WWE Main Event TV report - Wyatt vs. Sheamus

By Chris Aiken

April 29, 2014

WWE Main Event from Kansas City, MO during the go-home week of programming leading towards Extreme Rules featured good wrestling with a show headlined by Bray Wyatt over Sheamus. Likewise, the build to the seemingly inevitable split of the Rhodes Brothers continued as Goldust won a match against Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes seemed irritated in a post-match interview. Still, both maintained their allegiance to each other for the time being. Also, in a non-title match with the Divas champion, Paige showcased a new DDT finisher on Alicia Fox and had a stare down with her challenger.

Goldust (with Cody Rhodes) beat Alberto Del Rio. The announcers, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips, reminded viewers that Del Rio beat Cody in a match the previous night on Raw. Therefore, the big brother settled the score for the little brother in this quick match. At the outset, Del Rio gained the early advantage and hit a backstabber for an early nearfall. After a using a scoop slam, Del Rio grounded Goldust until he struggled to his feet and ducked a clothesline. Goldust bounced off the ropes, dropped to a knee, threw a punch and jumped to his feet to give Del Rio a running powerslam all in mere seconds. Del Rio delivered a running enzuigiri to Goldust in a corner for a nearfall. Del Rio gave Goldust a back suplex then pulled down his knee pad and measured him for a finisher. Goldust countered with a dragon screw and he hit the Final Cut for the pin.

In a post-match interview, Renee Young asked Dustin if the brothers would continue to have singles matches. She also inquired if they were splitting up as a team. Dustin replied in character as Goldust and said the “brotherhood is intact”. He added they would indeed continue to be in singles match but they would always have each other’s backs. (Foreshadowing note: He never denied they were splitting up.) When Renee asked Cody if he was proud of his brother’s win on this show, Cody took offense as he had previously lost to Del Rio on Monday. Goldust calmed him down and reassured him then Cody apologized for his outburst on Renee and changed his tune. Cody said the brotherhood was together and they would stay together.

The announcers plugged World Wish Day before introducing a video package highlighting the company’s stars involved in the granting of wishes to kids. The segment focused on John Cena but also featured other stars. The company has really gotten good at showcasing their philanthropy in a classy manner and avoiding the overtly shameless plugging of public relations projects like some instances in the past.

A plug for Smakdown announced a fatal four way match for the US title on that show (which airs in the US on Friday and was taped in Kansas City after this show went off the air) with Dean Ambrose vs. Ryback vs. Curtis Axel vs. Alberto Del Rio.

Divas champion Paige beat Alicia Fox in a non-title match. They locked up with a collar and elbow then proceeded to push each other around until they fell through the ropes and tumbled out to the floor. They briefly brawled at ringside before Paige did a hurricanrana off the apron on to the floor. Paige rolled Alicia back in the ring but Fox rolled back out of the ring on the far side. Paige tried to muscle Alicia back inside before getting nailed with headbutt that allowed Alicia to gain the advantage. Alicia briefly got heat on Paige before she missed a splash in the corner. Paige delivered repeated back elbows in a corner before walking into a superkick from Alicia. Moments later, Alicia does a sunset flip but Paige rolled through and landed a kick. Paige gave Alicia a biel throw by the hair. With Alicia draped in the ropes, Paige threw repeated knee strikes and shortly thereafter hit her new DDT finisher. She picked Alicia up like a fisherman’s buster but instead of going over like a suplex or a brainbuster, she dropped her down into a DDT for the pin. After the match, Tamina Snuka (the current challenger for the title) met Paige on the entrance ramp and they had a tense stare down until Tamina smirked and walked away.

Renee interviewed Sheamus backstage and cut a good promo yet basically just said he was not afraid of Bray Wyatt. The announcers plugged their match as being next and a graphic even read “next” but…

Bad News Barrett beat Kofi Kingston. Before the match, Barrett cut another harsh promo on Big E and said he would win the Intercontinental title. Barrett mainly pummeled Kofi early on until Kofi made a comeback and hit a springboard crossbody. Barrett cut him off with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and signaled for the Bullhammer elbow. Kofi countered with a rollup for a nearfall and Barrett bailed out of the ring. Kofi did a baseball slide out to ringside and avoided being whipped around. Kofi jumped on the steps after jumping over them then he sprung off the steps into the bad news of a Bullhammer elbow. Barrett rolled Kofi back in the ring and covered him for the pin.

Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) beat Sheamus. Following the entrance of the Wyatts, Bray led the crowd in singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands” until being interrupted by theme music and the entrance of Sheamus. They locked up and had a stalemate. Bray dropped Sheamus with a shoulder tackle only to get dropped twice himself moments later after two shoulder tackles from Sheamus. They slugged it out and Sheamus eventually landed a back elbow before jumping off the second rope with a flying knee drop. Harper and Rowan pulled Bray free from the clutches of Sheamus before a commercial.

After the break, they continued slugging it out and even briefly slugged it out on the floor. On the apron, Bray rammed Sheamus on to the edge of the ring. Bray got heat on Sheamus and grounded him. Bray went for senton but Sheamus got his knees up and made a comeback. Sheamus gave Bray a running knee lift then a running knee into the corner. Bray moved when Sheamus dove off the top but Sheamus rolled through on the landing. Bray avoided a backbreaker and hit a uranage slam for a nearfall. Bray stalked Sheamus and went for the Sister Abigail finisher but Sheamus escaped and hit White Noise for a nearfall. Sheamus did his repetitive clubbing spot and delivered a flying shoulder tackle off the top rope. As they ran the ropes, Bray hit a flying forearm smash as “this is awesome” chants broke out.

The crowd was rather into this match throughout but especially in the later moments for the finishing sequence. Bray ducked a Brogue kick only to get hit with an Irish Curse backbreaker for another nearfall. Sheamus signaled for the Brogue kick but Rowan swiped at his leg. Despite the first distraction, Sheamus gave Bray a powerslam but after a second distraction involving Rowan and Harper, Bray hit Sister Abigail for the pin. Afterwards, the Wyatts all three jumped Sheamus but the Usos made the save.

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