? Bo out grapples Adrian and tries to get a fast win over his foe, but Adrian kicked out time and again, with Bo getting a one count, at best. Neville went for the Red Arrow early, but Bo rolled outside, so Adrian turned directions and hit a Big Ass Moonsault to the outside! Neville went for a Springboard Whatamaneuver, but Bo shoved him off the top rope, which caused Neville to crash and burn on the pretty black mats.

Bo begins to get frustrated after hitting a crazy clothesline, but unable to score the pin on the champ. Bo almost got the win by sitting through on a sunset flip, but he grabbed the ropes for help, so the ref stopped counting. The referee almost gets clonked and Bo gets a 2.999999999 count with a school boy, of all things. Neville went for the Red Arrow...but Bo got his knees up! Bo gets another super close near fall from that.

Bo dragged Adrian to his feet for the Double Arm DDT, but it was reversed and Neville took Bo's head off with a super kick. Neville climbed to the top rope, with his back to the ring, and hit a 450 Splash for the win!

That is it from Orlando. Until next week, when I am in New Orleans for WrestleMania, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers.

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