WWE Legends House report

By Ron Lingron

--- Episode starts on the road on the way to Las Vegas!

On the way to Vegas in the limousine as part of their reward for winning the commercial challenge, the limousine containing Finkel in the "King's Seat" (facing forward, closest to the door), Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim and Roddy Piper gets pulled over for some nefarious law breaking of some sort which was never explained.  They get ticketed for whatever in the limousine and Finkel does nothing from the King's Seat to try and get out of it. This pisses Piper off because it's up to the guy in said King's Seat to try and diffuse any situation. Turns out Atlas made Finkel sit there because he didn't want to sit next to Piper for the entire trip. Finkel was either unaware or unwilling to confront the po-po, but we move on. Along the way, somehow seats are switched and Tony Atlas starts farting. A lot. He confesses he doesn't have any control over his rectum sometimes and this was one of them.

They get to Las Vegas and find out they're dancing with the Chippendales, causing Piper to have a near nervous breakdown because he's a man's man. Hillbilly Jim is down, and Finkel is nervous because he's fat.

Some get waxed for the occasion, including Piper, who gives us this show's funniest bit so far. He's moaning and groaning, think 40 year old virgin, but with Roddy Piper wanting to kick the lady's ass. Hillbilly Jim does as well, and Atlas goes and gets a spray tan, which surprises him as to how much color it added. "I thought I was already black." Pat Patterson gets a spray tan as well and is sexually harassed by Atlas while Atlas looks on. "Bend over a little further..."

Atlas and Jim Duggan have problems while on a break from rehearsing and it nearly gets physical. Cooler heads prevail and the Chippendale thing goes off without a hitch.

Upon returning home, nothing is settled between Duggan and Atlas and they avoid each other, purposely staying in different rooms, and each ready to throw down if the other feels froggy. Piper notices all of this and tries to reason with Atlas before convincing Atlas he's tired and needs to go to bed. Cutaway shows Piper reasoning Atlas is a bodybuilder and needs attention on himself at all times because that's the nature of bodybuilding and why you do it in the first place. Atlas agrees with a tearful Piper and goes to bed. Cutaway to Duggan in the pool says he won't back down from Atlas and is ready to fight if it has to happen. He also says no one will win ultimately, which Piper agrees with on another cutaway. This leads Piper to talk with Okerlund and Patterson as oldest/wisest, to which Okerlund agrees it's not if, but when stuff is going to go down between Atlas and Duggan.


This is such a great show. This episode made up for last week's clunker which tried to be funny, but wasn't.

What was the best match of the weekend in G-1?


Who was g-1 MVP


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