WWE Raw TV report Cena vs. Wyatts; Bryan destroyed by Kane

WWE Monday Night Raw

April 21, 2014
Baltimore, MD

Rob McCarron

Noteworthy: The streak is over, Orton wore pants. Barrett & RVD advance to the finals of the IC Title Tournament. Shield vs Evolution is hyped. Goldust & Cody begin their breakup. Daniel Bryan is sent to the depths of hell. John Cena battles the Wyatt Family.

Masked Kane Beats Married Bryan
Daniel Bryan & Brie Bryan open the show, but right as they enter the ring, Stephanie McMahon's music hits and she enters the ring with them. Stephanie insincerely congratulates the pair on their nuptials. Stephanie had a wedding present for Bryan - A title defense vs Kane at Extreme Rules. Kane's music then started, and Steph repeatedly told Kane not to come out as it wasn't the right time. Bryan and Brie got out of the ring while there was still no sign of Kane. Eventually, Kane was revealed to have been at the timekeepers area and he attacked Bryan while pushing down Brie. We then got a long beatdown of Bryan at the hands of a newly masked Kane, which included three tombstone piledrivers. One piledriver occurred on the floor, the other on the steel steps, and the final one being on the announce table. Bryan sold like he was dead, while Stephanie all throughout the attack tried to pretend that she wanted Kane to stop.

After commercial... Bryan was stretchered out with Brie looking distraught at his side, while Stephanie remained in the ring with both WWE World Heavyweight Championship belts. She tried to get the crowd to give a warm round of applause to Daniel Bryan. So the match at Extreme Rules is official. However, it appears we're getting another injury angle with Bryan that will keep him off Raw until the Pay P... I mean, Special Event.

IC Title Tourney: Sheamus vs Bad News Barrett
Barrett won to advance to the tournament finals, one match away from getting an Intercontinental Championship match against Big E at Extreme Rules. The match featured several near falls towards the end, as the crowd was hot for the ending. Barrett got a good response both entering and in victory. #BNB got the victory after a bullhammer elbow to a charging Sheamus.

Bo Dallas is coming.

Hugh Jackman is guest hosting Raw next week. Dolph Ziggler tried to make up with Hugh via Twitter, so we may see something when those two next week.

WWE App Poll: Who should John Cena wrestle tonight... 1) Luke Harper or 2) Harper & Erick Rowan or 3) Harper & Rowan & Bray Wyatt. Cole called this the most controversial vote in App history.

Bray Wyatt suddenly appeared on stage, with Harper and Rowan behind him and dimly lit, to discuss the App poll. He said that tonight the people will stand against Cena. He then hyped the PPV cage match.

Los Matadores & Torito defeated Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre & Hornswoggle when Torito pinned Drew.

Backstage, Evolution arrived to the building in a limo.

Randy Orton's Pantsless Streak Ends
Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton of Evolution walked down to the ring smugly. Orton was clad in a dress shirt and pants, breaking his long held streak of not appearing in a ring with pants on. The thing was going for several years at this point. Triple H's voice was hoarse, but he got through the promo okay. Randy Orton spoke briefly, and introduced a video package on Evolution's actions in the past. Batista said the Shield had no idea what they've gotten in to, which led to The Shield entering the ring through the crowd. 

When Shield entered, Evolution bailed and made their way to the top of the stage. Dean Ambrose spoke first, saying they haven't been humbled by Evolution and are hungrier and more ruthless. Ambrose called Orton a cream puff, which popped Orton into laughter. Rollins spoke next, and the longest. He went through each guy, saying they all look out for themselves. The Shield, however, is a cohesive unit and they will tear Evolution to pieces at Extreme Rules. Roman Reigns spoke last, and threatened that they were going to run up the stage and attack Evolution. The heel trio had two options: Stay and fight, or back away like cream puffs. I like cream puffs as a buzz word better than WWE Universe. The Shield made good on Roman's threat, however, before they got to Evolution, a group of other heels rushed out to surround Evolution in protection. Hunter, laughing, begged Shield to come attack. Rollins said they weren't idiots. Hunter again said the new Evolution catchphrase about adapting or perishing to end the distant confrontation.

Cole updated us on the fact that Daniel Bryan had been taken to a medical facility for tests.

Usos vs Rhodes Brothers
The Usos beat the Rhodes Brothers when the Usos doubleteamed Cody for the win. Goldust and Cody teased a breakup afterwards. RybAxel performed commentary. Ryback spoke a couple of times about the old AWA, and how Ryback's dad knew Axel's dad back in the day. Ryback also overtly tried to put over Goldust and the Usos, while also saying he'd beat any of them. RybAxel attacked the Usos after the match to set up their eventual tag title match.

Emma beat Layla after debuting a new female Cobra. I cannot fucking stand any more of these Santino/Emma/Fandango segments that mean absolutely nothing. Santino & Emma interlocked cobras awkwardly for what felt like for fucking ever after the match. Fire all of them.

Backstage, John Cena has been hearing the crowd singing "He's got the whole world in his hands." He wonders if Bray indeed does have the whole world in his hands.

Cesaro's New Music Sucks
It's awful. Cesaro debuted new music. Opens with a siren. That's fine. But after the siren ends, some hard metal with a fast pace plays. It's awful. Stupid. His theme before the Real Americans was way better.

Anyway, Cesaro wrestled RVD for the right to take on Bad News Barrett next week in the tournament final. Guess what... RVD won. Via count out. The two wrestled for about 12 minutes before Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came down to pay back Cesaro a little bit. Heyman confronted Colter, while Swagger ran Cesaro into the ring post to cause a count out loss for Cesaro. After the match, Cesaro teased a swing on Colter. Swagger saved him, but took a swing from Cesaro for his troubles.

The announcers said Bryan suffered just a stinger. Psh. Either do a vicious beating and have it be vicious, or don't fucking do it at all. Three piledrivers on hard surfaces and Bryan is just a little dazed. Lawler tried to sell it as Bryan being tough.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam told Cesaro to keep his money, house, and career away from Paul Heyman. Heyman was taken aback by RVD's hurtful words.

Jack Swagger vs Cesaro is set for Smackdown.

Paige beat Aksana with the Modified Scorpion Crosslock. She seems destined to be a heel, and maybe soon.

Alexander Rusev beat Sin Cara with the Accolade.

John Cena vs Wyatt Family
The cruel WWE Universe voted for Cena to battle all three Wyatts at the same time, as Cena vs Wyatts won the poll with 53% of the vote. Cena vs Harper in a singles was the 2nd most voted for option, with Cena vs Harper & Rowan a distant third.

The match was a basic 3-on-1 methodical beat down of Cena until the finish. Cena hit an AA on Bray, went for the cover, but was stopped by Luke Harper. At this point, the match went out of control as all three Wyatts attacked Cena simultaneously. The referee called for the bell, giving Cena the win via DQ, I suppose. After the bout had ended, Luke have Cena a big boot and Bray landed a Sister Abigail to knock Cena out.

Bray ended the show by singing "He's got the whole world in his hands" while cradling Cena's head on the ring canvas.

Raw Backstage Pass: The Shield saved Cena from the Wyatt Family, and a brief brawl ensued. Josh Mathews, on the panel, also tried to play up that the WWE Universe was actually helping John Cena by voting for the 3-on-1. You see, because Cena wanted to get his hands on Bray Wyatt, and the 3-on-1 was the only way to make that happen.

Next week: Bad News Barrett vs Rob Van Dam for the right to face Big E for the IC Title at Extreme Rules.

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