Total Divas TV report

Season 2, Episode 7

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

Brie Plans A Wedding: Brie tells a cute story about how she and Bryan began dating because of their storyline where the Bellas were fighting over him. Then she and her friends go shopping for bridal stuff and Nikki's running late. It's a show on E!, so there's many shots of women in wedding dresses. Brie finds The Dress without Nikki. Nikki wants a maid of honor dress with a lot of cleavage. There's tension. There's also tension when the Bellas work out with John Cena and Bryan Danielson, so Nikki decrees no wedding talk in the gym. Then there's tension when they work on invitations, leading to a fight where Brie tells her not to be her maid of honor anymore. Brie and her mom discuss everything, at which point Brie realizes she might unintentionally be rubbing her wedding in Nikki's face. The girls make up.

Summer Rae & Fandango: Summer's ex gets engaged and so she feels lonely, as she's the only single Diva. The girls suggest she make a move on Fandango, because he's attractive and nearby, basically. So she asks him out. They go on a his regular bar. It seems to go pretty well, including Summer doing shots with the barflies. They go back to his place. They drink. She pounces on him. Apparently their kiss is terrible and there's no chemistry. Oh, well! Later at a show, they discuss what happened. He points out that she was a little forward, but he's fine with ignoring it and remaining an act.

Much Ado About Birth Control: Jon and Trinity argue about birth control getting in the way of their hanky-panky. She decides to look into a birth control implant, but doesn't talk to Jon about it. She goes to the appointment to get the implant with her mom. Mom's a bit taken aback that she didn't tell her husband about it. After the procedure, turns out Trinity needs her arm wrapped for 24 hours, so there's no way to avoid the discussion. She chooses to have this important personal discussion with her the Performance Center in front of Eva Marie and Summer. Later on, Trinity apologizes to Jon for not discussing it with him. They make up.

MVP: Summer Rae. She's all over this episode and is pretty hilarious at times.

MIA: Barely any Nattie or Ariane. And absolutely no Vinny, which is borderline criminal.

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