WWE Superstars TV Report: Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow, Natalya vs. Tamina

By James Cox, Wrestling Observer
Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara
So, Sin Cara still exists in WWE, has new ring gear which is just garish and essentially horrid but doesn’t seem to be wrestling under blue and yellow lighting anymore. Great! Damien Sandow seemed to gain little from the exposure on Raw with Hugh Jackman and finds himself here on Superstars on the Network.
Quick mat wrestling and pin attempts start the match until Sandow slows things down with arm bars and tries to stop Sin Cara getting into his speedy offense. The crowd is dead here. Sin Cara also slows down and starts to apply holds; he’s looking a little heavy and after a drop kick and a few runs between the ropes looks a little blown up.
Sandow misses a charge to the corner, gets caught by an elbow and ducks a moonsault. Sin Cara lands on his feet, rolls backwards and then launches Sandow over the top rope and hits a tope. We crash to the break.
After the commercial Sin Cara is still in control, goes for a cover but only gets two. More arm holds from Sin Cara (weird move set; the old Sin Cara wouldn’t have done this?) until, Sandow ducks a flying cross body, rolls him up for a cover but Sin Cara kicks out at two. Sandow starts to stomp and beat Sin Cara down and he rolls under the ropes to the outside. Back in the ring, more stomps, kicks and then Sandow applies a bear hug. Again, odd. Sin Cara escapes and goes for a cover and gets a near fall.
Side Russian leg sweep, Cubito Aequet and another near fall leads to more heelish beatdown from Sandow. This match is DULL. Sandow applies an abdominal stretch. Sin Cara hits a flying back elbow and they both go down for a count of five. Cross body from Sin Cara, tilt-a-whirl headscissors and then out of nowhere Sin Cara hits Sandow with a POWERBOMB. I’m not kidding.
The finish sees Sin Cara go for a senton but Sandow blocks it by putting his knees up. Sandow hits the You’re Welcome for the win. Really nothing match that went way too long.
Winner: Damien Sandow in 8:17
The Raw rebound recaps the opening of Raw with Cena, Wyatt, the cage and the choir – he’s got the whole world in his hands, you know.
Bo Dallas is still coming. They then replayed the whole of the Jackman, Ziggler and Sandow segment.
Tamina vs. Natalya
Tamina, still in AJ Lee t-shirt, started out with some really lovely back-and-forth mat wrestling with Natalya. I’ve said this many, many times on these reports but Natalya is such a safe pair of hands in the ring that she can have a great match with most people. She really gets the best out of these weaker Divas and made Tamina, here, look vastly better than she probably is – although she is improving.
Natalya tries for the Black Widow, then slides down for a pin. Tamina goes for Rear View but Natalya rolls under and out of the way, so Snuka counters a clothesline by hitting a Samoan Drop.
Natalya hits a double underhook suplex and gets a near fall which transitions into a backslide. Tamina goes for a torture rack but Natalya slips out and looks for the Sharpshooter. Tamina gets to the ropes and Natalya yanks her away so that he her head bounces off the mat like a coconut. She uses a bridge cover but only gets two. Then out of nowhere, Tamina pushes Natalya back and hits her with a super kick and covers her for the win.
Great little four minute bout. This was so much better than the men’s match that kicked off the show, it isn’t even funny. Crowd weren’t into it either, though.
Winner: Tamina Snuka in 4:14
They recapped SmackDown to finish the show! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them do this on Superstars; in fact, it’s like it doesn’t exist normally. They showed The Shield destroying everyone to build up the Evolution match at Extreme Rules.

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