UFC on Fox 11 live coverage and results: Browne vs. Werdum, Cowboy Cerrone, more

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First round: May is 6-foot-8 former college basketball player who trains in catch wrestling under Erik Paulsen.  Lewis is in because he knocked out Jared Rosholt, who is unbeaten so far in UFC.  Eight of nine wins are by knockout.  Bruce Buffer botched the record saying Lewis was 2-9 instead of 9-2 and he gave quite the glare.  Low kicks by May.  Lewis got the takedown.  May reversed to the top.  May took him down and moved to full mount.  May with some body shots.  Lewis reversed to the top and landing hard shots.  Hard shots by Lewis.  May escaped, tired for  takedown but Lewis blocked and on top landing more big shots.   Ref John McCarthy stopped him.  These two were very impressive for somewhat unknown heavyweights.  May blew his left knee out just before the finish.  4:23


First round: Skelly landed a right.  Bektic has him against the fence.  Bektic stomping on his foot.  Kick by Skelly and punches by Bektic.  Bektic landed a combo.  Skelly bleeding under the right eye.  Skelly shot in.  Bektic ended up on top and landing punches.  Elbow by Bektic .  Another hard elbow.   More elbows.  Bektic clearly won the round 10-9.

Second round: Bektic landing more shots.  A series of shots by Bektic.  Both trading punches and Skelly hurt him.  Knee by and other knee by Skelly.  One of the knees was illegal.  Skelly mad at himself because he knew Bektic was hurt. The hand was down.  The ref said he had five minutes and docked Skelly a point.  The first knee was questionable.  The second knee was clearly illegal.  Both may have been illegal.  I don’t know about letting Bektic continue.  He was wobbly from both knees.  The fight is now continuing.  Skelly landed a right.  Knee by Skelly.  With the penalty point it’s a 9-9 round since Skelly won the round, so Bektic should be up 19-18.

Third round: Bektic with a high slam takedown.  Great scramble and Skelly got his back.  Both were reverseing each other on the ground back and forth.  Bektic trying to escape.  Bektic escaped and and now he’s on top.  Hard right by Skelly.  Takedown by Bektic.  Skelly working for a leglock but Bektic out of trouble.  Bektic went for a heel hook.  Skelly landing a lot of punches on the ground late.  Great fight.  Standing ovation from the crowd.  I think this round goes to Bektic and he wins 29-27.  But it could end up a draw.

Scores: 29-27 Bektic, 29-27 Bektic and 28-28.  Bektic via majority decision.  Right calls.

Bektic had double vision after the knees.  He said third round he was good.


First round:   Ortiz with a takedown.  Reverse by Borg to the top.  Ortiz with punches and elbows.  Borg picked him up and slammed him and spun to the back.  Borg moved to his back.  These two guys are really good.  Ortiz escaped and is on top.  Ortiz went for a guillotine.
Borg piicked him up on his shoulder and slammed him down.  Borg got his back.  Ortiz reversed to the top.  Ortiz with body shots as time is running out.  Borg landed two hard shots after getting to his feet.  This round could go either way.  Borg 10-9.

Second round: Borg with a body kick.  Ortiz with a knee to the body.  Takedown by Ortiz into side control.  Borg escaped got a takedown and got Ortiz’s back.  Borg working for a choke.  He doesn’t have it.  Borg let got and threw punches.  Borg with a body triangle.  Ortiz up with Borg in the piggy back position.  Borg still trying to get a choke from the position.   Borg has him on the ground and using a neck brank but Ortiz escaped.  Borg’s round 20-18.

Third round:   Both corners are telling the fighters it’s even, and it well could be.  Ortiz landed a jab.  Head kick by Ortiz.  Trading knees.  Borg went for a takedown but Oritz sprawled.  Low kick by Ortiz.  Body shot by Ortiz.  Ortiz with more body shots.  Trading low kicks.  Spin kick by Borg.  Body kick by Oritz.  Flying knee by Borg.  Another knee by Ortiz.  Knee by Ortiz.  Another knee by Ortiz.  Ortiz beating up his body.  Borg back with a knee and got the takedown. Another takedown.  Borg went for his back but Ortiz ducked and reversed to the top.  Great fight.  Borg got his back standing.  Borg picked him up on his shoulder and gave him a spinebuster slam.  Borg has his back.  Don’t know how this will go.  Ortiz clearly won the striking and Borg won the grappling.  Rounds one and three were both close.  I’ll go Ortiz in three and a 29-28 for Borg.  But either could legitimately take this one.

Scores: 29-28 Borg 29-28 Ortiz 29-28 Oritz.   Borg was not happy at all.  Crowd booed his one heavily.


First round: Brazilians chanting “You’re gonna die” at Mein.  Perpetuo is a Shooto world champion making his UFC debut.  Takedown by Mein.  Mein landing lefts from the top.  Perpetuo escaped and got up.  Mein with a left and a knee.  Perpetuo with a sloppy shot.  Mein 10-9.

Second round: Low kick by Perpetuo.  Mein with a low kick.  Mein landing a flurry.  Right by Mein.  Mein with a takedown.  Perpetuo up.  Mein still outlanding him.  Mein’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Perpeteuo landed a right.  Mein landing lefts.  Perpetuo bleeding from the right side of the head.  Takedown by Mein.  Perpetuo going for a kneebar.  Mein is in trouble here.  Mein escaped Perpetuo moved to the top.  Mein got to his feet.  Perpetuo bleeding from the right eye now.  Perpetuo trying to goad him.   Petpuo hurt him with a left.  Mein went for a takedown.  Perpetuo trying for a triangle but doesn’t have it as time is running out.  Perpetuo’s round, but I’ve got Mein 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Perpetuo 29-28 Mein 29-28 Mein


First round: Hard body kick by Magalhes.  Hard knees by Magalhaes and a hard right.  Magalhaes throwing everything full power.  He hurt Zachrich with a right.  Magalhaes knocked him down and pounded him on the ground until ref John McCarthy stopped it.  Zachrich complained about the stoppage but it sure looked good to me.


First round:   Body kick by Payan.  Payan landed a few shots to the head.  Front kick by White.  Good left by Payan.  Body shot by Payan.  White knocked him down and pounded him out on the ground.  Payan was mad it was stopped but that was clearly the right call.  Left to the jaw that put Payan down and six hard punches on the ground before it was stopped.


First round: Masvidal landed a few punches.  Masvidal landing body kicks.  Healy working for a takedown.  Masvidal defended well.  Healy landed body punches and moving in and working for a takedown.  Healy got the takedown.  Masvidal right back up.  Body punches and elbows by Healy.  Body kick by Masvidal.  Flying knee by Masvidal.  Masvidal with punches.  Masvidal 10-9.

Second round: Healy with body shots.  He’s smothering him.  Short Healy punches but a aknee by Masvidal.  Right by Masvidal.  Masvidal landed several shots.  Healy again working for a takedown.  Spin kick by Masvidal.  Masvidal landed several punches now.  Masvidal bulled in and took Masvidal down.  Masvidal back up.  Masvidal has some great balance in staying up when Healy sunk in deep.  Masvidal tried a front choke.  Masvidal landing punches, Healy with punches and moved in.  Masvidal’s round should be up 20-18.

Third round: Healy moved in.  High kick by Masvidal.  Body kick by Masvidal.  Healy moved in with punches.  Healy with a back suplex.  Healy went for a second one, Masvidal ducked for a leglock.  Masvidal on top.  Masvidal took him down into side control.  Healy ducked and scrambled.   Healy working for a takedown late.  Healy with body shots.  Masvidal with a knee.  Masvidal’s round, I have 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 Masvidal


First round: Alves got a big reaction like he’s the first star on the show.  Both throwing low kicks.  Baczynski working for takedown.  Both doing low kicks again.  Alves missed a roundhouse kick.  Alves landed a good left.  Body kick by Baczynski.  Baczynski is busier.  Baczynski bleeding from the right eye.  Body kick by Alves.  Right by Alves.  Alves’ right eye swelling.  Front kick by Baczynski and low kick by Alves.  Body kick by Alves.  Alves with a nice combo late and another low kick.  Close round.  Alves 10-9.

Second round: Both trading all kinds of shots.  A lot of action this round.  Neither is having a big advantage.  Body kick by Alves.  Left by Baczynski.  Low kick by by Alves. Alves bleeding from the right eye.  Baczynksi landing punches.  Body kicks by Alves.  Baczynski landed a hard right. Baczynski going for a takedown against the fence but Alves danced away.  Body kick by Baczynski.  Baczynski landing landing shots.  Alves bleeding from the nose as well.  High kick by Alves.  Body kick by Alves.  Alves really hurting Baczynski’s right leg.  Alves 20-18.

Third round: Body kick by Alves.  Left by Alves.  Both trading punches.  Baczynski going for a takedown.  Alves blocking it well.  Alves out with a body kick.  Both throwing.  Alves with a body kicks.  Uppercut by Baczynski.  Baczynski shot in.  Baczynski landing several jabs but Alves back.  Hard right by Alves.  Body kick by Alves.  Hard left by Alves.   Right by Alves and a body kick.  Baczynski shot in.  Both landing shots.  Hard right by Alves.  Knees by Alves.  Another knee by Alves.  Baczynski wants a takedown but can’t get it.  Criwd really likes this fight.  The two guy embraced after the fight.  Alves 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Alves.


First fall: Body kick by Dos Anjos.  Numagomedov got the takedown but needed to use a lot of power to get it.  Khabib throwing punches from the top.  Dos Anjos back up.  Second takedown by Khabib.  Dos Anjos right back up.  Body kick by Dos Anjos.  Right by Khabib.  Khabib in with a punch and got a third takedown.  Dos Anjos back up.  Knee by Dos Anjos.  Body kick by Dos Anjos and landed a good uppercut.  Khabib tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Uppercut by Dos Anjos.  Body kick by Dos Anjos. Right by Dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos landing punches .  Body kick by Khabib.  Both trade punches.  Fast paced round.  Khabib 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Khabib.  Khabi landing punches and took him down.  Dos Anjos working for a guillotine.  Khabib escpaed and is on top.  Khabib riding him.  Khabib took him down again.  Khabib keeping him down.  Now he’s landing some punches and elbows.  Crowd booing as Khabib is just keeping him down and throwing short punches.  Hard punches by Khabib as the round ended.  20-18 Khabib.

Third round: Body kick by Dos Anjos.  Another body kick by Dos Anjos.  Khabib tied him m up.  Dos Anjos avoided the takedown and landed a left.  Trading body kicks.  Dos Anjos shot in and Khabib blocked.  Judo throw by Khabib got the fight to the ground.  Elbow by Khabib.  Body shot by Khabib.  Hard right by Khabib.  Khabib got his back.  More punches by Khabib.  Khabib pounding on him at the end.  Khabib’s round.  Has to win 30-27.  No other score possible

Scores:   All three judges have it 30-27 for Khabib.


First round: Tavares landed a right.  Body kick by Romero.  Body kick back by Tavares.  Trading kicks.  Hard lefet and and a series of punches by Romero and then took him down.  Beautiful takedown by Tavares.  Romero in side control.  Tavares gave up his back.  Tavares can’t get loose.  Romero with another takedown.  Tavares landed a good punch and knee after getting free. Romero took him down again.  Romero working a front headlock.  Romero going for a Kimura.  Romero’s round 10-9.

Second round: Romero took him down immediately.  He’s just holding Tavares down.  Tavares back up.  High kick by Romero but hard body kick by Tavares.  Hard right by Tavares as Romero shot in  Body kick by Tavares.  Hard elbow by Romero.  He split Tavers open.  Left by Romero and he’s working for a takedown.  Romero landed a left and a right and working for punches.  Tavares back up.  Flying knee by Tavares but Romero with a punch.  Another takedown by Romero.  Romero’s round 20-18.

Third round: Tavares shot in.  Tavares with a right.  Right by Tavares.  Romero exploded with a takedown.  Crowd booing and the ref separated them from the clinch.  Right by Romero cut him but Romero with a belly to belly and took him down again.  Romero looked much better here at the wrestling than in his last few fights.  30-27 Romero.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Romero.


First round: Barboza landed punches but Cerrone took him down.  Barboza back up. Barboza getting the better of it early.  Right by Barboza.  Front kick by Barboza.  Left by Barboza.  Low kick by Barboza.  Barboza beating him to the punch.  Trading hard punches.  Body kick by Barboza.  Right by Barboza.  Body kick by Cerrone.  Barboza landing strong punches.  Spin kick by Barboza.  Body kick by Cerrone.  Body kick by Barboza and left to the body by Barboza.  Low kick by Barboza.  Cerrone knocked him silly with a left and immediately choked him out.  Best finish of the show.  Cerrone tough as hell surviving those shot and kicks by Barboza and coming back like that. 


First round: Tate landed a right.  Body kick by Carmouche.  Body kick by Tate.  Both fighting for a takedown.  Carmouche got it.  Crowd booing heavy.  Tate to her feet.  Another takedown by Carmouche.  Tate back up.  Tate is fighting like she’s asleep.  So far this isn’t her.  Another takedown by Carmouche.  Carmouche 10-9.

Second round: Carmouche shot in.  Knee by Tate.  Tate working for a takedown but didn’t get it.  She’s working for another takedown.  Tate landed some punches.  Tate landing more punches.  Crowd chanting her name.  Front kick and punch by Tate.  Carmouche going for a takedown.  Takedown by Carmouche.  That may win her the round.  Tate back up.  Another takedown by Carmouche.  Tate working for a a guillotine.  She doesn’t have it.  Tate working for the guillotine. She’s throwing punches.  Close round.  Tate so 19-19 going into the third, but I could see Carmouche getting it.

Third round: Hard right by Tate.  Tate pushing for a takedown.  Tate got the takedown and a second takedown.  Tate in side control.  Tate has her back and working for a choke.  She gave it up because she didn’t have it.  She’s trying a choke again.  Tate with punches.  Tate again working for a choke, she’s got it tight.  Carmouche survived.  Tate won the round.  Tate won the overall fight for sure if you didn’t have ten point must,  but this comes down to round two and that can go either way.  I don’t see anyone giving it a 10-8, but it’s a clear 10-8.5 round.   29-28 Tate. 

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Tate


First round: Werdum landed a good punch.  High kick by Browne that didn’t land.  Werdum with punches and Browne with knees.  Front kick by Browne.  Hard right by Browne but Werdum wasn’t hurt.  Browne pounding on him.   Werdum may have baited him to get him to the ground.  Werdum with a takedown.  The Brazilians are going crazy now.  Browne needs to get out of here fast.  This was the first time Browne has been taken down.  Werdum punching Browne.  Browne tried to get up but Werdum kept him down.  Browne back up and landed a body kick and another boy kick.  Browne looks tired from the grappling.  Low kick by Werdum.  Body kick by Werdum.  Body punches by Werdum.  Werdum landing punches.  Low kick by Werdum.  Spin kick   Spin kick to the head by Browne landed but Werdum with punches.  Brown with a right.  Good uppercut by Werdum.  Spin kick by Werdum.  Werdum hurt him iwth punches late.  Browne is tired 10-9 Werdum.  I don’t think Browne was going to last much longer.

Second round: Low blow by Werdum but Browne said he’s fine.  Werdum with a low kick. Brown with a high kick and Werdum with a body kick.  Werdum took him down and has his back.  Browne is exhausted.  Crowd is booing which is crazy because Werdum can finish from here.  Werdum landing punches on the ground.  Werdum working for an armbar.  Browne escaped and got up.  Brown with a kick.  Browne landed a right.  Werdum landed a left.  Left by Browne.  Right by Browne.  Werdum missed a spin kick and landed a knee to the body.  Werdum 20-18

Third round: Werdum landing a series of punches and a low kick.  Spin kick by Werdum.  Spinning backfist by Werdum and more punches.  Left jab by Werdum. Good right by Werdum.  Spin kick by Werdum.  Werdum did a nip up for all the HBK fans.  Werdum move him into the fence.  Left by Browne.  Hard right by Browne.  He hurt him with that one.  Knee and punches by Werdum.  Browne is hurt bad now.  Body punches and knees by Werdum.  Werdum working for a takedown.  Elbows by Browne.  Browne missed an uppercut.  Right by Browne. Werdum with a spinning backfist.  Browne’s punches are weak.  He’s lost his power now.  Knee by Werdum. Left by Werdum.  High kick by Werdum blocked.  Body kick by Werdum.  Left kick and punch by Werdum.  Werdum 30-27.

Fourth round: Werdum landed jabs.  Low kicks by Werdum.  Werdum dancing and jabbing.  Another jab Werdum.  Another jab by Werdum.  Browne with a kick to the knee.  Front kick and punches by Werdum.  Werdum with a body kick.  Right by Browne.  Browne with a low blow by accident.  Hard right by Browne.  Werdum trying a takedown and didn’t get it but landed a punch.  Werdum landed punches.  Hard right by Browne.  Werdum with punches.  Jab by Werdum.  Werdum 40-36.

Fifth round: Werdum with a takedown but Browne back up.  Front kick by Browne.  Another front kick by Browne.  Two punches by Werdum.  Werdum went for a takedown but Browne blocked it.  Werdum landing jabs.  Werdum landed punch after punch.  Werdum landing a lot of punches.  Browne landed a kick.  Werdum with more punches.  Hard left by Browne.  Browne tried late but just too tired.  Werdum 50-45

Scores: 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45 for Werdum.

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