WWE Main Event TV report - Cesaro vs Sheamus

By Chris Aiken

May 13, 2014

WWE Main Event from Greensboro opened with Renee Young interviewing Paul Heyman in the ring. Heyman talked about how Renee should not mention Sheamus in the same sentence as a Paul Heyman guy like Cesaro. Heyman went on to once again talk about Brock Lesner ending Undertaker’s streak until Sheamus interrupted him. Sheamus said he would count to five, and if Heyman did not leave the ring before he reached five, Sheamus vowed to kick him in the face. Heyman stalled before Cesaro ran in and attacked Sheamus. Cesaro gave him the neutralizer in an angle to build for a match later in the show.

Dolph Ziggler beat Damien Sandow. Before the match, a replay showed the Hugh Jackman skit from weeks ago on Raw that saw Ziggler give Sandow (dressed as Magneto) a Zig Zag. In this match, Sandow several times ranted and raved about being handcuffed (apparently by the management or something like that). Early on, Sandow sent Ziggler into the corner and he hit the ring post and bumped out to the floor. Ziggler appeared to begin a comeback when Sandow ran into a back elbow but Sandow quickly cut him off. Sandow got heat on Ziggler until missing a splash in the corner. Ziggler hit a flying clothesline and rained down punches in the corner followed by him giving Sandow a swinging neckbreaker. Sandow applied a modified sharpshooter but Ziggler got a rope break. Moments later, Ziggler countered a suplex and hit the Zig Zag for the pin.

Emma beat Alicia Fox. Before the match, Alicia went to cut a promo on Emma but just slapped Emma and jumped her before the bell. In the match, Alicia took all the offense and showed some intensity in playing off the angle from Monday. Alicia used a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before she dumped Emma out of the ring. At ringside, Alicia rammed Emma into the barricade. Emma attempted a comeback but Alicia cut her off and continued to get heat on her until Emma used a schoolgirl for the pin.

Following the match, Alicia threw a temper tantrum like she did the previous night on Raw. Alicia tried to attack Emma but she escaped. Alicia bullied ring announcer Tony Chimel and the timekeeper. She also bullied announcers Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips. She shoved crumpled paper down their throats and angrily stomped around ringside.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Sheamus, who said later on his match with Cesaro would not be a match. Rather, it would be a fight according to Sheamus.

The “Raw Rebound” segment featured the angle with Kane and Daniel Bryan. Also, a plug mentioned Raw next Monday will feature an announcement concerning the WWE world title as it relates to Bryan’s injury and absence.

Sheamus vs. Cesaro (with Paul Heyman) ended in a double countout. They went back-and-forth at the outset slugging it out. Sheamus gained the advantage and Cesaro bailed out of the ring. Cesaro regrouped and cut off Sheamus before giving him a draping DDT on the apron. Moments later, Sheamus delivered a flying shoulder tackle off the top rope. Eventually, Cesaro reversed the momentum and got heat on Sheamus until he fought back and used a rolling fireman’s carry slam. Sheamus went to the top rope but Cesaro tripped him up and crotched him on the turnbuckle. Cesaro gave Sheamus a hip toss off the top before a commercial.

After the break, they slugged it out again until Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker for the first of several nearfalls. Sheamus went to apply the Texas cloverleaf but Cesaro countered into an inside cradle for a nearfall. Sheamus used a powerslam for another nearfall. Cesaro escaped the White Noise finisher, ducked a Brogue kick and gave Sheamus a German suplex for a nearfall. Cesaro went for the neutralizer but Sheamus countered with White Noise for a nearfall. Cesaro avoided the Brogue kick and snapped Sheamus’ neck on the top rope before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Sheamus shoved him off the top and Cesaro fell to the floor. Sheamus went to the top and dove off on to Cesaro on the floor. Cesaro backdropped Sheamus over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area before ramming Sheamus into the barricade. Sheamus made a comeback and gave Cesaro the Cactus Jack clothesline over the barricade. By this point, the referee counted out both and signaled for the bell.

After the match, Cesaro and Sheamus brawled at ringside. Sheamus rammed Cesaro into the steps and officials came out to break up the melee. With Sheamus distracted by the officials, Cesaro hit him in the gut with a chair and rolled Sheamus back in the ring. Cesaro himself also rolled in the ring, with chair in-hand, then ran into a Brogue kick before the show came to a close.

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