WWE Raw TV report

WWE Monday Night Raw

May 12, 2014
Greenville, SC

Rob McCarron

Noteworthy: Daniel Bryan to have neck surgery, miss anywhere from one to infinity weeks.

The Shield hunts Evolution
Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins were out to begin the show. They're not running from Evolution, but will now hunt them. All three spoke about getting retribution. Backstage, Evolution pulled up in a limo. The trio got out, and the Shield ran backstage. After several moments, the three Shield members made their way to Evolution and jumped them. Evolution was left laying as we went to break.

Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam
Before this match, Zeb Colter rambled on before eventually adding Adam Rose to his Deportation List. After the bell rang to start the bout, Adam Rose's music hit. Rose and his entourage came out to dance all the way around the ring, distracting Swagger. Rebecca Lynch, Simon Gotch, and others from NXT were back in the entourage this week. When Swagger stopped paying attention to Rose, he got hit by a kick from RVD. RVD then hit the frog splash for the pinfall victory.

Alicia Fox promo time! After both women made their entrance for a match, Alicia said none of the women like Paige, and she doesn't fit in. Alicia proceeded to kick Paige down before the ref finally started the match.

Alicia Fox vs Paige
Alicia continued to pummel Paige in and out of the ring right after the initial bell. JBL said the Divas are jealous that Paige is a newbie with the title, and all the other women wanted the chance to knock off AJ Lee. Well, they had the chance the prior night and failed. Alicia had almost all of the match under control until Paige was able to headlock into the Paige Turner for the win.

After the match, Alicia Fox was so upset that she tore apart the announce table while screaming that she should be the Divas Champion. She stole JBL's cowboy hat to end it. Very weird. Almost played like this was her goodbye, in a way, because nothing else made sense unless she is actually going to get a title program after losing twice to Paige recently.

Daniel Bryan To Have Neck Surgery
Daniel Bryan was coming to the ring as we came back from commercial. Bryan was chipper, and not afraid of a sudden Kane attack like last week. Brie was not out with him. Bryan said he knew it would be an uphill battle ever since SummerSlam, but he didn't know how big the hill would be. With the people's help, however, he beat the odds and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. He then spoke about having a target on his back, and because of Kane's attacks over the past several weeks, he has to have neck surgery. He's going to be out of action, but will be back. He didn't say anything about the future of the WWE World championship, or his match with Kane at Payback. He did say that Stephanie McMahon, Kane, and Triple H are happy about his injury in that it gets rid of Bryan.

John Cena & Usos vs The Wyatt Family
John Cena pinned Rowan after an AA to get the victory. Lots of action. Finish saw Usos hit a tandem dive to the outside on Bray and Luke. Inside, selling the leg, Rowan was lifted for the AA and the heroes win this round.

After the match, Bray said that he knew now what he must do.

Evolution vs Shield at Payback
Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista made their way to the ring and accepted the Shield's challenge for a rematch. Hunter acknowledged, and smirked, that the Shield wanted a rematch of a match they already won. While speaking, Seth Rollins ran in and tripped up Hunter. Roman and Dean were right behind, and we had a six man brawl briefly until Evolution ran away. Batista grabbed a mic and said he was sick of the Shield. He challenged Roman to a match tonight, and Roman nodded his acceptance.

Nikki Bella beat Natalya. This match came about due to Nikki hurting Nattie's feelings on Total Divas. The cast of Total Divas were grading the match at ringside. Nattie, upset afterwards, was crying as the girls were mean to her. Only Naomi seemed to feel sorry for Natalya. This sucked.

Sheamus vs Axel; Sheamus vs Ryback
Ryback and Curtis Axel flipped a coin for the opportunity to battle Sheamus. Axel won, so he got the match. That would be the only thing he'd win tonight, as Axel submitted to the Cloverleaf to give the new US Champion Sheamus the win. After the bout, Ryback ran in and attacked Sheamus. We went to break with JBL claiming we'd have another match.

Sure enough, we got Sheamus vs Ryback as we came back from break. Ryback would put up more of a fight, but the result was the same - a Sheamus victory. Sheamus countered a Shellshock into a Brogue Kick for the win.

Stephanie reacts to Bryan's surgery
Stephanie McMahon was out to respond to the news that Daniel Bryan is going to be taking time off for surgery. Stephanie said this cements the fact that Bryan is not more than a B+ player. He has the heart, but not the body. Because no one knows what the outcome of the surgery will be, Stephanie asked Daniel Bryan to come to the ring for an announcement. Bryan came out, alright. But he was dragged out... by Kane. Kane dragged out an unconscious Daniel Bryan to the stage. Stephanie looked horrified. Looked it, anyway. Doctors surrounded Bryan on the stage as Kane left. Brie ran out in horror asking if he was okay. He was knocked out still as Brie asked. Usually that means he's fine. Daniel Bryan can't put together a month of not being laid out for dead. Bryan, never responding, was stretchered out as the announcers pondered what this means for his neck surgery.

Backstage after break, Bryan was being loaded into the ambulance. Stephanie was crying her apologies. Brie, pissed, pushed Steph and told her to stay away. Stephanie turned from sad to conniving.

Fandango vs Dolph Ziggler
JBL compared Fandango to a mix between Gene Kelly and Ken Shamrock. Really. Before the bout started, we got some clips of Fandango making out with Summer Rae and now Layla. JBL said Fandango did the right thing by breaking up with Summer via Twitter. After Fandango kicked out of a Fameasser, Layla got on the apron to distract Ziggler. Fandango recovered and landed a leg lariat for a nearfall. As Layla was getting down from the apron, she pretended to get stuck in the apron itself. Fandango now was distracted, thus allowing Ziggler to recover and hit the ZigZag for the win.

In the ring, Layla was apologizing to Fandango for the loss. Fandango said he may have lost, but he knows he's a winner because Layla makes him feel what no other woman has ever made him feel. Fandango professed his love for Layla. This is sudden. Fandango and Layla made out in the ring. JBL, turning, now was revolted by the kissing.

Rusev, Big E, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan
After break, Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out for an appearance. He was cut off by the entrance of Lana, which in turn lead to the entrance of Rusev after some USA vs Russia interplay. The announcers were begging Jim to leave the ring before Rusev got to him. Now in the ring, Lana told Duggan to beg for mercy. Rusev grabbed Duggan's 2x4 and snapped it across his knee. Lana told Rusev to crush, but before he could, Big E ran in. Rusev made quick work of Big E with one kick, sending him out to the ring to be consoled by Jim Duggan. Cole wondered who could possibly stop Rusev, who now has no first name.

Damien Sandow walked to the ring telling us to watch this evening's Raw pre show. He said people are afraid about what Sandow might say on live television. He was cut off by Goldust & Cody Rhodes' music. We get a 2013 review as Cody is set to take on Damien Sandow.

Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow yelled at Cody "We're best friends, remember!" in reference to their great fued of 2013. JBL just wanted to talk about birthdays, mentioning both Yogi Berra and Doug Basham. It was later, when Cole brought up Boogeyman vs JBL, that JBL mocked actually paying attention to the match in the ring. No one cared about this bout. I sure didn't. Cody Rhodes won after raking the eyes and hitting the Disaster Kick. Raking the eyes... heel turn continues!

Success doesn't wait for you to catch up. You have to chase it down. You just have to... BOLIEVE!

Backstage, Bray Wyatt wondered when the story of Bray and Cena would end. He's not alone. Bray challenged John Cena to a Last Man Standing match at Payback.

Batista vs Roman Reigns
No contest. That was inevitable. All six men ended up brawling around the ring to cause the bell to ring. Eventually, the Shield got all three of Evolution prone in the ring. Stephanie McMahon came to the stage and directed the heel locker room to empty and attack the Shield. All of the bad guys got rid of Rollins and Ambrose, then targeted Roman. HHH went to get a chair, and as the heels held Roman back, HHH charged in for a chairshot. BUT WAIT A MINUTE. Roman escaped and hit Hunter with a spear. Then, Rollins and Ambrose rushed back in with chairs of their own and took out all the bad guys. All except for Evolution, who had escaped during the melee. Shield cleared the ring of the remaining evil doers and celebrated as Evolution looked on from the stage. Orton looked worried, while Batista paced, seemingly still sick of all this. Hunter stood on and had little expression. That's that. Payback is the same show as Extreme Rules pretty much, except now without a title match. In related news, the Blackhawks are still alive in the NHL Playoffs and look to be playing for a while longer...

Next week: What the hell is going on with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

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