WWE house show report 4-27 Peoria

By Jordan Foss
Show opens up with a Bo Dallas hype video and information on how to vote for the stipulation on the tag match between Natalya and Paige vs Tamina and Rosa along with Eden offering refunds as Daniel Bryan will not be attending the show. As soon as she finished Randy Orton's theme hits and he comes down and cuts a promo on how Daniel Bryan is afraid of him, and if he were here he would defeat him for the title. Without Bryan there Orton issues an open challenge leading to the Shield's theme. Reigns takes the open challenge and they have a back and forth match for about five minutes, when Orton gets hit with a superman punch and rolls out of the ring and gets counted out. Rybaxel hits the ring and the Shield clear house, Rollins announces a six man tag main event. Xavier Woods pins Fandango in a mixed tag match, surprisingly his partner was Cameron. Layla and Fandango played terrified heels well, the crowd was behind Xavier Woods. Bo Dallas comes out and cuts a promo to one of the loudest boos of the night. Justin Gabriel hits the ring in a weird gimmick, involving BMX boots, pants, and elbow pads, and Gabriel dominates the entire match but gets hit with the DDT for a Bo Dallas win. Natalya and Paige defeated Tamina Snuka and Rosa Mendes in a standard tag match. The crowd was dead, Paige made Rosa tap. Zeb comes out next and cuts a promo on how he hates being in "Rockford, Illinois" leading to a match between Jack Swagger and R-Truth, Swagger had R-Truth in the patriot lock on numerous occasions throughout the match. Zeb is then tossed for pulling the rope so Truth could not get a break, Truth rolls Swagger up for the win and intermission. Adam Rose hype video brings us back from break followed by a match between Rose and Heath Slater. This was a back and forth match with plenty of spots that made everyone laugh. Rose defeats Slater clean with a move very similar to Dean Ambrose's finisher. Triple threat match for the tag titles as the Usos defeated 3MB and Goldust/Cody. Plenty of near falls, and clear match of the night. The crowd loved all three teams. In the main event the Shield defeated Randy Orton and Rybaxel. The match was mainly filled with Ryback arguing with one fan in the crowd on the apron the entire match. Pretty disappointing match with Reigns pinning Orton with the spear. Biggest pops Shield answering open challenge R-Truth Usos Most "heat" Bo Dallas Zeb Fandango

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