WWE Main Event TV report

By Chris Aiken

May 6, 2014

WWE Main Event from Buffalo, NY featured John Cena appearing live to cut a promo. Also, Dolph Ziggler took some crazy bumps in a match with Jack Swagger that also saw the second live appearance on a main roster TV show of Adam Rose. In storyline, Natalya is still upset with Cameron after she lost Nattie’s cat on a recent episode of Total Divas. On the other hand, the bond between Goldust and Cody Rhodes seems stronger than ever… for now.

Before the first match, a recap showed the Raw debut of Adam Rose and his Exotic Express when they interrupted a Zeb Colter promo on Monday. Also, Zeb provided guest commentary for the next match and he admittedly was in a “bad mood” after what happened on Raw with Rose.

Dolph Ziggler beat Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter). At the outset, Ziggler went for a takedown but Swagger escaped. They exchanged and reversed several waist locks until Swagger got the advantage. Eventually, Ziggler caught Swagger with a dropkick and Swagger bailed out of the ring. When he returned to the ring, Swagger walked into a second dropkick from Ziggler. Moments later, Swagger sent Ziggler into the corner and Ziggler hit the ringpost then took a crazy bump over the top to the floor. Swagger began to work on the arm and shoulder before giving Ziggler a hip toss over the ropes and out on to the floor for another crazy Ziggler bump before a commercial.

After the break, Ziggler escaped a chinlock and used a cross body then he rained down rapid punches in a corner before using a neckbreaker. Swagger fought back and went for a powerbomb only for Ziggler to counter into a sunset flip. Swagger applied the ankle lock but Ziggler kicked him off and hit the famouser for a nearfall. Swagger avoided the Zig Zag finisher and slammed him. Ziggler got the boots up on an attempted Swagger bomb then he gave Swagger a swinging DDT.

At this point, the theme song of Adam Rose interrupted the match and the Exotic Express made a grand entrance as they danced on the stage before dancing to the ring. They approached Zeb at ringside and he appeared flummoxed. Adam Rose got on top of the announce desk and addressed Swagger.

“Jackie Boy,” Rose said, “it’s party time all the time. Don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud!”

With Swagger distracted by the party scene, Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for the pin. Zeb was upset. Afterwards, Rose invited Ziggler to join the party. Rose also enticed him with beautiful ladies. Ziggler joined the fun and they all danced together.

Natalya & Cameron & Naomi beat Aksana & Tamina Snuka & Alicia Fox. Highlights from Total Divas informed viewers of the heat between Natalya and Cameron that stemmed from Cameron (or Ariane as she is known on Total Divas) losing Nattie’s cat. Apparently, Nattie is still upset over the incident despite the cat having since been located. If the Bryan & Vinny Show ever becomes a reality TV show, this storyline must be copied with Vinny losing one of Bryan’s cats. In the actual six diva tag match, Natalya went for a sharpshooter early on but Alicia got a rope break. Tamina caused a distraction that allowed the heels to gain the advantage. The heels got heat on Nattie until she made the hot tag. Naomi tagged in and ran wild with dropkicks and a clothesline before doing a cool jumping and draping DDT with Aksana in the ropes. Naomi hit the Rear View and Cameron and Nattie made the save when the heels tried to interfere. Naomi hit a split-legged moonsault for the pin. After the match, Natalya and Cameron argued.

The Mother’s Day music video with Mr. T from Raw aired again. By the way, I love my momma too. In the “Raw Rebound” segment, a recap of the angle with Kane stalking Daniel Bryan and wife Brie showcased the world champion and his bride fleeing the scene in terror. Just in my opinion, this whole feud with Bryan and Kane takes away from and weakens another top feud, Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena, with both occurring at the same time and both having elements of a horror story. Please, only one campy horror story at a time. So from a criticism to a compliment: the Rhodes brothers’ slow burn to exploding continues to be good.

Goldust (with Cody Rhodes) beat Curtis Axel (with Ryback). The announcers (Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton) mentioned the arena in Buffalo was the site of the Rhodes brothers winning the tag team titles in a great match from The Shield on the Battleground PPV. Early on in this singles match, Goldust displayed his conditioning, which is awesome. Axel eventually cut off his momentum and got heat on him until Goldust made a comeback. Goldust delivered ten punches in a corner yet, unlike Ziggler, he did it slowly enough the crowd was able to count along for the entire duration of the ten punches. Axel sent Goldust out through the ropes to the floor. At ringside, Cody did a springboard off the barricade and for a split second looked as if he was aiming for his brother. However, Goldust ducked and Cody hit a charging Ryback with a disaster kick. Goldust snapped Axel’s neck on the top rope, rolled back in and delivered the Final Cut for the pin.

John Cena cut a promo on Bray Wyatt and questioned the fans. Cena said Bray was “interesting” before also saying he tried to warn the fans for months about Wyatt and his message. Nevertheless, he said the fans could “follow the buzzards” if they wanted to and he added they are free to make but their own minds. He then began asking questions.

Cena asked where they were following the buzzards to and questioned what exactly they were following. He pondered if it was just the catchy song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. Cena even sang a few bars before asking if the fans knew what the “He” and “His” meant. Hint: they are godly references. Cena went on to question if the fans actually listened to Bray’s promos. A clip of Bray cutting a promo on Raw showed Wyatt referring to himself as a “god”.

After having already asked several questions, Cena said he had only one question: What do you believe in? Cena said he (himself) is not a god and that he is a man. He still believes in respect, honor and hard work. Cena concluded by saying his message is “never give up”. The slogan just happens to also be the catchphrase that adorns his merchandise. So, Cena held up a towel with the “never give up” slogan as the show closed.

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