WWE Smackdown TV report

By James Shannon: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The opening of the show was all taken from Raw. It started with Ambrose losing the US title match, then Evolution beating down the Shield during the Wyatts’ match.

Match Number One: Sheamus (c) Vs. Dean Ambrose, United States Championship Match.

Ambrose came to the ring alone, still selling the beating from Raw, with taped up ribs. It meant Sheamus was just playing subtle heel, opposite Ambrose’s underdog role. Ambrose used a tope during a comeback and got Sheamus in the Figure Four before a ropebreak. If you haven’t seen Ambrose do the full Flair routine from house shows it’s worth a look on youtube. Sheamus quickly put Ambrose in the cloverleaf for another ropebreak. Ambrose hit the rebound lariat after an exhange but was too tired to make a cover, and was then sent from the ring with a Brogue Kick. He just got back in at nine but Sheamus hit him with another and got the pin.

Winner: Sheamus, Pinfall.

Match Number Two: RVD & Big E. Vs. Bad News Barrett & Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman.

Barrett was the only one to get an on air entrance so that he could deliver his bad news. He said climate change isn’t just sweeping through the WWE but all America, because Americans are lazy. This is the second example of climate change being associated and promoted by heels in WWE (CJ Parker from NXT). I wonder what their opinion is.

Heyman was on commentary, pointing out the unmissable shiner RVD had from Cesaro and a trash can. Looks very different since Raw. Very short match. Cesaro and Barrett worked well together, whereas RVD kicked Big E. in the head to lead to the finish. Cesaro ducked the kick from RVD, then pinned Big E. with the Neutralizer. Barrett grabbed RVD and threw him into the barricade while Big E. was being pinned.

Winners: Cesaro & Barrett, Pinfall.

Match Number Three: Kofi Kingston Vs. Rusev w/ Lana.

Rusev’s lost a name. Another very short match. Kofi was doing as much as he could in the 90 seconds he had. But Rusev caught him running the ropes, slammed him and put on the Accolade after Lana told him to crush. 

Winner: Rusev, Submission.

The Wyatts cut through on Rusev’s celebration. Bray delivered a promo about fire. It doesn’t judge. But every man is judged. He told Cena it was how far a man was willing to go that measured him. And where they’re going, you don’t come back from. 


Match Number Four: Fandango & Layla Vs. Santino & Emma.

Emma tripped Santino as they powerwalked to the ring. JBL joked that Emma was feeling strong after lifting weights earlier while Santino did some DDP Yoga with a protein shake. Santino didn’t last long with Fandango and quickly tagged in Emma. She controlled Layla and pulled out her pink snake. She was distracted when Santino ran into the ring to stop Fandango. It didn’t work as Fandango pulled the top rope down, Santino went flying and Layla rolled up Emma for the pin.

Winners: Layla & Fandango, Pinfall.

After the match Fandango and Layla made out on top of the ramp as Santino and Emma watched.

Match Number Five: Roman Reigns Vs. Mark Henry.

Again the Shield member was out by themselves. I haven’t heard that the others are barred from ringside. Could just be they’re all competing. Could be I missed something.

Henry had an inset promo. He said it wasn’t long ago that the Shield considered attacking someone 3 on 1 a fair fight, and they did it to him. So he’s going to induct Reigns into the Hall of Pain. It was all Henry early until he climbed to the middle rope and Reigns cut him off. He loaded Henry on his shoulders for a Samoan drop, then hit the spear for the pinfall. Another short match, though this match up should be on any show.

Winner: Roman Reigns, Pinfall.

Match Number Six: Los Matadores & El Torito Vs. 3MB w/ Jinder Mahal.

3MB was Slater, Drew and Hornswoggle. We got a double cross body from a matador and Drew onto each other. Nice to see it in a match like this. It left both guys to crawl for a tag to their only partners left on the apron, the bull and Swoggle. The bull bit Swoggle on the arse, but Swoggle hit a right that dropped him. Swoggle got cocky and was sent from the ring with a headbutt to the rear.

Hornswoggle got angry, even yelling at Slater for laughing. The bull then tried a sunset flip but Swoggle was too heavy to get over. Then, like at the PPV, Swoggle told Torito to stay there, who gave him a thumbs-up, so Swoggle jumped to land on him but the bull moved. Torito then hit a splash but Slater broke up the pin and threw Swoggle back to his corner for the tag. He couldn’t catch the bull though who eventually hit a springboard moonsault for the pinfall.

Winners: Los Matadores, Pinfall.

Mr T video on Mothers’ day.

Match Number Seven: Batista Vs. Seth Rollins.

Again the story is that the Shield guy isn’t near 100% after the beating Monday.

Rollins started strong until Batista used the ring apron’s curtain to catch Rollins. JBL covered well when Batista tried to throw Rollins, who was on the ground in the corner. Rollins held the rope and meant to land on his feet, but he never got high enough. He started taking over from there, sending Batista into the corner and hitting Tanahashi’s Sling Blade. He tried for a standing Sliced Bread but it was countered, which led to a spinebuster. Batista then shook the ropes and tried for a Batista Bomb.

Rollins countered and kicked Batista out of the ring. Rollins followed Batista by jumping off the top rope, but Batista moved and Rollins crashed onto the announcer’s table. Rollins didn’t move again, while Batista got in the ring at 8 or 9.

Winner: Batista, Count Out.

Batista threw Rollins into the ring after the bell and hit a Batista Bomb before leaving.

Match Number Eight: The Wyatts Vs. The Usos (C) & John Cena.

Really badly piped in noise for this. The heat really didn’t last long before one Uso made a tag to another. The fresh Uso hit a series of superkicks, sending Bray and Rowan from the ring. They started fighting with Cena outside, so an Uso hit a dive onto them. But that left Harper alone with the other Uso. Harper hit a big clothesline and pinned him. The match was fine for how short it was, but in the context of main event six-man tags on SmackDown, it was well below par.

Winners: The Wyatts, Pinfall.

The show ended with all six men staring each other down. Usos and Cena in to ring and Wyatts on the ramp. Then it just ended.

Not much of a show. Lots of short matches, nothing progressed.


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