Total Divas TV report

Season 2, Episode 8

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

Ariane's Song: Ariane's song is being released. She wants buzz. So she and Vinny wander around Hollywood looking for paparazzi. They find some. Ariane can't find the pictures online afterwards and gets worried. She recruits Ray J to help her draw in paparazzi (and they go to the gym). It works, and there are many pictures. But afterwards, everyone at the single release party thinks she's replaced Vinny with Ray J, and Vinny gets understandably pissed. She apologizes.

Nattie's Painting: Nattie gets Nikki and John an ugly painting of them for a house-warming gift. Nikki hates it, but hangs it up when Nikki comes to visit. She's so happy that they liked her painting, she does one for Brie and Bryan. TJ tries not to bury her painting skills, but suggests that she's not amazing at it. Nattie & TJ go to visit Brie & Bryan to deliver the painting in-person at the next show. But they get a compact rental car, so Nattie ties the painting to the roof with leggings and tape. Eventually it falls off the car. Nattie gives them the painting. Brie's reaction is amazing in-private (“This painting is just...bad.”) but reacts politely, as does Bryan. Outside of TJ, nobody tells Nattie her paintings suck. Wonder if TJ will say anything about Ariane's song?

Eva & Summer's Tag Team: Mark (from Talent Relations) suggests that Eva & Summer form a tag team. They're excited. Brie warns Eva not to trust Summer Rae. They train a bit, and Summer says with a bit of work, they could be a dominant tag team. It immediately becomes clear that Eva doesn't practice or retain what Summer shows her. Long stort short: Eva Marie is an awful, awful wrestler. Summer warns Mark that the ring-work might be bad, which leads to Mark suggesting she team with Tamina instead (as Tamina can work) and makes their planned Superstars match a six-woman. And Summer keeps tagging in Tamina. Afterwards, Eva is pissed. All the girls bury Summer afterwards.

Trinity's Push: Trinity wins some matches and is headed towards a Divas Title opportunity. Then Aksana breaks her face in a shocking cliffhanger. This is literally all we see of her all episode.

MVP: Sandra, the WWE seamstress, criticizing how skimpy Eva Marie's ring gear is. She's not wrong.

MIA: Absolutely no John Cena and Jon Uso. Also barely any Trinity or Bryan Danielson.

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