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Show - Thumbs Up

Best Match - The Shield vs. Evolution
Worst Match - Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods
I thought this was a good show. The rise of the new guard was evident throughout the night. The Shield vs. Evolution was the match of the evening. Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose all shined bright. The cage match dragged terribly. The kid was a cool visual, but the match did no favors for Wyatt, in my opinion. Bryan & Kane had as good a match as one could expect, and my expectations were low heading in. Plenty of cool spots during the match. Only drawback to the match was the fact it looks like this feud is continuing. Why?
Annette Boyer
Observer Online Subscriber

Thumbs up

Best Match
Evolution vs. The Shield
Worst Match
Wyatt vs. Cena (Sorry I hate cage matches

Nothing to really complain about seeing that I have the WWE network pretty much to watch the older stuff and started the PPV (sorry special event) around 930 and thought to myself if it sucks I will just turn it off. Nice suprise of a show.  I actually took a little capnap during the IC title match. The 6 man tag was amazing!! I found myself yelling out loud at the TV at certain spots. The cage match I found dragged on but I hate cage matches in general.  Daniel Bryan and Kane was better then I thought it would be. Definitely Thumbs up!

Scott Bernard

Thumbs Up
Best match: Evolution v Shield
Worst match: Womens match

An entertaining follow up to Mania. Some weird bothces like in the three way dance and The main event.

Though it was a good match..watching;
1)Kane adjust himself on the pallet
2)Kane roll himself off the pallet
3)A crew member RUNNING over with an extinguisher and getting caught on camera as soon as Kane was going for the table telegraphing the later fire
All exposed some stuff. Plus the whole contrived drive back to the ring to result in a near fall seemed odd. Could have been a stronger match had they held it to an intense in ring brawl with the fire spot at the end.
The womens match almost always gets the worst match spot but there wasnt anything really bad on the show. Even the Russev squash was good for what it needed to do. The WLC match sounded terrible but was fun. The demon kid was "hokey" but like some of the cultish stuff of Wyatt's character. The six man tore the roof off. I havent seen a dive like that with Rollins since ECW shows and it was better executed than a New Jack jump/dive. There seemed to be a lot of that solid worked stiffness in this match and the three way. Hope Van Dam is okay after that cut on the trash can (or whatever it was).

The bad moments of the show aside from those miscues above:
Putin? MERS virus? This stuff is a little too "real" to gain heat with IMO.
Lots of buffering (XBox 360). Assuming they put more bandwith behind Mania as I had no issues with that.

P.s watching the post show as I type; a nice idea in theory but seems odd to have Bryan just chatting out there after being in a "war". Id probably have your Cesaros or Barrets speak at a press conference. You know some folks who werent as damaged in their matches.

Michael O'Brien

Best Match: Shield vs Evolution
Worst Match: Rusev vs two guys
If my match is correct, you can subtract Orton and Batista plus HHH equals the combined age of all three members of the Shield. Creepy.
Are they trying to turn Paige heel? Her persona just rubbed people wrong in New Jersey, or they just wanted to cheer Tamina. Not a bad match but they got the death spot. And if they want to build the Divas title into something, the challenger AND the champion both have to mean something to the crowd.
More wackiness with Bray Wyatt. I mean, it took three grown men and a little kid with a gimmicked mic to beat Cena tonight. He really is Superman.
As far as the live network feed went, my MacBook is several years old. Even when Chromecast crapped out (which happened repeatedly), my network signal got slower until I was watching the show in about a five-minute delay. I tweeted back and forth with WWE Network support and hope to try a newer laptop for the next NXT special.
Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Best Match: The Shield vs. Evolution
Worst Match: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
This was a pretty crazy PPV, almost Attitude Era like at times. The WeeLC Match on the pre-show was pretty fun, and arguably the third or fourth best match on the show.
The three way was a good PPV opener, though the announcers botching RVD's elimination of Swagger was pretty damn amateur hour. Barrett winning the IC Title was good, though it's sad just how far Big E's stock has fallen in just six months.
The Shield and Evolution may have had the best WWE match of the year, fantastic brawling, and a spot that will be replayed for years with Rollins' dive off the balcony onto Triple H and Orton. If people still think HHH isn't interested in making new stars, this match and WrestleMania will prove them wrong.
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt totally fell flat. Cena wanted to have Wyatt in the cage to settle a big grudge, and spent most of the match running away? And he pretty much beats all three guys, only to be stopped by some kid with a gimmicked voice? So lame, and the feud continues. I felt sorry for Paige having to follow it, she did well under the circumstances.
Daniel Bryan had his Steve Austin style PPV main event, with all the backstage madness and driving Kane back in on the forklift. Most over Ezekiel Jackson has ever been being used in the production truck spot. Kane was lucky he fell through the exact spot on the table that he didn't set on fire. Wasn't happy with how quickly he got up after the match though.
I'd say thumbs up for the show, but make sure you fast forward through the Cena/Wyatt abomination.
Martin Bentley

Hi Dave
Tried logging onto the network to watch Extreme Rules late tonight. Thought I'd pick and choose what to watch. It would only allow me to play the live stream (even when I select play from beginning) and ruined the main event.
I was using my laptop and Firefox.
Not impressed
Corey Baird

Thumbs DOWN
Best Match - Shield vs. Evolution
Worst Match - Bryan vs. Kane
Not even the spectacular six man tag match could save this show, since the other two main events were so laughably bad.  The Wyatt/Cena match was just endless attempts to get out of the ring and the kooky sports entertainment finish was ridiculous.  The title match was some of the fakest stuff I've ever sat through trying to watch wrestling from Kane surviving a beating with a tire iron, the forklift ride and then the headbutt across the ring being just a near fall.  The fire table finish was weak - like the company was really afraid to go through with it. I can't imagine anyone thought Bryan was really going to take that bump and Kane sold the fire extinguisher more than he sold the fire itself.  The whole thing was pretty laughable and, much like Cena and Wyatt, there's no reason the two of them couldn't have had a strong physical match and only used one of the weapon spots for a more convincing finish.  One shot with a tire iron is a finish.  The effort during the undercard was fine, although the announcers forgetting the threeway was an elimination match was awkward.  WWE has the right guys to have an interesting, entertaining product based on solid matches and good promos.  Maybe they'll figure that out one of these days.
John Popa

Easy thumbs down, and I really wanted to like it.

Best match: shield vs evolution
Worst match: rusev vs r-truth and xavier

Aside from the shield match and the opener, which were both good but nothing to go out of your way for, everything was just awful. The early part of the Cena Wyatt match was amusing because them trying to escape the cage so soon made absolutely no sense based on their feud so far, but they redeemed themselves and it turned into a decent match. Until that laughably bad ending.

Main event was such a let down. Reminded me of all those terrible backstage brawls during the attitude era. Their strength right now, against all odds, is a really strong in ring work rate. All these gimmicks really take away from their strengths and expose the product.

I was looking forward to watching he show and I really wanted to like it. Total let down.

Matt Giggey

Thumbs in the middle.

Best Match: Shield-Evolution
Worst Match: Handicap

Nothing wrong with the show really, but a lot of the matches just came up short and it was VERY badly timed overall. Certain matches had way too much time and others didn't have enough.
Sheamus being on the WWE Panel is a very weird sight...
WeeLC. Eh. It was comedy. I think it was a little much, but there's nothing wrong with it and the crowd seemed to like it so who am I to judge?

Triple Threat match. Largely disappointed here. RVD definitely seems to have lost a step and him and Cesaro really don't gel well at all.

Handicap match. Did what it was supposed to do. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing great with it. I just don't understand why this and the Paige match weren't swapped.

Barrett vs. Big E. You could tell Big E was going to lose by his face when he came out. Match was way better than I expected it to be. Not great, but a very, very solid match.

Shield-Evolution. Absolutely amazing. Slow start, but amazing finish. I hope that was the finish all along. Where does the Shield go from here though?

Cena-Wyatt. The less said about this, the better. I think this match probably would have killed in the territory days, but following the six man, the stalling was just ridiculous and makes me think Cena must be hurting BAD. The finish...was the finish. I'm largely on the fence about it. Not a good match though and Mania was ten times the match this was.

Paige-Tamina. Probably one of the best Diva matches on PPV in the past few years, but the crowd didn't care. I think they're heading in the right direction with Paige, but they've got an uphill battle in making the crowd care about the Divas title.

Bryan-Kane. Very excited they gave Bryan the main event, but this wasn't a Bryan classic. Backstage brawling was great, headbutt off the pallet was great, finish was well-done, but the match itself was very lacking.

Douglas Nunnally