WWE Extreme Rules live coverage from East Rutherford, NJ

Welcome to our live coverage of Extreme Rules from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, as well as yesterday's New Japan show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Total comedy but the live crowd got off on it chanting "This is awesome."  It was like an ECW match where they broke about six tables to make up for the lack of much of anything else.  The finish saw Torito hit Hornswoggle with a chair, slam, slam Slater's head into a chair and do a springboard Thesz press into the ring putting Hornswoggle through a table for the pin.  There was also a spot where Hornswoggle elbow dropped Torito off the apron through the mini announcers table.  They had three mini announcers, Jerry Smaller, JB Elf & Micro Cole, a mini ring announcer (who botched Hornswoggle's name) and a mini ref.  The biggest spot was Drew McIntyre doing a flip dive through a table.  The mini comedy got old because how many times can you watch.


Swagger was eliminated first when Cesaro doing a power superplex on him and RVD used the frog splash.  In the second fall, RVD missed the frog splash and Cesaro pinned him with a Neutralizer onto a garbage can.  Pretty sloppy when all three were in there.  Once Swagger was eliminated it got a little better.  Some cool moves but not the level of a usual Cesaro match.

Stephanie wanted to talk with Bryan.  She told him she can't control the demon Kane.  She suggested he doesn't compete and just surrender the title.  He told to get out of my face.  She said she thinks he's going to be walking without the title and as Kane's bitch.


Rusev destroyed Woods before the match even started so it ended up as a singles match with R-Truth.  R-Truth did his spinning forearm and ax kick, but Rusev blocked the downward spiral.  Rusev finished him with a spin kick, a slam and the accolade in less than three minutes.  Bout was what you'd expect and what it should have been.

After the match Rusev gave Woods a fall away slam on the floor.

Evolution promo.  They are wearing new Evolution T-shirts and pushing 31 world titles between the three of them.  Said  Batista is the most powerful force in wrestling and Orton is the most naturally gifted athlete in wrestling.


Barrett won the title using a flying bull hammer after escaping from the Big Ending.  Crowd was largely behind Barrett and booed Big E.  Barrett used the Winds of Change and Wasteland for near falls ealier.  Good match, short, but it probably should have been short on this show.


Incredible match.  Reigns pinned Batista with a Superman punch and spear, which seemningly woudl tell what happened this afternoon regarding whether Batista was staying for another month or not.  I guess we'll see for sure later.  Earler he used hte  Superman punch on Batista and a triple power bomb but HHH and Randy Orotn saved.  Reigns kicked out of a pedigree (Batista's pin) and were saved from an Orton RKO.  Lots of brawling in the stands including Ambrose taking a bump down the stairs in the stands.  Rollins did a crossbody off the upper deck onto HHH & Orton whlie they were on a lower concourse. 


Wyatt won with tons of interference.  Cena had it won over and over but Harper or Rowan would stop Cena from climbing out.  Eventually Harper was in the cage   and Cena beat down Wyatt and Harper but Rowan against blocked Cena from escaping the cage.  Finally Cena took out Rowan as well, all three were down, Cena was about to escape the cae when they had a little kid with a distorted voice singing "He's got the whole world in his hands" and Cena oversold it and acted stunned.  Wyatt used Sister Abigail and then walked out of the cage to win, with The Wyatt Family holding hands with the little kid to win. 


Paige won by submission with the Scorpion cross.  Match was fine, nothing wrong with it but it was put in a death spot on the card so crowd wasn't into this.

Bray Wyatt did an interview.  The kid's name is Little Johnny.  The little kid put on a sheep mask and said "Follow the buzards"


Very different match with Bryan retaining as Kane set a table on fire but Bryan threw Kane through the flaming table.  People were ready and sprayed Kane with a tonof fire extinguishers.  He stumbled into the ring and Bryan pinned him with a running knee.  After the match Kane sat up and recovered.  The big part of the match was backstage as they brawled with Bran hitting Kane over and over with a tire iron.  Kane was selling like he was out cold but he couldn't be pinned backstage.  Bryan used a forklift and drove Kane back to the ring and dumped him in.  Bryan used a diving head-butt and Kane kicked out.  Kane made a comeback.  Match was different, not at the level of a usual Bryan match but still a good match and crowd was into it for the most part.  No Stephanie or Brie Bella involvement here.  Bryan was the star of the show to the live crowd.  There was a spot where Bryan did a tope and Kane caught him and choke slammed him through the American announcing table.

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