Smackdown spoilers from Kansas City

The show opens with the contract signing for the Hornswoggle vs. Torito match exclusively on the WWE Network.

Rob Van Dam b Jack Swagger with the frog splash.  Cesaro attacked Van Dam after the match. 

Alexander Rusev b R-Truth via DQ when Xavier Woods interfered.  They must not have liked something about this match because they did it again later in the show.

Daniel Bryan came out wearing a neck brace and talked about his match with Kane.  Kane cut a promo on the screen about the match.  There was a glitch live but luckily this show didn't air live as the sound of Kane's video didn't play at first.

Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan & Luke Harper b Sheamus & Usos when Wyatt pinned Jey after Sister Abigail.

Rusev b R-Truth via DQ in the do-over match.

Big E b Titus O'Neil via DQ when O'Neil didn't break on the count of five on the ropes.  E laid out O'Neil after the match.

Dean Ambrose retained the U.S. title.  It was changed from a handicap match to a four-way.  Ryback had the match won but Axel broke up the pin.  Ambrose ended up pinning Axel to retain.  They did a triple power bomb on Ryback to end Smackdown.

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